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Cappex helps you reach your first day at the college that's best for you. Creating a free Cappex account gives you access to extensive college comparisons, student reviews, colleges interested in you, tools to make informed decisions, and more. By creating your account, you'll automatically be entered in their free monthly scholarship!

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Cappex provides free, helpful tools for high schoolers navigating their college applications, admissions, and aid.
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301 reviews

Cappex is alright

Cappex has provided me access to scholarships and to college searches however with their service I have yet to be successful in being rewarded a scholarship.

So helpful!

Cappex has helped me find scholarships to apply for. Highly recommend!


This app allowed me to view the colleges I wanted to attend and even though I'm not out of high school, they allowed me to sign up for scholarships, see what colleges accept what score for the SAT, etc. It has many, many uses if for people about to start college. I love it.


Thanks to Cappex, I was able to find multiple scholarships to apply for. Cappex is a really helpful platform for anyone who is looking for scholarships to apply for. I highly recommend trying it out.

Cappex really helped with college!

Cappex has been very helpful to me ever since my junior year. Because of it, I have been able to apply to numerous scholarships and won some: NEHS Collegiate Scholarship. It has also helped me compare my college choices and pick the best one for me One thing I really like is how it shows your chances of getting based off your profile.

Super Helpful

Cappex is fantastic. It's not super confusing like some other websites are and help you on your path to college. It helps you figure out your chances of getting into your dream college and gives great insight on what path to take in high school, so that you are accepted into the college of your choice.

very useful

Personally, this website is very helpful for me and any other high school students starting their college search. Everything is set up very nicely so it’s easy to navigate, and also has great tips and scholarships to apply for too!

Love it!!

Cappex is a super easy way to help find colleges that you want to go to and get connection with! Its helped me get into contact with some of my dream schools!

Easy Scholarship Applications, all the time

Participating in Cappex scholarships has helped me to feel like I am being productive in working toward my future by applying for easy scholarships often. However, I haven't received a scholarship yet. The scholarships are highly contested. I would recommend trying this resource, even if it is mostly based on luck. There isn't much to lose from simply trying.

Great Resource to Find Scholarships

Cappex helped me find many scholarships I could apply to. I had to sort through all of the matches, and I wish they had a slightly more technologically advanced filter function. However, the opportunities I did find were great, and I loved that there were so many matches to my search.

Great Start to Scholarship Search

Format was a bit confusing at first, but the information was good, and it gave me great examples that helped me navigate the beginning of this college process.

Simple and Easy

Cappex provides an easy and simple way to Google and university hunting plus many scholarships.

Love it!

Cappex has helped me find dozens of scholarships, and is a great tool in lowering the price of higher education!

Perfect for high school seniors!

First off, I love using Cappex! It is a very straight forward way to organize college scholarships, applications, and deadlines. It combines a user-friendly interface with exceptional data about every college in the U.S. and abroad and gives accurate charts and details about admissions. It even gives information about who to contact, the types of scholarships that are college-specific, as well as potential scholarships that you may not even know exist! It is a great way to help organize your thought process while going through the extensive college search process!


I love Cappex! There are a wide variety of roles the site takes on, from scholarship opportunities to information about literally every school. It is extremely helpful. I'm super appreciative of the "chances" scale provided for each school of interest. It helps discern which college is likely to accept you and which may be tough, which made the process much easier. I'd 100% recommend this to all underclassmen as they research schools!

Useful scholarship source

I personally use the site to access many scholarships that are not usually in the spotlight. It has a vast database that allows me to find scholarships that work for me.

Awesome Resource

This website is one of the top ones I use to find scholarships and apply. The layout is a little confusing at first to get through but it is well worth it! I love the fact that it shows an effort and competitive factor next to the scholarship.

Amazing organizational tool

I started using Cappex when colleges started contacting me in my sophomore year and it has been a wonderful help ever since then. It helps me keep all my goals, schools, and scholarships in order - way better than me trying to sort through dozens of emails a day.


