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Student Debt

Today, the average student in the US pursuing a degree in higher education will graduate more than $30,000 in debt, and won’t be able to pay it off until they’re in their forties.

With more than 700% student debt growth in the last 15 years, paying for education is daunting for most, and downright impossible for many.

It’s a $1.6T problem that is handicapping our next generation.

The average graduate today is far less likely to start a small business, seek the highest impact careers with the most potential, buy a home, save meaningfully, or start building a family.

Students dreaming of conducting cancer research, becoming teachers, working in underserved communities, or starting the next great company are giving up on their goals in the face of the seemingly insurmountable mountain of loan payments.

At Bold.org, we believe that’s a problem worth solving.

About Bold.org


On Bold.org, anyone and any company can create a customized scholarship, fellowship, or grant in minutes with the confidence that the award will go to a high-impact individual who will be unlocked to change the world.

It’s a high-impact, end-to-end philanthropy service that is customized to your personal mission and values. Looking to support first-generation college students in the creative arts? No problem. Want to unlock the next great woman environmentalist? We can help there too.

We believe that a legacy of giving is for everyone, and should be more personal than simply writing a check.
We believe that your story is unique.
We believe that your philanthropy should be too.


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Cofounder & Chairman
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Cofounder & Director


If you believe that student debt is a problem worth solving and would like to make building the solution a part of your life’s work, get in touch at: