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The average Pillar user saves $6,200, and the app is completely free. Pillar tracks all of your spending and loans in one place, notifying you whenever you have an opportunity to save money on your loans. It makes the complicated world of student loans dead-simple.

Why we love it
Pillar is like having self-driving loans. The free app does all the thinking for you, making your loans easy and saving you thousands in the process.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at Bold.org
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at Bold.org

What Students Say

179 reviews

Great resource!

Pillar is an excellent resource that keeps tabs on all of your loan expenses and notifies you when there's room for further savings. For anyone who wants to arrange their debts and expenditures, it's quite handy.

A great tool

Pillar is a great tool for helping to track spending and compare income to loans. It is a major help when it comes to creating and sticking to a budget.

Great Resource

Helps students to monitor, build and grow their finances.

Very Useful!

I like that it tracks my spending to show how much money I waste every month.

So ueseful

This is such an amazing tool that allows me to effectively manage my time and focus on what is important to me. I highly recommend this for any students out there.

Acquired To Help Scale Acorns Smart Deposit

Pillar was acquired by Acorns to integrate its IP and technology into its Smart Deposit banking feature to help the scale of its users investing automatically when making deposits. With the Smart Deposit feature, you can choose what percentage of your deposit goes to the different investment options and/or an emergency fund.