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Quizlet helps you master any subject through flashcards, games, and more. It breaks down complex subjects into small, interactive steps that help you improve retention and make studying fun. 90% of students who use Quizlet get better grades.

Why we love it
It's so much easier to understand complex concepts through interactive study than through textbooks. Quizlet should be the secret weapon in every student's arsenal.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at Bold.org
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at Bold.org

What Students Say

1707 reviews

Super helpful

I have used Quizlet for more than a year, it helps you study without the need of throwing away paper flashcards!

Easy to navigate, organized, cool studying features

I always use Quizlet weeks before a test and it helps me memorize basic facts by using the spaced repetition studying method. Some features, like practice tests and games, are also good, active learning methods that are key to doing well on a test.

Helpful and lifesaving

I use Quizlet whenever there are terms or concepts that I need to memorize. It has maximized my college experience.

Best Way to Study

I love making my own Quizlets because writing the information out helps me to engage with it. And when I don't have time to make my own, it's super easy to find a pre-made set!


I use Quizlet all the time. It is very resourceful, and it is a great way to study and learn new things all at the same time.


Quizlet is literal the best way to study for a test. I’ve been using Quizlet since I was in middle school and it is an absolute life saver.


Quizlet is always there when you need to study the day before a test or weeks in advance. I always go to Quizlet when I need to study for any class.


I use Quizlet all the time. It's especially great for cramming the night before.

I absolutely Love quizlet

I love Quizlet because it always helps with cram studying and just regular old studying for anything. You can create your own Quizlets or take other people's Quizlets.

A real lifesaver

Quizlet is literally the only reason I graduated high school. It is so easy to study off of this site and the many other users makes it even easier to find flash cards that you need.

Quizlet is super helpful

Quizlet assisted my classmates and me many times during our undergrads!

Quizlet is amazing

Quizlet was introduced to me freshman year of high school and I’ve used it ever since. It makes studying easier and fun if you can believe it. I’ve used it to make flash cards for tests, quizzes, and vocab. You can find virtually anything on there to study made by peers and students.

Great Student Resource!!

I really like this app! It has helped me a lot throughout high school. It’s great for studying and making your own flashcards! You’d be even search for specific topics you want to learn!

Best friend

I use this for every class, it's a great way to make a study guide!

I love it

Quizlet has changed the way I study. It is the most helpful tool I have ever used. Quizlets flashcards and games make it easier for me to learn.

The greatest Life savor

Quizlet has helped me in many subjects, like Spanish, English, and medical terminology. The pre-made sets are really helpful when you're in a time crunch, and making your own sets are also super easy.

Powerful Study Tool

Quizlet has helped me study both vocab for language courses and terminology for classes within my major. Simple to use, with many games and ways to customize your studying experience.

Wonderful Study Tool!

I love using Quizlet. It really helps you study for exams and is helpful for looking for answers. You have to be careful not to plagiarize by using the answers given, but it’s a great study tool.

I love Quizlet

Quizlet has got to become my favorite website to use for anything possible. It is such an assistant in my life.

Its Awesome

This app, Quizlet, is a great go-to, quick study type of website. It helped me so may time, almost all the time. And to make matters better it's free.

Very accurate

This site has helped me with a lot of classes. I use it to help me study and it basically summarizes everything that I have learned in a course and quizzes me on it. I love it!

Best of the best

Quizlet help me prepare for things that I never thought could help me succeed.

Easy and simple studying

Quizlet is a classic. I used Quizlet all through middle school, high school, and college and I've never found a study tool or website that I've liked more than Quizlet. It is simple and straightforward, easy to navigate, and offers several different study methods!

Life Saver

Quizlet has been a constant go to for me throughout high school. It helps me memorize a ton of information within a short time period. This app has definitely been my saving grace.


Quizlet has so many different features to help you study including flashcard, spelling, tests, etc. This helped me out a lot during exams and midterms. Quizlet also allows you to create your own flashcards and test to your specific topic.

So Helpful

I've used Quizlet most of my high school life, it's saved me so much time and really helped me study.

A Life Saver

If you ever need a tool for memorization, this is it! Especially useful in classes whose curriculum are more fact based. Their study tool helped me so much when it came to foreign languages. A great app for anyone who’s looking for a study aid.

