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Learn a new language as you browse the web. Toucan will teach you Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, and Japanese without ever opening a textbook. It only takes two clicks to install Toucan for FREE!

1 min to install
Why we love it
I love how Toucan helps me learn vocabulary by replacing words throughout my internet browsing so I can learn without even realizing I'm doing it.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at Bold.org
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at Bold.org

What Students Say

1438 reviews

Pretty Good!

It's useful for learning knew words you don't know without having to open a dictionary or translator

Pretty Good

It helped me get through my Spanish classes.


I've never felt confidence in learning a new language but toucan helped me concentrate and learning more about different kinds of languages. Its truly incredible!


I often forget its on and only notice when there’s a word i don’t know. I think the practice questions could be better but its a very unique way to learn a language! Im worried about it joining babbel and becoming a paid service

Pretty good

It helped me learn Spanish on the side when working online. It let me go at my own speed and pace.

Love it!

Honey is so useful! Even when there aren't discounts available it's so nice to see it search through possible ones so you have the reassurance that you're getting the best price. It's cash back features are also nice.

I learn Arabic easier

It makes my experience of learning Arabic easier. Would definitely recommend to students or anyone trying to learn a new language.

Very creative way to learn, but not the best way to learn.

I grew up bilingual speaking English and Spanish and am trying to learn French. I like the creativity of Toucan's model, but the claim that it will "teach you" a language might be misleading to someone who's never learned a language before. You'll learn some, for sure, but it's generally very obscure and random vocabulary words that aren't super helpful in everyday conversation. Also, it has no way of taking the context into consideration and will give a translation that doesn't fit what I'm reading, which is pretty distracting. I have found it glitches at times but it's not too bad especially because it's pretty easy to toggle on and off. I am keeping it installed because I kinda like the randomness of it, but it would certainly be more helpful to some who already has a decent level in the language and is looking to learn the more of the obscure vocab.

Mostly helpful... different

Interesting way to learn a language. It almost felt like a language "takeover" sometimes though. Not just a basic drill.

Does what it says, but can be intrusive

This app translates random words on your browser into your language of choice. If you're a language major, your job involves translation, or you are just super into language-learning, this is the app for you. Otherwise, you might get annoyed at the constant intrusions, the random bright and untranslated text, and the overall inconvenience and distraction it presents to those not focused on learning a language. It does help you learn terminology over time by gradually ramping up the amount of text in your language of choice. A unique and educational online service!
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