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The average Pillar user saves $6,200, and the app is completely free. Pillar tracks all of your spending and loans in one place, notifying you whenever you have an opportunity to save money on your loans. It makes the complicated world of student loans dead-simple.

Why we love it
Pillar is like having self-driving loans. The free app does all the thinking for you, making your loans easy and saving you thousands in the process.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at Bold.org
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at Bold.org

What Students Say

164 reviews

ui is confusing

UI is hard to read for someone with vision impairment

I'm a high school student, but my mom loves it...

I don't shop much yet, but my mom has been using it and so far so good.

Do it!

Having an app help you save money is awesome because we humans sometimes forget to do it ourselves. Go ahead and give it a shot!

Great Resource With Even Better Results.

Pillar is a great source that tracks all of your loans spending and alerts you when you have an opportunity to save more. It's very convenient and is great for anyone who needs to organize their loans and spending.

Useful tool

It is a good idea but it was very glitchy and hard to understand.

Not Bad

Easy to follow and understand. However, a little glitchy when clicking the links? Not sure if this is just my browser or not. Other than that, not bad!

Very Reliable

This app is very helpful. as an athlete, I am always striving to improve each and every day. With this app, I can check up on my cycling goals.

Save on Student Loans

Pillar offers a platform to help those with student loans pay off their loans sooner. By evaluating a student's spending and their student loans as well as analyzing their income, Pillar gives students ideas to save more money and reduce their loan balances. In fact, the average borrower can save several thousand dollars, which takes a few years off their repayment schedule if the student follows Pillar's strategies.

Loan Information

Great information about different types of loans.

Easy to Understand

This is easy to understand and helps you find the best options to pay for college.