So Helpful

This has helped me on countless occasions when I needed to last-minute study.

Targets Memory

In a simple, efficient way, Quizlet targets the brain so that only the information needed is learned-no distractions! Great study resource.

Life saver

I can't even count how many times I've relied on quizlet to help get me through a history or chemistry test. Quizlet is one of the big reasons that ease my studying for school!

Quizlet is a lifesaver!

Quizlet has helped me throughout high school to make flashcards and use their "Learn" feature to study for tests. I have no doubt that Quizlet will continue to help me in college as well.

Great for Memorizing Lists of Terms

I've used Quizlet for several years. It's helped with high school, particularly with things such as history terms, names, and dates. Highly recommended!


Throughout my high school experience, I had to tackle a lot of tough classes such as college level psychology, economics, and humanities and other advanced classes when I was just a freshmen starting out. I wasn't necessarily smart or gifted I actually tried taking a gifted test but didn't reach the required marks to be considered as such. With all that being stated, the reason I was able to achieve such high marks and stands out with taking such high-level classes is that I had to work a bit harder than my more talented or gifted peers. Not to say I did perfect in school, but with Quizlet, it gave me a fighting chance to survive high school horrific tests and workload with GPA colleges love. So for that Thanks Quizlet for helping through the struggle of high school and might call on you again in college 'cause you're amazing.

An absolutely necesity!

You just seriously need to try using it! It helps you retain information better and make better study habits!

It’s Awesome

It really helped me out through high school and will in college, especially the flash cards.


This app has helped me study for so many test and quizzes it has also help me as a place where I can put my flashcards without losing them.

Great Study Product

I have used Quizlet to make flashcards since high school and can not say enough good things about this product. It is easy to use and makes a huge difference in my studying.


I have been using Quizlet since the beginning of third grade. It has helped me study for tests and is fun!

Awesome Service

This has bailed me out on multiple occasions, particular AP Psychology tests and French class. Super easy to learn on and a great format for anyone.

It is Amazing!!

This app has helped me study for so many tests! It has EVERYTHING.

The Best Study Tool

Hand-written note cards take forever to write, but Quizlet makes it easy! Super helpful for remembering terms for AP.


This app is my go to when studying or even just review a topic. You can find anything you are looking for on here and there’s a variety of options to fit your studying style! This is an amazing app and there’s no app like it.

Very helpful

I recently got a job in the healthcare field. I currently work as a medical scribe. Before I got hired, I had to study a lot of terminology, and Quizlet was there for me. The website had more information than the material given by the tutors. It was great!!!


Quizlet is really helpful to students and teachers. Students could use it to study or do homework. Teachers could also us it to help the students with tests or quizzes.

Quizlet is an Amazing Resource in Class!

I find Quizlet to be an effective and easy resource to use in class or out of class. The various features are great for remembering terms and phrases. I love to use Quizlet for my Spanish class as it allows me to remember the new vocabulary in a way that is quick but efficient!


Great way to organize your notes and study on-the-go.

Overall it's an amazing tool for studying for anything from exams to interviews

I've used this app to study for AP tests, get ready for a Scrum Master certification test and SAT tests. It's been amazing due to the diversity and usability of many of the sets that users can make. It's free and user friendly is a great tool for every user.

Saved my grades

I totally recommend using Quizlet. It has single-handedly saved me from failing many times.

Fun and Easy

This is great when you don’t want to spend money on index cards or when you need to loan your study material out.


I love Quizlet. I use it for several subjects- Chemistry, German, and History. It is easy for my friends and I to share study guides and interact with each other! I love Quizlet and probably wouldn't have passed my classes without it!

Always handy

For not having pro resources, the normal default settings is just as helpful to learn to the greatest capacity!

Very Helpful

This website has helped me throughout almost all of my high school academic endeavors. The notes are created by students pike me who are determined to pass their classes. I find the additional features like the gravity game to be helpful when studying.

Incredibly Useful

I use Quizlet to study for almost any test I've had since 7th grade and it's helped me memorize anything and everything i need to know. You can make your own study set or use someone else's if you're in a pinch. 10/10


A super amazing resource for students when studying, fun and easy to use. Great features that are free.

