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Quizlet helps you master any subject through flashcards, games, and more. It breaks down complex subjects into small, interactive steps that help you improve retention and make studying fun. 90% of students who use Quizlet get better grades.

Why we love it
It's so much easier to understand complex concepts through interactive study than through textbooks. Quizlet should be the secret weapon in every student's arsenal.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at Bold.org
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at Bold.org

What Students Say

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This is a nice tool because I get to create my flashcards in time of advance and get to study them. I also can view my friend's flashcards if I ran out of time making them or if I am too busy. This saves me time.

Exceptional Study Tool

Great for memorization. Very easy to use, easy to set up an account. Quizlet Live is very helpful in class settings.

Such a good tool!

I love quizlet for studying!! I love that for many courses there are study cards already created or you can choose to make your own!!

Quizlet is a life saver!

Quizlet is by far my favorite app/website to study from. The reason being that it has randomized quizzes and timed matching games. These factors imitate the environment when your testing!

Great Study Tool!

This is a great tool to use to learn new concepts. I've used it many times to study. It's eco-friendly, too! You won't have to use note-cards anymore to study from. Just type in your information and click through.

Best Study Tool

Quizlet is amazing because it allows you to efficiently study in an innovative way. When I want to use flashcards to study, I use Quizlet because it allows me to be productive without the hassle of paper!


This has helped me a lot with studying, I was once struggling with economics and didn't know what to do. I came across Quizet and it just blew my mind the stuff that I learned from there. This is honestly a life saver.


Best way to learn new vocabulary and terms, especially when you have a hectic schedule!!

Life Saver

Quizlet is an absolute lifesaver! Being able to explore other student's study guides as well as my teachers gives multiple perspectives on the same subject if one explanation does not make sense.

Highly Recommend!

Quizlet has always made studying ten times easier- every. single. time. There are always resources available for every class and subject, making information easily accessible. You can also make your own flashcards and lists on the off chance that what you need may not be available. It has made my high school experience run so much smoother. :)

It is a great tool for classroom activities and personal study

I was introduced to quizlet in my French class and I love it. It is great for making flash cards and practicing sets of words in a new language.

Awesome Tool For Studying

Quizlet helps review up to almost any subject through flashcards that help memorize. You can make your own flashcards or use others.

I enjoy Quizlet so much!!

Quizlet is a great platform for every person. It helps me study for vocabulary test and many other quizzes. i am able to make my own or use one that is already created. I love quilt very much.

Best Study Tool

It doesn't matter what class you are studying for, whether it is anatomy or art. Quizlet is the best tool that one can use. It is online which makes it eco-friendly as well (especially when making hundreds of flashcards).

It is an excellent study tool!

I have been using Quizlet ever since I was in fifth grade. I know that I will continue to use it through college because it is an easy to use and effective study tool.

Great study tool

I love quizlet! I started using quizlet in middle school and have been using it ever since. This is a great study tool for quizzes, tests, and exam preparation. I especially love using quizlet for tests that have many different terms and definitions. I highly recommend quizlet to every student! And it’s FREE!

Great source

Quizlet offers work from other students to share with all users, making it a great source for students to study.

Love it!

My go to study source! Good for studying on the go and at home!


This site has helped me learn and practice the information I am taught in school. The learning tools are extremely helpful and customizable.


It is a great review source and makes studying fun!

Love it!

It's so helpful for learning and review

Great for All Subjects

I always used Quizlet to help prepare me for my foreign language tests in High School. It ggot to the point that my own teacher would set up Quizlet Lives for us to practice with every Friday.

Convenient Implement for Online Studying

Many a time have I relied on this free service, and just as many times have I efficiently improved my skills in given subjects. For anyone with internet access, Quizlet is - especially for a costless application - indispensable.

Helpful for all subjects

For me personally, Quizlet has changed the way I prepared for assessments. The variety of studying approached provided on the app is helpful for every kind of learner. Whether I need to use flashcards to learn formulas for a math check, or practice spelling for a Spanish quiz, Quizlet has it all.

Super Helpful...especially for memorization

I love using Quizlet especially for tests and quizzes where the majority of the information is vocab or simple recall memorization! Quizlet has a huge archive of quizzes made from other users that oftentimes overlap with textbooks I use! I also find making my own quizzes to be a good use of time because I organize my notes and review the information as I am creating my Quizlet!

Fantastic Resource

I have been using Quizlet since middle school, and I'll be graduating from High School next year. Quizlet has been a go-to for anything relating to vocab terms to memorize.


I can study in a very easy way while sharing my methods with my friends. It is awesome!

Perfect for studying for any subject!

I use Quizlet to study for every test, exam, and midterm. I love how easy it is to navigate, and how many features there are to utilize. Highly recommend!


