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Pragya Jha Grant Winner

I am in love with - it has truly changed my perception on applying for scholarships as a hardworking student.

Pragya Jha
FAA Student Pilot, Presidential Volunteer Service Award Winner, and future Astronaut
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I am so grateful for the opportunities has provided me to help fund my college education. The options are endless, and their commitment to helping and profiling successful students is remarkable.

My college education has and continues to be the most formative experience of my life, and the support and advocacy offered on is the greatest recognition I can receive as a student.

Journalism Scholarship Winner

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Imagine Dragons

Grammy Winning Rock Band

Our nation was founded by immigrants, but we still have a long way to go in giving them the support they need to succeed here. We started the Imagine Dragons “Origins” Scholarship with to empower people brave enough to make a start in a new country.

We were blown away by all the inspiring refugees and immigrants who applied for this scholarship. It was an honor to celebrate and help our winners.