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Cappex helps you reach your first day at the college that's best for you. Creating a free Cappex account gives you access to extensive college comparisons, student reviews, colleges interested in you, tools to make informed decisions, and more. By creating your account, you'll automatically be entered in their free monthly scholarship!

Why we love it
Cappex provides free, helpful tools for high schoolers navigating their college applications, admissions, and aid.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at

What Students Say

1205 reviews


It's definitely one of the best ways to go when starting your search and beginning to figure things out.


This is great for making comparisons between different schools and getting important information

Cappex is helpful, however there could be a few improvements.

I love using Cappex to connect with colleges, however no matter how hard I try to adjust my preferences, I just don't match with any colleges that have my major, or are not religiously affiliated. I wish we could answer more than just a handful of questions in order to be matched. Hope this helps!

Very helpful

Very helpful the only down side is needing to sign in through your email each time.


This helped me find colleges that fit my interests, although they do send a lot of emails which can be overwhelming.


Cappex is helpful for finding college matches, as well as scholarships.

Helpful for college students who are looking for scholarships.

Cappex has a easy way to apply for shcolarships for college students.

Great resource for scholarships!

Great website that has provided opportunities for scholarships for over a decade! Offers a lot of information, resources and useful tips for college success.

Great way to find colleges

I've used Cappex mostly for searching for colleges, and I like their user interface that makes it really easy to navigate. I like the filters they have and how you can narrow down colleges based on major, area, etc.

Useful, but Not User-Friendly

It has a lot of useful information (especially for scholarships and colleges), but the user interface isn't the best.