Used properly and often, this will quickly become a necessary study tool for you. Just right before a test, you know you've always got Quizlet to fall back on real quick.


Everytime I've logged into Quizlet trying to find something to help me study, I've found exactly what I need every time, even if it's something super obscure like AP Music Theory terms!

Great for All Grade Levels

I discovered quizlet in middle school & started entering my vocabulary words so I could practice on the bus. I still use it throughout high school - including for AP classes. My mom even used quizlet when she went back to college & couldn’t believe what a great resource it was for her!

Great Study Tool!

In my experience, Quizlet has been an enormously helpful software as it compiles the information into one easy-to-access space and provides the user with the tools to effectively learn the material. My favorite feature is the "learn" section where the user is introduced to new terms for the first time. Initially, they are prompted with a multiple-choice response and then are later required to verify the knowledge by typing out the definition. Additionally, a useful part of this feature is the fact that users must input the definition correctly twice to have "mastered" that term. This is such a great feature since it has been scientifically proven that you are more likely to retain information when you write it out yourself multiple times.

Love it

Quizlet is a life-saver. It literally has answers to every question!!

Quizlet is my #1 go-to

I make a quizlet for every test or quiz I've had in high school, and I always manage to get an A every single time I use it to study. It's absolutely amazing and never fails.

Very Easy To Use!

This is my go-to study tool for memorization type studies and it has always been such a great help for me.

Life saver

Will get you right even if you're studying the night before

Must have

Great to study throughout a unit!


It’s a great app that has helped me pass many tests. All the different features are extremely helpful, especially the test feature. I recommend using Quizlet if you are struggling studying.

Super Reliable

It is a go to, super reliable, and covers a million topics for you to choose from or create your own.

Quizlet is excellent!

Quizlet reviews flashcards using space-time repetition. It allows you to better memorize and study, it's feasible, and provides interactive and fun ways to learn in ways that are adjustable to your needs.

Absolutely Amazing!

Quizlet is a life-saver for studying, especially when you're in a crunch and you need to get facts down fast. It allows you to make your own study sets and then share them with people in your class. I like to use the "learn" mode and "flash cards" mode the most.

Amazing source!!

I use quizlet for all my study guides it’s so great! And there’s review games which helps me understand the information better!

Great for Studying

Love this for studying any subject. I like to use the Learn tool to make myself more familiar with the flashcards and then review them with the Write tool. This is especially helpful for studying a language.

Simple Tool For Great Results!!

I absolutely love Quizlet! It is super easy to make flashcards for a long study session or even on the go with the app.


Quizlet is my go-to study site. It is reliable and has never failed me. 100% recommend.

Great! Would Recommend!!!

This app has helped me numerous times. It allows on the go studying and saves paper. Would recommend trying asap.

Great for Reviewing!

This platform is great for going over vocabulary terms or concepts. It's very flexible in how it allows you to learn (it has games, flashcards, and tests), which really allows you to find which style might work for you best!

Very useful, love it

I've been using Quizlet all throughout high school, and I have to say it has been a wonderful experience! Quizlet has and will continue to be my go-to method for memorization and studying.

Super useful tool for studying/reviewing material!

I've used Quizlet all through high school, and it has been really helpful! The flashcards and practice tests make the process of memorizing material extremely easier, and both the site and app are simple to use. I highly recommend anyone to use Quizlet for their learning purposes.


Honestly the best study tool around. I couldn't have made it through high school without it!

Great for Flash Cards

As they say: work smarter, not harder. Quizlet allows you to make and review flashcards in a fraction of the time. A wonderful resource for the busy college student.

Great resource when studying

Used this a lot in high school when studying for anatomy and spanish. This is the best resource to study vocab for school. A must use for students.

Overall, a strong product!

I love the ‘learn’ feature the most, as it feels the most natural, but there are a variety of ways to learn in Quizlet. One thing I would try to implement is spaced repetition learning, so that students can learn more while working less.

This is the place!

Quizlet is amazing!! I started using this site maybe 2-3 years ago. It helped so much with quizzes. The study guides are very good as well. It shocks me at how much time students spend on inputting their information for others. Do not be intimidated as some of the information as it does seem like a lot.

I love it

Quizlet is so useful. Not only can you find sets that can expand your study options, you can make your own as well. The learn flashcard setting is so useful! You can memorize the terms by typing, which is like learning through writing. Making your own study terms while utilizing others is so helpful.

Amazing Resource

You can use Quizlet to study or learn about multiple subjects. There are flashcard sets for History, English, Math, Medicine. etc. This is an amazing resource for anybody.