Perfect for Studying!

This is so helpful for studying vocabulary for all my classes. Highly recommend. It's easy to navigate and has helped me since I was in middle school!

A More Practical Way for Students to Study

I have been using Quizlet since the beginning of middle school, whether it was for a simple biology test, or even a spelling bee with thousands of words to study! With interactive studying tools, like games and learning features, it makes me study, even when I am having a bad day or unmotivated. I would not have gotten the amount of good grades I have received on tests without Quizlet.


This site has helped me organize information to study since middle school! It’s practical, easy to use, and a great tool for students!

So easy to use

I love how it easily allows you to make flashcards to study and gives you tests and even a game to help you practice. I also love how you can look up others for help and it has certainly helped me.


I think Quizlet is a great source to study with. I love using it for vocabulary tests.

Great for studying!

I’ve been using Quizlet flash cards to study for years! They have EVERYTHING!


I used Quizlet all four years that I took French and it helped me so much! Using the flash cards really helped me to study the what I was learning and get in into my head!


I've used Quizlet for everything from tests at school to my driver's license test. It's so useful and easy!


I’ve used Quizlet for years in various school subjects, and it always helps me prepare for tests/quizzes. I love the variety of study methods it gives, and it is an easy way for me to study with friends.

Use it

Quizlet has always been my go to when i needed help. I'd use it for studying and classwork. It usually helps double check my answers and I completely trust it.


Quizlet comes in handy all the time when I have test/quizzes. It is super easy to use and is really nice because you can customize your own questions and answers; plus, you are saving paper!

Super Helpful!!

I use Quizlet for all of my studying needs. I've been using it since freshmen year of high school and it's helped me pass many tests.

Such a great resource!

I love using this source for quizzes, tests, and even preparation for shows to memorize lines!


It's the perfect online flashcard website. Not only can you make convenient and helpful flashcards, but you have access to hundreds of thousands of other study resources and flashcards.

Amazing Study Tool

Quizlet is an amazing way to study pretty much anything! Not only can you make your own flashcards but you can find flashcards that are already made if you don't have the time to make your own!

Super helpful

I have been using this for years and I always get A's with it.

Great Study Tool

I've used Quizlet for years and it's my favorite study tool, especially for vocabulary or facts!

Great way to prepare for any quiz, test, mid-term, and final.

This app helped me pass many test and even an AP Exam.

One of the best resources for literally anything

Quizlet is how I survived middle school and how I am thriving in high school. I've used it for Spanish tests, vocabulary, history tests, you name it, Quizlet can do it.

Great Study Tool

Quizlet is the perfect place to study vocabulary terms, and/or anything you could put on flash cards.

Love it!

Honestly, it's so helpful in studying and I love how they have different ways you can review.

Quizlet is a Go-To for students!

Quizlet is a very efficient and quick way to get in studying for any class, especially last-minute studying or review. I have used quizlet many times throughout high school, and it has never failed me once. It is easy to access, make quizzes on your own, or explore previously made quizzes that already exist.

Very Helpful

Quizlet is a very help and great resource to use in case of any struggles you are having.

My favorite study tool!

This has helped me get really good grades.

Easy and Organized!

Quizlet has been such a key study tool for my tough classes! there are so many ways to study off of the app for all types of learning styles! i will always recommend this app to anyone in need of a an awesome study tool!

Great studying method!

It’s super easy and it’s very helpful for materials you wanna learn. There’s different methods they provide you to help memorize what you’re studying, and it’s super effective.

Super Easy and Helpful!!

Quizlet is super helpful while studying for quizzes or tests! Simply typing the material down onto flashcards helps you memorize them and if you're in a rush on studying there might even be flashcards already made for your subject!

Best Study Hack

I have used Quizlet as long as I can remember and it has always been extremely helpful to me, no matter the subject.

My Savior

I have used Quizlet every time I need help with a subject I'm struggling with. Quizlet is fun and easy to use.

Excellent Study Tool

I have been using this resource since the beginning of high school. This too is great in that it allows for recall and review on specific subject matter.

