Greenlight Card Review 37 Reviews

Greenlight card brings debit cards to kids in a way that works for the whole family. With automated allowance, spending alerts, and shared savings goals, families can teach financial responsibility in a safe and supported way.

Why we love it
Greenlight Card is great for families who want to give their children financial independence and teach valuable financial lessons from a young age.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at

What Students Say

37 reviews

Awesome card!

Excellent for someone's first card! My parents gave me this card for my first birthday, and it's really useful since you can check how much you have via an app that allows many users to access it.

Learning to Bank

The Greenlight debit card was a wonderful first card for me. I was able to have a bit of financial independence while learning to balance a budget with guidance from my parent.

A good first card

My school recommended using these to pay for lunches last year, and it was simple and easy to use, even for the freshmen. It helps families keep track of their kids' spending, which is definitely a plus.


This is great for a person's first card! This is what my parents got me for my first card, and it is very handy because there is also an app where you can look at how much you have, and multiple people can have access to the app.

Works well

My entire family uses greenlight cards and they're very helpful when trying to manage money for all five of us. We get chore money and three of us have jobs so most of our money gets put into a savings account and the rest goes onto our cards. It helps our parents track our spending habits so they can teach us about handling our money and it allows our parents to quickly send gas money or money for emergencies.