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Credible is the best starting point for any new private student loan. Compare pre-qualified private student loan rates, eligibility, and terms for free without affecting your credit score. It takes two minutes and you can check as many times as you want!

Why we love it
Once you've exhausted federal aid, Credible should be your next stop. It's free, doesn't affect credit score, and can save you thousands by ensuring you get the best loan possible.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at

What Students Say

180 reviews

Financing Your Education with Ease

Credible Student Loan is an excellent resource for students looking to finance their education. The platform allows users to easily compare loan options from multiple lenders, helping them find the best rates and terms. Credible also offers a variety of loan types, including undergraduate, graduate, and parent loans. The website is user-friendly and provides helpful resources to guide borrowers through the loan application process. Additionally, Credible has a strong reputation for transparency and customer service. Overall, Credible Student Loan is a reliable and efficient tool for students seeking to fund their education.

Good If You Need More Than Government Loans

It is perfect for people who need more financing than government loans to determine for what they may qualify.

Make a Scary Situation More Managable

Student loans can be a huge burden. It's a little less burdensome to know that you're getting the best loan possible, and also that you won't be punished for comparing them.


I didn't really know where to start when talking about taking out loans for college, but Credible made it really easy to see my options and possibilities for the future.

Great place to start

I have been encouraged to research private loans, however I did not know where to start the process. Now, since using Credible, I was able to discover options and compare rates. Super helpful!


I put in my information to get an idea of rates and found out that about 90% of private student loans have a cosigner. It seems like a good platform to start to get an idea of rates if you need more than federal loans.