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Quizlet helps you master any subject through flashcards, games, and more. It breaks down complex subjects into small, interactive steps that help you improve retention and make studying fun. 90% of students who use Quizlet get better grades.

Why we love it
It's so much easier to understand complex concepts through interactive study than through textbooks. Quizlet should be the secret weapon in every student's arsenal.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at Bold.org
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at Bold.org

What Students Say

8341 reviews

Quizlet has entered the chat, and I'm here for it

No longer the basic entry level note card app, quizlet will elevate your learning with all the new added features, definitely recommend.

Easy to use and great for the classroom

I use this in a couple of my classes where my teacher has a class quizlet with terms they need us to know. This helps with studying for some of the more term heavy classes. Additionally, Quizlet saves paper-- rather than making physical flashcards, I can make them digitally.

great, but limited

Quizlet is super helpful, but only for things requiring rote memorization. The old, all inclusive free version was so much better than the limited one now. Not every student can afford to pay the subscription fee. I wish that quizlet had a better free option. However, the one now works sufficiently well enough. However, I now prefer memrise. Overall, quizlet used to be great, but now is too limited to compete with other studying websites.

Free version is limited, but still invaluble

You can easily make or find study resources. I find studying with Quizlet to be faster and less mentally exhausting than studying on paper. Quizlet is best suited for heavy memorization, such as the periodic table or vocabulary terms.

helped me through tough times

I think now you have to pay for premium like many other studying websites but it is still very useful without paying for it.

Great Resource to Learn and Study

I use Quizlet almost all the time. It's one of the best studying resources as it's very easy and simple to make your own flashcards. It's free for the most part, but you can pay to unlock a few other features.

Wonderful Study Tool

Quizlet is so easy to use and so helpful when it comes to studying!

Great resource for flashcards but limited in comparison to past versions if you don't pay

Quizlet is an amazing flashcard application, I have used quizlet all the time on a lot of my AP courses for essential vocabulary. I am on the other hand disappointed with how in contrast to quizlet in the past, the current version has paywalled a noticeable amount of features. I still am thankful that Quizlet is still free and useable which is why I gave it four stars for how helpful it has been for me.

Easy to Find or Make

If you need to study, highly recommend Quizlet. And if you don't want to or for some reason can't make your own, using premade quizlets by other students are a great resource for challenging and specific test questions.

Amazing resource!

Quizlet is awesome! It's super easy to use and has tons of great resources to help you learn. You can make your own study sets and customize them to your needs. It's perfect for getting ready for exams or just learning something new. Don't wait, start using Quizlet today and become a learning master!
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