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Greenlight card brings debit cards to kids in a way that works for the whole family. With automated allowance, spending alerts, and shared savings goals, families can teach financial responsibility in a safe and supported way.

Why we love it
Greenlight Card is great for families who want to give their children financial independence and teach valuable financial lessons from a young age.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at

What Students Say

58 reviews

Good for children

I would say a debit card from your bank is better if you have a part time job, but for young teens it works well, making it easy for parents to transfer money.

Great for Kids and teaching them about finances

I have a debit card for each of my 3 children. They get money randomly for different things like chores, family gifts for birthdays and holidays and it's all really convenient! They then get to go to the stores and spend what they want or keep saving for something bigger! We love it!

Go through your local bank and take a secured credit card instead

This will actually impact your credit more negatively and have a higher interest rate than a secured card at your local bank.

Very Good!

Me and my sister use this and its great.Very easy to use and great way for parents to transfer money easily. like venmo for kids.

Easy for kids

My younger sister and brother use these cards and it has helped out my parents a lot. Instead of having to run out and get cash every time a chore is completed, they can send it to them on their Greenlight Cards


Great tool for kids and easy parent supervision. Wish I had this when I was younger


I've used greenlight now for almost two years- is super convenient, love the tips the app provides and makes sharing money with my parents super easy!


The debit card is awesome! Giving kids the responsibility of money while keeping them safe by parent monitoring. Great creation! Love it!


Good tool for parents to use for their younger kids if they need a debit card.

My first debit card.

I had the greenlight card for about a year now and it has worked well for me. It's super easy to add money on and is able to be used across all platforms. I honestly never even carry the physically card around since I have the card connected to my phone. The app also has other settings like location sharing so you can see your parents location and vice versa. My little brother's eleven and just got one and it seems to be going well so far.
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