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Learn a new language as you browse the web. Toucan will teach you Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, and Japanese without ever opening a textbook. It only takes two clicks to install Toucan for FREE!

1 min to install
Why we love it
I love how Toucan helps me learn vocabulary by replacing words throughout my internet browsing so I can learn without even realizing I'm doing it.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at Bold.org
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at Bold.org

What Students Say

89 reviews

Great for learning!

I have learned countless new words and I love this extension!


This is a very fun extension. It's very easy to install and is not distracting while reading what's on the screen. It's nice to learn new vocabulary and review vocabulary I already know while reading articles for school or for personal reasons. It's easy to turn on and off. It's a great reinforcement for vocabulary and overall fun.

Love the idea!

I have been interested in learning Japanese especially recognizing katakana characters but always fell short by memorizing only the main hiragana characters. Now I can actually see the words implemented in use on my screen. Not only can I figure out the pronunciation of the words, I get to have a chance to read it first by myself, verify the romanization, hear the romanization, and then learn it again and again as needed. I think it is super cool for any language learner to try out. It is relatively easy to turn on and off.

Easy to Use

It is super easy to use! It switches the perfect amount of words to another language on the browser. I especially love the voice feature!

Love it!

I love Toucan, it helps me work on my basic French vocab, all while scrolling through websites. I love how it has off buttons, where you can turn the translations off for an hour or so, and that you can choose the number of words that get translated. One thing I don't like as much is that the words they change sometimes don't fit grammatically. Other than that, it's a great plug-in and I really recommend it!

Pretty cool!

The plugin turns random words on any page you visit into the language you are learning. It is excellent for nouns thus far, but I am not too keen on letting the plugin translate an entire paragraph.

Great for beginners learning vocabulary

This is a handy little browser extension for learning vocabulary if you're a beginner in the language. It's effective in that regard. It was easy to install and use. It's not effective in overall language learning, however, which takes syntax into consideration.

It's decent

I think it's decent to learn some words but it is an automated translator so, like google translate, there will be errors. I know this because I tested it out with Spanish, and Spanish is my first language so I know when it's not very accurate.

Very helpful

I think this is a very helpful tool for people who hope to learn a new language. It is very user-friendly and fun to use. You can hover over a translated words and it provides is definitions as well. Definitely check it out. My only qualms about this service is that there are not enough complex words for intermediate learners.

Fun Way To Learn

I love the way this app integrates Spanish into text online. I learn a plethora of new words every day while simultaneously doing work.