Along with many other students, Cappex has helped me cover a lot of my necessary student costs. It also brought me to this site, and I am thankful for the resources it provides.


Through this app, I have gained a better connection with different colleges and universities across the country.

I Use it All the Time

All my time during quarantine has been spent between here and Cappex and this website!

Great Resource

It's a really great resource for finding scholarships and organizing information for college. I will say that if it matches you to a scholarship it doesn't always actually fit you.

Pretty Neat

Cappex was the one who brought me here, so I'm glad about that. I wasn't sure about them at first, but it's a good site with good opportunities.


Cappex's features are good, though they could improve on the layout and display of the website. Cappex not only helps you find scholarships, but it also helps you get in contact with colleges. I've been using Cappex for a few months and my experience with the service has been decent.

1 of the Top Funding Sources

As an incoming freshman to college, Cappex has offered me the opportunity to frequently find scholarships that match my needs and interests. Furthermore, Cappex lead me to the website.

Cappex and College - Easy Breezy

Cappex is a wonderful homework help and instructional site for students. It can be pricey, but overall, worth it!

Great comparison tool!

I used Cappex when deciding where to go for college, and it was so helpful in my search. The search parameters available were detailed enough to narrow schools down by things I'd never thought of and with so many schools available I never felt restricted to one place or type. Definitely helpful!!

A Little Bit Confusing

Cappex took a while to get used to. The set up and arrangement makes everything that much harder to navigate. It was useful after I spent some time on it but over all, I was not that impressed.

Pretty Good

Cappex is a great resource for finding colleges and scholarships. I found this website through Cappex.

Cappex is Okay

Even if there are plenty of resources, the user interface takes a lot of time to get used to and it's difficult to track the scholarships you apply to.

Great information source

Cappex is a great website to find information scholarships, loans, and college and careers.

Great resource!

I just recently created a Cappex account and I am glad I did. It is a great reference and a great search tool for scholarships!


Once I made an account, I realized that this would be somewhat an easy place to look for more scholarships and opportunities. They have scholarships that Cappex sponsors as well as matching you with as many scholarships and colleges with the credentials you add to your profile. Only downfall is that when you look a scholarship and go back to the page where there's the list, you'd have to scroll down to where you left off.


It showed me net price estimates which was honestly very helpful because it showed what aid I could possibly be given. I enjoyed using this tool.

Amazing resource

Cappex has helped me so much in finding scholarships for college!


I use Cappex to help me search for scholarships and help me learn more about colleges. It helps with being able to give you the possibility of getting into a college you are interested in.

Extremely Useful

Cappex has connected me with schools with wonderful opportunities I had never considered before, The monthly emails with scholarship opportunities have been helpful as well.

Great website

This website really has helped during my scholarship application search. It tells you how many people apply to each scholarship, when the deadlines are, how much writing is involved, the requirements for each scholarship and additional information so you know exactly what you are applying for.


This site has been so helpful for applying to both colleges and scholarships. Cappex has gotten rid of the anxiety of applying for colleges because they match you with the ones that best fit you. They also gibe the general info about each college so you don't have to spend hours researching.

Perfect Matchmaker

Cappex was able to find the perfect match between me and a college- not only taking grades and reputation into account. Love the personal feeling of it!

Scholarships and Colleges

I am a freshman in high school and I have had trouble exploring my options in terms of scholarships and potential colleges. Cappex has helped me immensely in figuring out the opportunities available to me! Definitely recommended.

Excellent Resource

I love Cappex and what it does for you. I love how it gives you a complete access to scholarships and gives you an understanding of what colleges you can get into. It is easy to use and navigate and I highly recommend it!

Helped me

It helped me find this scholarship, as well as many other ones. I also got a jump-start at looking at colleges. Overall great resource. I can’t wait to keep using it.


Capped helped me choose the school I wanted to go to, allowing you to filter searches based on state, majors, and highest degree in said major!