Well organized and helpful

They have many tools to help you study the sets. There is a set everything and making one yourself is very simple.


Quizlet had literally gotten my through high school!


Super helpful when it comes to vocabulary! Love the mini-games that are available.

An AMAZING study guide and help for assignments, test, etc.

This is an amazing website (and it's now an app!) that helps you learn or get better at the material you are learning! It helps with all curriculum, and it doesn't leave out any type of learners!


I have used Quizlet since high school. I love studying with flashcards, but I go through them so quickly when I make them by hand. Quizlet is a great way to get that same studying experience without having to waste paper. I love the different studying games to help you learn the information in your study set.

Quizlet is great!

I have been using Quizlet for years now! I love the ability to make flashcards that you literally have with you always. I have the app on my phone for easy access! Highly recommend.

Love Quizlet!

Quizlet has helped me prepare for most tests I’ve taken so far in high school. It’s very user friendly and simple.

I love it!

I love Quizlet. I can make my own study sets to use and share, or I can search for sets other people have made. It is very easy to use. I highly recommend using Quizlet to study.


I have been using Quizlet since middle school and this is hands down the best study tool out there. I can not stress enough how useful it is. I have been able to save time and money by studying on Quizlet.

Good for Studying

I have used Quizlet throughout all of high school and I love it. It’s a great resource for studying and reviewing and it easy to access and use.


I've been using this in my educational career for as long as I can remember and honestly, I have no regrets. I can't imagine there being a person who DOESN'T use Quizlet already, but if you don't: it's worth it!!

Quizlet saves you

I use Quizlet to study for all of my exams. It is really a lifesaver in so many ways!

Great for Spaced Memorization

It allows me to start studying well in advance of the exam and keep studying up until the exam!

Best way to study!

When my teachers first introduced us to Quizlet, my first thought was "That's pretty dumb. I have to do all that work just to study. I'm never using this again.". Well, those thoughts have changed. As I used Quizlet more and more, I started to enjoy using it. The study tools on the website are so much more fun to study with than studying from just a piece of paper with highlighted terms. 10/10 recommend for any student!

Amazing resource!

Quizlet is super easy to use and it's definitely my go-to resource for flashcards!

Most helpful tool in high school

This helped me so much throughout high school to study on my phone before tests. I made so many custom Quizlets and shared them with my class plenty of times and it greatly helped us all.


Quizlet offers a great alternative to writing out flashcards. Their decks are easy to type out, save, and use when at home studying or on-the-go!

Amazing Educational tool

This program is great! It allows you to study for upcoming tests and quizzes in guaranteeing an A+.

Super helpful!

Quizlet is super easy to use and a great way to study for any test or exam!

Great for memorizing vocabulary

I used this app for memorizing Spanish vocabulary and it cut my study time in half. Highly recommend.

Super Easy

I've used Quizlet many times in highschool and College. It is literally my go-to site to quiz myself when I don't have a classmate to quiz me. It absolutely saved me on my Human Anatomy final.


I honestly didn't think much of it at first, but then, it was so much fun. My Spanish teacher used it all the time and it was a great review.

I LOVE Quizlet

Quizlet has helped me find useful study guides and has helped me with vocabulary terms I have had to study. My school uses Quizlet for almost every class and I am very happy I was introduced to it because my grades would probably be lower without it.

Super helpful! I use it for everything!

This website/app has helped me learn so many things, and is always my first go to in order to study for tests!

Great for World Languages and History

I've been using Quizlet to learn Spanish and history since middle school. The quiz and game functions make it so easy to learn new things. I definitely recommend this app.

The absolute best

Quizlet is the best platform for studying since the format is through flashcards, so you're able to see important info in a concise manner.

Amazing Study Site

Using Quizlet has helped improve my grade significantly after using it for a while. It a great method to help study for upcoming quizzes and exams for subjects you might struggles with.


I love Quizlet. It helps you to study and you can find all sorts of resources on it.

Super fun!

Quizlet is a fun way to commit those pesky tedious details to memory in no time!


Quizlet is a super helpful website/app for studying new vocabulary, and it's all FREE! There are so many ways to memorized words in Quizlet like games, exams, flashcards. QUIZLET IS GREAT.