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The average Pillar user saves $6,200, and the app is completely free. Pillar tracks all of your spending and loans in one place, notifying you whenever you have an opportunity to save money on your loans. It makes the complicated world of student loans dead-simple.

Why we love it
Pillar is like having self-driving loans. The free app does all the thinking for you, making your loans easy and saving you thousands in the process.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at Bold.org
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at Bold.org

What Students Say

134 reviews

Amazing and easy to use like seriously

I’ve had a great experience using this site. It’s been helpful in saving money!! Definitely recommend if you’re looking to start budgeting!


It's a pretty good app, with a good UI. However, there could be an easier way to look at loans.

Good Save & Spend Device

I like how it tells me the best loan payments to make and when. I don't have many loans (or savings for that matter) just yet. But I can see how this could be a useful tool as my finances become more complicated.

Pillar Is Awesome!

Pillar Is Awesome! Pillar is so helpful with keeping track of all your loans and it’s free! Even better! Pillar is great for college students and anyone who has loans and needs to repay them. The Pillar app keeps everything in one place which makes life so simple! It organizes all your loans in one place so you know what you oee and when. Definitely try Pillar if you're forgetful or have missed payments on your accounts previously.

Perfect Management

Pillar allowed me to control and keep track of my savings in one place. Is an incredible tool for people who do not have a lot of experience with managing money.

Awesome loan management

Pillar is super helpful with keeping track of all your loans! It’s a free app which is great for college students and those who need to repay loans. This app keeps all your loans in one place so you know exactly what you owe and helps you pay each loan monthly.

Beginner Friendly

As an adult, keeping track of all of your expenses and loans can be difficult and overwhelming. Pillar can help lighten the load by tracking all of these things for you. It is a great tool if you are new at managing your money.


I feel the active cultivation of financial tracking and deeper literacy, especially as a student -- specially a student with loans -- will pay itself in wisdom compounded, and the concept of Pillar interests me. It indeed has a tricky user interface in regards to getting to your loan info, and if you're SUPER strapped you might not be able to make the payment suggestions it's projecting you to make in order to have such-and-such amount paid by such-and-such time period; nonetheless, any app/site regarding our financial self-awareness has its teachings to offer.

Its ok

It can be convenient to have the app figure this out for you and tell you what to do and when, however, if you don't have extra money to put towards your loans then it essentially is useless. Or that's how i see it. But if you got the money then its ok to have. Personally I don't see a reason to have it.


Pillar is a wonderful and easy way to track and manage your funds. Keeping track of your loans and money is extremely important, this app makes your you spend and save efficiently!