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Credible is the best starting point for any new private student loan. Compare pre-qualified private student loan rates, eligibility, and terms for free without affecting your credit score. It takes two minutes and you can check as many times as you want!

Why we love it
Once you've exhausted federal aid, Credible should be your next stop. It's free, doesn't affect credit score, and can save you thousands by ensuring you get the best loan possible.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at

What Students Say

146 reviews

Compares rates

Best rate comparison. Saves you interest and money would highly recommend.

A great resourse

Credible is a quick and easy tool for comparing school loan sources.

Definitely a Helpful Tool for Anyone Looking into Loans

I would recommend this tool to a friend, however, multiple sources are always better in terms of viewing all the information. This is particularly important regarding loan information. Definitely use other resources as well!


Not always accepting a student loan is easy nor understood. Having knowledge before is a great experience for the right options.

Great but not exhaustive

I had a hard time financing my first graduate year of school and they did help me compare student loans. It was very quick, easy and it provided a ton of options. It was a relief to see options and it did ease a lot of my anxiety HOWEVER it does not include all of the options. Please make sure you check in with your credit unions and banks. Make sure you exhaust all of your options because private loans don’t always defer payments until after you graduate.


This is a good tool for finding private loans and helping students figure out how to tackle the subject of student loans.

It's great, but make sure you use other resources

This website definitely does what it says, and it lets you compare different resources based on quotes you get, but it is not the only resource you should use.

It is fine, but don't use it as your only options

I think with services like this, we often look at them as having all the answers and all of the information. It reminds me of buying flights. Many of us use Priceline or Hotwire or Trivago or something like that, but if you are looking for the best deal, you don't only use ONE of these sites... the true bargain shoppers check them all because we KNOW that not every site has all of the information or answers. This is a good tool, but use it as just that - a tool. It is not the only thing that you can use nor is it the only thing that you should use. So yes, USE IT! But keep ib mind to talk to your bank, search other loan sites, and really do your own research too.

Easy to Use

This makes a difficult situation more manageable and it's so easy to use, it takes a lot of stress out of the process. It makes it a lot less overwhelming.

Life changing

Incredible tool to find private student loans when federal aid can't cover all your needs.