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Blinkist Review 185 Reviews

Blinkist is a secret weapon for accelerating your life and career. It puts key insights from 3,000+ of the world's best non-fiction books at your fingertips. Read or listen to 15-minute summaries on top books across genres like Personal Development, Career & Success, Education, and more. With built-in audio and a slick mobile app, it's a great way to learn fast while on your way to class. With a 7-day free trial, it's easy for you to see if the app is for you.

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Get 20% off with a 7-day free trial.
Why we love it
Blinkist is an amazing productivity and learning tool. Their library includes amazing books that will prepare you to excel, and the app is far cheaper than it would be to buy the same books individually.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at Bold.org
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at Bold.org

What Students Say

185 reviews

Perfect Insight

Blinkist is perfect for people who are busy but still want to learn in the small amounts of free time they have. It summarizes key concepts of a variety of amazing books.

Good short cut

This app offers convenience. If you are a very busy individual who likes to squeeze in learning while on the go or on your commute, this would be the app for you. I would recommend, however, that you still take the time to read!!

I was expecting a more approachable service

I thought Blinkist would be an easy way to access the materials and literature that I enjoy, but it starts up in German and is a service that you have to pay for on a week-by-week basis. I'd recommend other services over this one.

Short summaries of books

It does pop up in German initially but you can swap it over to English in Google just fine. The subscription price is about the same as a streaming service. There are 20-minute summaries of books by people like Michelle Obama and Steve Jobs. The books are mostly 13-20 minutes, to give you an idea of what you'd be signing up for.

Is there an option for English language?

I was hoping to give this app a try (the concept is innovative and fresh for non-avid and avid readers), but I’m having a hard time changing the language of the app from German to English — is this an option?

Perhaps not for the frugal student

What draws me is genuinely the idea, being able to listen to main points of an impactful text, if you might not have the immediate time to sit with the physical book, but I must contend that the subscription is indeed pricey for a service that thought-out, analytical YouTube videos could similarly replace without having to spend.

Overly Priced subscription

I mean the app is ok, But i dont recommend it. People are much better going to amazon or even Barnes and nobles. or Audible. Sorry but this is just me

A product that requires money and is in German?

FYI, this is a German company, so I was skeptical since I thought it would contain German books. On top of that, the subscription price is rather high for an audiobook service when one could just use Audible or even download audiobooks from the internet for free.

Could be a helpful took

I think that Blinkist could be a helpful tool if you want access to a wide variety of books in a virtual format. Personally, I would not pay for this app as I feel like I already have fairly reasonable access to the books that I need. In terms of book summaries, I find that those can easily be found online without the need to pay for this additional app.

Makes it so much easier!

If you're somehow who struggles with reading long paragraphs and texts, get this! It helped me get the information I needed in a short amount of time and helped me keep my attention. It also helped me not get unmotivated with the long readings, which is such a bonus!