Incredible Reasource

Cappex has helped me find colleges that I match with and scholarship opportunities! I recommend it to all students looking to go to university.

Great resource for scholarships and college lists

I used the service mainly to see my chances at various universities and was happily surprised by the other features it offers. It's a great tool for soon-to-be undergrads.


It's a great tool that helps you find which college you would like to go to based on interests.

Great College Planning Resource

Cappex lets you compare colleges and look for degrees and lets you look for scholarships. It is all in one and very easy to use.

Great Scholarships

I've been using Cappex for a few months now. While there are some great scholarship opportunities on the bit, it can be a bit difficult to navigate effectively.

Cappex is very helpful

I love this website I have an account there myself and it really helped me organize my college options better. Also Cappex helps me see my chances of what colleges I have a better chance of getting into.

Great help

Cappex is an amazing tool it helped me get through stressful college applications!

Great resource for choosing your college!

Cappex has helped me find hundreds of scholarships and helped me understand my colleges!

Very Helpful for Planning

Cappex has connected me to so many schools that I never would have found on my own. It has helped me to formulate a clear list of schools that I want to apply to. And it also recommends great scholarship opportunities.


This website is very organized and gives lots of helpful information about potential colleges and scholarships.

really good

It was hard yet easy applying to so many scholarships but it does get you interacted with different scholarship sites.


Cappex share much information to me daily, whether it is college options or available scholarships.


While I’m still new to it, I already know that it’s helpful and easy to use!!

It's pretty good

My only complaint is that sometimes it doesn't update my choices for scholarships, but other than that it's great to pick out your college and applying for scholarships!

Cappex is fantastic!

I've been using Cappex since my Sophomore year of high school, and it has genuinely made searching for colleges ten times easier. It calculates your chances of acceptance, and allows you to curate your college selections as you wish. It has helped me put my future in perspective!


This helps me rank the colleges I want to attend and I find excellent scholarships.


Very helpful tool for college freshmen just starting college and wanting to understand as much as possible.

Really Helpful!

Cappex is such a great way to find scholarships tailored to you! It is so organized and there are so many great opportunities on there, all for free!


I just started using Cappex and I have found it is very useful for finding scholarships. I'm so glad to have found a site that will help me earn money for college.

Cappex: Amazing!

Everything is so neatly laid out on Cappex. I am able to access everything from scholarships to college information to virtual college tours. They have a setting that tells you your chances of getting into a specific school, and that is amazing.

So helpful!

I've been using this website and had an account since my junior year of high school and it has made the college process so much more simple!!!! Highly recommend especially if you have difficulty with staying organized or researching things as important as colleges!


I was able to find many no-essay scholarships to apply to. Cappex constantly updates me with new scholarship matches, making it easier for me to find suitable scholarships to apply to.


I have learned about many colleges and I love how they match which university is right for me.

Great matches!

I have been using Cappex for years and it has matched me with some great scholarships! It does all the hard search working for you!

Great for Finding Scholarships

This site was a massive help in my search for scholarships and financial aid resources, even as a graduate student.

Super Helpful!

Cappex introduces you to school you may not have researched yet. After filling out everything, it gives you the likelihood of making it into many colleges! It also gives information on different factors of schools including dorm life, pricing, and how it compares to other schools. I totally recommend for those looking into many different colleges!

If you want to learn about colleges this is perfect for you!

I have gotten so many messages from colleges thanks to Cappex. I have found colleges that I didn't know existed and that I am now interested in.


That is the way I found out about and the scholarship opportunities it provides.

Helps me a lot with college related things!

I found through Cappex, and with their help, have broadened my college options. Additionally, they have provided me with scholarship opportunities that I may have not been exposed to.

Has a lot of scholarships to offer

Cappex is a really good website and gives personalized scholarships that matches your needs and interest. Cappex also offers scholarships themselves and also provides scholarships from the colleges and universities that you are interested in as well. Overall, it is a good scholarship search tool.

