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Cappex helps you reach your first day at the college that's best for you. Creating a free Cappex account gives you access to extensive college comparisons, student reviews, colleges interested in you, tools to make informed decisions, and more. By creating your account, you'll automatically be entered in their free monthly scholarship!

Why we love it
Cappex provides free, helpful tools for high schoolers navigating their college applications, admissions, and aid.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at

What Students Say

775 reviews

Very Helpful

Instead of me having to go through thousands of schools, I was able to just compare using this.

Mediocre at best

Others have found great success with Cappex. Personally, all I get is a flood of annoying emails for/from schools and products. I never explicitly stated I wanted them to give my information to schools, especially because I know I am never going to go to nearly all of the colleges that email me. I am not leaving my local area, much less my state. Totally useless for me, personally.

Very streamlined!

I like the format of Cappex. It shows you applicable scholarships that match your interests and personality type.

Should have been doing this all year!

Very easy way to apply to scholarships and fill the gap between financial aid and need.

Very straightforward.

Cappex has enabled me to see scholarships that are relevant to my field of study.. It has cut short the scholarship application period by half. The website is clear and can easily be used.

It's great

Cappex is really great for scholarships, not as easy to navigate and apply as Bold, but still a great resource.

Great Resource for New Students

Great tool for guidance and college exploration--especially great for new students.

Good college Resource

I mostly use Cappex to find information about colleges I want to apply to. It has very organized and informative information about different colleges including cost before and after financial aid, school size, acceptance rate, and more. I will continue using Cappex in my college search! 10/10


This is a great website for finding a number of scholarships.

Its good but...

it offers the same scholarships again and again and it often gets annoying receiving the same applications for schools that you don't want to attend to.