Good All-Around Study Tool

I've used it over the years mainly for my language classes. It's useful for vocabulary in my experience and can also be used for topic memorization.

Very good for studying

Super helpful for memorization with vocabulary and basic facts or dates. Love that you search for study sets other people have made. My classmates and I created a class on Quizlet so we could all have access to study materials. Very easy to both make study sets, find other people, and review them. User-friendly and incredibly helpful with a range of ways to help you memorize-from online flashcards to games.

Convenient and helpful

Quizlet has enabled me to study anywhere. I am a visual learner so their picture feature has been super useful. I study at the gym, on road trips and even just at home. I like to be able to share my card sets with classmates and friends, collaborating is also a great feature that they have available. Provides organization as well as easy access.

Incredibly Helpful

I have used quizlet to study for many tests including a test whose study guide was over 100 questions. I got a 100 on the test because I was able to use quizlet as a study tool. It is easy to understand and helpful when being used. Highly recommend especially to high school students who struggle to study with paper material such as study guides or flash cards.

Extremely Useful Tool

This study tool is very useful for flashcards with many useful features to help make your flashcards. In addition, there are various review methods which can help make review less meticulous, but as a fun game instead. It also has a huge selection of several other users' flashcards for study as well.

Great Resource

Honestly, I don't know where I would be without Quizlet. I can unabashedly say that I've used this website almost every year since I discovered it in middle school. Since then, my grades have increased, I can focus more, among other things! Quizlet is a great resource no matter the subject, and no matter the rigor, and best of all, it's free!

Helpful resource

I think this is a helpful, easy to use, and convenient resource when you are trying to learn material via repetition. Excellent for definitions!

Excellent Resource

Quizlet has helped me so much. This application helps me study efficiently and thoroughly. Also, Quizlet allows a person to share their study tools with the public or specific people. Studying remotely with other students has never been easier.

Helpful to Use on your Own

I've found that there are a lot of Quizlet flashcards already created for some classes. While it's nice to see what other people have learned, there is no way to know for sure that it is correct. When using it on your own, it is really helpful with memorization.

Useful Studying Tool

I've been using Quizlet to study for my quizzes and tests since middle school. I like how I'm able to make my own sets of flashcards as well as study from sets that others have made. The games that Quizlet provides are also a fun way to stay motivated to study!

Excellent for studying!

This website is extremely helpful for students who are studying. There are different subjects and mini tests with flip cards. Personally I love the flip cards because they are a question and answer type, making it useful for answering questions you don’t understand about a topic. People use it for studying, to answer homework questions, and to just learn new things. The only downfall is that you have to be a member to be granted full access. I rate it a 7/10.


Quizlet is very effective, especially if you are attempting to remember words and/ or phrases for a specific class. Make sure to explore the different study options available and, depending on your study habits, review as much as possible.

Efficient Platform, Easy-to-use

I've been using Quizlet to study for exams since middle school. The platform is incredibly easy-to-use and very engaging. I would definitely recommend it to a student.

Incredible Resource

I rely on Quizlet for almost every exam I take. Whether it is creating my own card set or utilizing a previously created one, the learning feature and quizzes are very useful in identifying the spaces that I need to focus on most when it comes to what I need to study the most before an exam.


Honestly if you're struggling in a course or trying to remember terms for a quiz or upcoming test, Quizlet is for you. It really focuses on your hard areas and tries to help you- also good for looking for answers to questions you're looking for during a unit!

My go-to study source

I absolutely love this app, it has so many great ways to study and you can even search up topics you want to learn about so that you don’t have to create your own study sources!

Amazing student resource

Quizlet is an incredible resource for studying. It has so many different options for students to study from playing games to creating practice tests. I use it for every test and quiz I have. My teachers use it in class to help us learn in group settings. It's free and accessible to anyone.

A Partner in Your Journey

Quizlet has been my go-to study partner since high school! As I wrap up my senior year of college, I reflect on the changes I have experienced. One of the few things to have remained consistent in my life has been Quizlet. Quizlet makes it easy to study on your phone during a daily commute, share cards with a peer to collaborate, and get your teacher/ professor further involved in your learning. I highly recommend this study tool to any student at any stage in their journey.

Great study tool for flashcard set-up

Works best for vocabulary, language learners, or other subject material that can be studied in a flashcard set-up. Harder to use with more general information, but would work well for memorizing formulas too.

Grade Saver

Quizlet is my saving grace when it comes to vocabulary. No matter the class subject, whether it be language learning, statistics, or even literature, Quizlet has you covered. The best quality of Quizlet is that there are multiple ways to remember the content. I personally choose the "Learn" function, but also enjoy the flashcard function if I'm in a time crunch. I owe it to Quizlet for my success in high school.