Very helpful for exploring and learning more!

Cappex is amazing! Signing up for Cappex has introduced me to colleges and universities I didn't even know existed! I have so many messages from different colleges that want to recruit me thanks to Cappex. Cappex is a great resource that allows you to expand your horizons. I never considered leaving Texas, now I'm learning about a university in Spain!

Very organized and helpful

Before I found Cappex, I just used Naviance. They cannot even be compared. Naviance is just a tool to find colleges, but Cappex is so much more. You can apply to colleges, search for scholarships, and do just about anything to make sure that you're on the right track for college. I do recommend this site to anyone who is trying to figure out their path for higher education.

Fun and Easy!

There are so many scholarship options that can be filtered with the most specific requests. Want a scholarship for scuba diving? They most likely have it! The most bizarre searches still pull up plenty of scholarship opportunities!

Super Helpful

Cappex provided many scholarship opportunities and was an interesting way to see what colleges were interested in me.


Cappex really helped me navigate easily through the application processes. They also provided me with a lot of scholarships. Definitely a must-have.


Cappex is great for getting a general idea of what different colleges are all about and understanding your chances of acceptance.

Sign Up! You won't regret it

Cappex is a well-organized and well-curated scholarship database. The variety of scholarships will impress you and the best part is they don't spam your inbox!

informational source!

Cappex is a great place to search for scholarships and for college information. Their services also help users connect to schools with user’s intended area of study or with the atmosphere of choice, making it a valuable source when searching for the perfect school!

Helpful at times

Cappex is great at first when it offers many scholarships, however, the ones that appear first in the list are applications that ask you to sign up for other scholarship websites. As you continue through, you end up with millions of emails from raffle-style scholarships. There are plenty of real merit-based scholarships and ones that require essays as well, which is where the 4-stars come from. It is a good resource to find scholarships that would otherwise be very difficult to find.

Great for seeing the college for what it really is.

I really enjoy that there is a section where you can see what students think of the college, both the good and the bad aspects of it.


Cappex is a great source to find scholarships, I like it a lot.


This is such a good source for every student. It is a definite must have.

It's alright

I like the scholarship finding aspect, but the part where it shows you what colleges are interested in you could be better organized.

super helpful!!

I am only a sophomore in high school, and Cappex makes it so easy to browse schools without any stressors!


Cappex is great and easy to use. The only critique I have is that the site has trouble logging me in with my Gmail account. I always have to open up an email they sent to me in order to use the site.

I like it

This is a good source to look at colleges. It could make it a bit easier to navigate, though.

Love It!

I found Cappex on Instagram because it popped up as an ad. Now I absolutely love it! It gives you scholarships to apply for and it also lets you choose what colleges you're interested in while telling you your eligibility of getting in and how much your tuition would be. I've told several of my friends about Cappex and they also love it. I don't know what other way I would be getting a hold of so many scholarships if it wasn't for Cappex.

Very helpful and easy to navigate

It was very easy to use and it is very helpful in helping me plan out my future.


Cappex is a great way for finding scholarships that properly fit who you are.

Very Helpful

Cappex is one of the best college and scholarship finders, it is how I found It's really easy to use and has a great step-by-step format.


I used Cappex the entire college search for my senior year. It's ultimately perfect; you build your college list and it will tell you the price, your likelihood of getting in, and profiles of students who were accepted. If you get rejected, it immediately removes it from the list. Only negative is the constant emails that are impossible to clear and the website often glitches out when you are editing your profile.

Great resource!

I found through Cappex! Great for scholarship searching and getting mail from colleges you're interested in. Cappex also matches colleges and scholarships based on your interest.

Great organization and incredibly helpful.

I really enjoy Cappex. It's easy to use and very straightforward. It offers great scholarships and gives me loads of information without overwhelming me. It's really helpful for keeping me on track towards my goals.

Clear and concise!

