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Learn a new language as you browse the web. Toucan will teach you Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, and Japanese without ever opening a textbook. It only takes two clicks to install Toucan for FREE!

1 min to install
Why we love it
I love how Toucan helps me learn vocabulary by replacing words throughout my internet browsing so I can learn without even realizing I'm doing it.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at Bold.org
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at Bold.org

What Students Say

490 reviews

I Enjoy Using Toucan

As it switches words from your web browser into the language you're learning, it helps to you pause & learn, or pause and review. No downsides to this extension.

Helps me maintain my french!!

They say that if you don't practice, you'll lose your language skills. I find that to be true. It's been a couple years since I last had a French class, but with this extension, I see french popping up in my daily life. I practice my vocabulary, and it keeps that part of my brain working!

So far so good!

Just downloaded Toucan through bold.org and I really like the concept! I just finished college Spanish last year and my knowledge is already faded from that class. This will hopefully help me brush up on some of my Spanish!

Pretty Great

This extension is useful when in the beginning of learning a language, and it improves your understanding of the grammar of that language.

Makes learning easy

I love this app because it makes learning a new language a breeze and doesn't take much effort to learn new words.

It is a nice integration

This tech allows your learning to be immersive. It takes your daily actions on the web and turn them into any language you may want to learn. At times it is a bit wonky but I like it!

Easy and Fun

So far, I really like it! I like being able to learn a new language in chunks while I am just doing the things on my computer that I do anyway. I think this is an awesome resource for people who are super busy and not able to dedicate a lot of time to learning a new language right now but still have the desire. It isn't going to make you fluent, but it is definitely going to help you be immersed in a language in bite-sized chunks to help in your comprehension!

Love learning a new language

I found out that my family is from Japan, now I can learn a new language while browsing the web.

Love it

This app helps me understand alot of different languages as well as help m with communication . I stuggle a lot with pronunciation but this app helps me a lot with understanding my errors and getting confident and better .


It helps to make learning a language easy. Would recommend to everyone learning a new language