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Quizlet helps you master any subject through flashcards, games, and more. It breaks down complex subjects into small, interactive steps that help you improve retention and make studying fun. 90% of students who use Quizlet get better grades.

Why we love it
It's so much easier to understand complex concepts through interactive study than through textbooks. Quizlet should be the secret weapon in every student's arsenal.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at Bold.org
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at Bold.org

What Students Say

5292 reviews

Helpful study tool

I've used this greatly throughout junior high and high school and it has helped me understand terms I'd previously struggled with.

great studying tool!!

I believe that Quizlet lets students efficiently create and study flashcards, mc tests, and more!! Definitely recommend!!!

Always been my favorite

A teacher introduced me to this, and ever since I have been using it for all my classes. I just search the topic I need and I immediately find perfect flashcards from other students and teachers.

Great for all your flashcard needs

I used this a lot in my spanish class, and it made learning the new grammar very easy.

Great Resource for Studying and Learning

I've been using Quizlet since freshman year of high school, and It has helped my grade countless times. Not only is it good for studying for tests, it is also great for learning. I've used it to learn new terms and concepts in classes and it has helped me remember the information in a clearer way. Quizlet provides a simple, easy to use dashboard with multiple features, for however you need to learn. There are multiple ways to learn flashcards, and different games as a fun way to learn and study. Overall, Quizlet is worth your time and effort to at least try it to test out if it works for you, and it most likely will.

Great for Studying

Quizlet is great for studying for quizzes and exams. I usually make good grades, but Quizlet has still managed to improve my good grades. Not only can I study others flashcards, but I can also make my own. If you are looking for the perfect studying tool, I would definitely use Quizlet.

Love it! Just would love for more user friendliness!

This site is what helped me get through a lot of classes. I would study all morning and night on this app in order to pass any of my tests. It helped with chemistry, biology, spelling, Spanish, anatomy and physiology, and so many other tough college level courses I have taken. The only issue is that on a mobile device it is difficult to use. I wish it was easy because mobile devices are always around so you can study anytime.

Only flashcards you will need

If you do not have the money or time to get on paper flashcards, these are the perfect alternative. They give you great customization when building flashcards, and flashcards are not their only services. They provide test, matching and quizlet live which lets you compete others in memorizing terms.


This is saving my life in AP Psych… It’s also really great for studying foreign languages. I’ve never had to make my own study flashcards!

Quizlet helps me study my vocab.

I use Quizlet to study for vocab because the games help you memorize the material. I also use the Learn choice or the Spell choice on Quizlet to help me figure out how to spell the words and learn the definitions.