Cappex created an interface so easy for me to use, I've lost count of the number of opportunities I have taken to enter to win grants and scholarships that are a perfect match to my goals and expectations!! I love logging in to see how many different choices there are, and some don't even require essays! What a GREAT way to shoot for the moon! Thank you Cappex!!

Nice product compared to other scholarship sites.

My experience has been a reflective one, thanks to Cappex. Not only do you get to apply for scholarships, but get a sense of what the college or University asks for financially and character-wise.

Incredibly Expansive

I wish there were more ways to filter scholarships, because the sheer amount of emails I receive from them every day with hundreds of scholarships is overwhelming! However, I appreciate that they link you to so many different resources all in one app. Overall, it's an excellent resource.

Caps off to Cappex

This is an excellent resource. The two features that I find most helpful are that it includes the approximate time to apply. It also shows the approximate amount of competition for each scholarship.


I found that the interface was relatively easy to use, and it gives relevant information regarding the likely of being accepted into your colleges of choice which can help significantly when selecting colleges.

Great website to help in the college and scholarship search

I have used this website to find both scholarships and research colleges that I was interested in. It was very handy for me, as everything was in one place, made everything a little more convenient.


Cappex is a great way to see what colleges would be a good match for you and which ones will be a struggle.


Another great resource to find scholarships and to help with college planning. I have used it to find scholarships a multitude of times.


This is an easy-to-use program that allows me to search and prioritize my colleges as well as find scholarships.

Easy to use and super helpful!

Cappex connects you to a lot of great scholarships, and their website is fairly easy to navigate.

Super helpful!

Cappex provides you with so many resources from college info to scholarships. It helped me organize my college priorities and set up a plan.

Great For The Scholarship Hunt!

Not only is Cappex easy to navigate and use, they send scholarship updates all the time, which is super convenient for people with a full schedule.

Super useful

I've been using Cappex for a few weeks now and it has been so useful in finding colleges that I am interested in and might have the major that I am focused on. I'm really happy about the service being provided.

A simplistic system with great benefits

By being able to compare colleges side by side, and see what programs are offered by each school, the search for my college has been so much easier! The way that they have everything set up is made for students because they can connect you with colleges that would most likely accept you! I really enjoy using this website.


Cappex has honestly helped me find the right college for me and they provide a lot of help!


Cappex is a great way to find scholarships, especially ones that haven't reached their deadline yet, try it!


Cappex has helped me find various scholarships that I am a candidate for by providing me with matches. I love using this site to find money for college!


I got this in high school and even now it sends good information and possible scholarships, it even sent this website to me and I'm very happy about it!

Organized and helpful!

When I was a freshman in high school, I've been obsessed with applying to colleges. Cappex allowed me to put in my high school experience and see if I would be accepted or not. I also love how Cappex matches you with scholarships that you would most likely be eligible for based off of your profile (GPA, test scores, extracurricular, etc.)


Cappex puts everything in one place for your college search and led me to along with many other resources. It can be confusing to understand at first but I find it beneficial to my process.

Great Website

It’s a great resource to find information on colleges and scholarships. I recommend it to anyone who’s considering college as the next step after high school.


Good for finding scholarships, do not like the email spam though.

Very Helpful!

I appreciate Cappex because it allows me to find many scholarships all in one place without having to do a ton of searching. Everything is explained and makes the process easier.

Great Resource

I've been using Cappex from before I started on this website, and I've had some great offers and opportunities.


Cappex helps to connect you with colleges all around the US as well as scholarships you may be eligible for. It is a great tool to use.

Intuitive and Engaging!

Cappex is easy to use and offers its users a lot of insight regarding colleges and scholarships. I use this service for scholarships and college research.

Very Helpful!

This site allows you to research and get a different view of colleges across the US! It's a great platform that allows students and colleges to interact at a deeper level. They also have many scholarships available.

Great Resource!

The site is very easy to use and offers quite a variety of scholarships. Extremely helpful!

Great for finding scholarships

They regularly send me college and scholarship updates, which is super helpful.