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Quizlet helps you master any subject through flashcards, games, and more. It breaks down complex subjects into small, interactive steps that help you improve retention and make studying fun. 90% of students who use Quizlet get better grades.

Why we love it
It's so much easier to understand complex concepts through interactive study than through textbooks. Quizlet should be the secret weapon in every student's arsenal.
Dror Liebenthal
Dror Liebenthal,
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What Students Say

8547 reviews

really helpful

Nice to make your own sets and continue studying for upcoming exams.

Been Using It For Years

I've been using quizlet since my high school days. It's been a game changer for online notes in college, I recommend this site to everyone!


I love Quizlet, it's a great environmentally safe way to study


Has a lot of helpful information on a variety of topics

Great Study Tool

I've been using Quizlet since high school and am currently a Junior in college. It's helped me study for so many exams. I would 100% recommend it to all students!

Great for studying!!

I love using Quizlet for making study sets and reviewing things I learned in class. It's super helpful for quick memorization. It's a little frustrating that it limits how many Learn sessions you can do now, though. I feel like it's become less user-friendly in an attempt to get you to buy Quizlet Plus.

Study essential!

It was always a good feeling when some amazing person put the test questions on their Quizlet flash cards! It even the workbook questions that I was trying to fly through quickly! Helped me pass many tests in Highschool and community college pre-reqs.

SRS is minimal but great for interactive use!

I would say Quizlet is good for quick last minute study. It has some fun collaborative features as well. However, for long term retention Anki is far superior and you can download it for free on a computer

Good for Students

I like Quizlet! I think it is a great online platform to help with studying. I think it can be slightly difficult that some extremely helpful features are pay-to-use, especially because students are using them. Otherwise it's great!

Reliable and trustworthy

I have been using Quizlet for 6 years now. It has helped tremendously throughout my academic career, as I use it as my primary studying platform. The simple yet convenient flashcard theme is engaging and even fun at times, as you challenge. yourself and learn more in the process.
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