Quizlet is an Incredible Tool for Learning and Studying.

Quizlet has been a very helpful program when it comes to education. It’s an incredibly convenient way to learn vocabulary and terms, it has many methods of learning that helps me stay focused and engaged. And it allows for me to gather lots of information in one place so that I can better comprehend it. Quizlet makes Studying and Education much more effective and enjoyable.

Quizlet Scores

Quizlet is an essential studying tool that enables many to be able to do well on a test and increase their GPA. I've used it many times as a final studying technique before midterms and finals. I would recommend it to anyone from high school through college.

Exceptional and Varied Study Applications

I have been using Quizlet for a few years now. Not only is this app excellent preparation for a vocabulary quiz of any subject, it accommodates your learning style! There are options for both auditory and visual learners to improve their knowledge intake of the provided information. The website style is also very visually appealing and easy to use. I would recommend this website for anyone who prefers using online resources rather than physical flashcards.

Good for review

Quizlet is good for memorization, reviewing topics, and learning definitions. I love that I can find sets that other people made as well as make my own sets to learn from. However, I typically only use it as a review tool rather than a learning tool.

An Amazing Study Resource

Quizlet is super helpful, especially for those classes that require you to know a lot of terminologies. They have everything from flashcards to quizzes to help you review. Quizlet helped me so much in AP Psychology and helped me really grasp terms.

Easy, simple, and totally worth it!

I've used Quizlet in almost every class, whether for vocabulary terms, studying for a test, or just trying to learn something random! I love how easy it is to navigate and use. You can even share it with friends from the same class or with the same interests. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a good study tool!

Very useful

It helps you with anything you need. It"s a great resource for studying for a test or assignment you have coming up and it has many interactive ways to help you if you don't like one way.

Helpful Study Tool for All Ages

Quizlet has been helpful for me all throughout high school and I can see it being useful as I continue my academic journey to college and beyond. You are able to not only create your own flashcard sets to study but you can also study other users' sets as well.

Usually Useful

I love to use Quizlet for studying things like vocabulary, but it's not at all useful for studying math, history, or writing. If there is a possibility of more than one answer to a question, or if you don't have the questions ahead of time, this is not the right tool for you. If you are studying vocab, or your teacher has given you the questions and answers ahead of time, then this is the perfect tool for you.

Pretty Good!

There are a lot of good features this app has for memorization, however, I would say that it is probably best for memorization and not so much for overall learning and understanding material.


If you're taking any memory-intensive class right now, Quizlet is a must-have. There is no other easier way to memorize things in the long-term OR last minute! They are known for their digital flashcards, though they also have a "Learn" mode that automatically sorts through and test your brain retention capability! I forgot to study for a test one day and the next morning I used learn mode and got a 97%! I'm not recommending to procrastinate till last-minute with this app, but it is a great tool to have when learning.

Super Helpful!

I can always rely on Quizlet to help me find the answers that I need for my assignments.

Convenient and helpful

Quizlet is not the tool for every class or every topic. It's excellent for language learning, memorization, vocabulary, and hammering terminology into your brain. There are different features that can tailor to your learning style. There are little games if you're into that kind of thing and Quizlet live is a fun classroom activity based on Quizlet sets. So far, I've had a pleasant experience with Quizlet. I appreciate being able to make my own sets, share them with others, and see the sets that others have made. It's worth looking into, but don't rely on it too much because it is meant to be a supplemental resource (not a substitute for learning).

Very helpful

Very helpful in learning English or creating your flashcards. It also has the option to do a Quizlet live kind of like Kahoot but with teams.

Worth The Hype

Quizlet is a great way to go paper-free with flashcards and to be able to study on-the-go/wherever you are. It is not a tool meant to develop creative or critical thinking but rather for retention and memorization purposes. I recommend Quizlet to be used for understanding key terms in various information-heavy subjects, such as psychology or language classes, but not for making connections between topics. Overall, Quizlet has its limitations, but as long as that's recognized, I don't foresee any reason not to use such a tool; creating flashcards has never been easier.

Mostly Useful

Quizlet is an excellent resource if you need to practice learning terms and definitions. It is fun, easy to use, and reinforces information well. It has numerous features that help both auditory and visual learners. However, it has its limits. It will not do much to help you develop critical thinking and reasoning skills. If you need to memorize a lot of material, however, it is very helpful.

The Study Secret Weapon!

I love Quizlet. It's been my go-to resource for exam prep for years. I find it really hard to learn from a textbook, and Quizlet's interactive approach is faster, more fun, and improves my memory.

Amazing Study Tool

I always use this when studying because there are so many different sets out there as resources for you to use. I create my own as well so I have all the pieces I need to study.