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Cappex helps you reach your first day at the college that's best for you. Creating a free Cappex account gives you access to extensive college comparisons, student reviews, colleges interested in you, tools to make informed decisions, and more. By creating your account, you'll automatically be entered in their free monthly scholarship!

Why we love it
Cappex provides free, helpful tools for high schoolers navigating their college applications, admissions, and aid.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at

What Students Say

1123 reviews

Another Way to Find Scholarships

This site is just another place to look for scholarships. More is better, I guess. The format is easy enough, but they send way too many unnecessary emails.

Cappex is easy to use and access

Cappex has allowed me to easily see what colleges are interested in me and expand my college list!

Good college finder

This is a good platform for finding colleges that fit your wants and needs. Sometimes the college your looking at will actually have certain programs or majors that is not listed on the website. Overall, I highly recommended. It defiantly takes some stress off of college searching.

Cappex is great

Since I found out about Cappex it's been easier to search for colleges that fit the most with my academics.

Nice for scholarships

Another website to find scholarships through, and the more there is the better. Some sites have better formatting though.

First Glances

Nice way to find colleges to add to list when first looking.


Cappex has helped me with comparing colleges and choosing what schools to apply to. There is also a scholarship for which you are automatically considered which is helpful as well.

Does a good job

It works wonders as a tool for preparing to go to college, especially when you lack help from adults in your life if they've never been to college.

Great tool for finding great colleges.

Really helpful in organizing all of your college needs. I used it to discover colleges and find scholarships available to me.


Cappex really helped me decide where I want to go to college. It also helped, it had a great layout so I could look at all the colleges.