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Quizlet helps you master any subject through flashcards, games, and more. It breaks down complex subjects into small, interactive steps that help you improve retention and make studying fun. 90% of students who use Quizlet get better grades.

Why we love it
It's so much easier to understand complex concepts through interactive study than through textbooks. Quizlet should be the secret weapon in every student's arsenal.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at Bold.org
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at Bold.org

What Students Say

7536 reviews

Was best before required purchase

Quizlet is a really helpful resource for making flashcards really quickly and having them accessible whenever you need them. Plus, you can share your flashcards with friends. I've used Quizlet so many times throughout my schooling life, but now it requires purchases to do many of the things we used to be able to do. I wish we could still add images for free

Great preparation for tests!

I love using Quizlet, for creating on the go flashcards for each of my classes, and for being able to study pre-made ones from others who have taken the same courses as I (which sometimes helps me add to the ones I have already made for myself!). I think this is one of the best online resources, the only thing that could make it better is having moderators who correct information, or allowing input from other users to answer questions together or correct information for the pre-made quizlets.


Quizlet is a great tool for students. You can create flashcards that can help you study for quizzes, tests, exams, etc.

Overall a Great Way to Make Flashcards

This is a great way to study vocabulary, equations, and facts. It has many different games that can make reviewing less mind numbing. Unfortunately, many features have been put behind a paywall, but the free features are still a much better alternative to just reviewing with flashcards.

Pretty good! Why remove features?

I use Quizlet for both studying academics, and learning lines when I am acting. The interface is well designed, and is my first choice when I need something similar to flashcards. But (and maybe this is just nostalgia), I miss the asteroid game and the old profile pictures. Still, a pretty good app.

Good but no..

It is free and you can use them as a study guide. The thing about Quizlet is that some flashcards might have the wrong answer, so you have to be careful about that.