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Drop gets you amazing rewards on the purchases you're already making. Install their browser plugin and phone app to automatically get rewards on everything from your Postmates orders to your Lyft rides.

Why we love it
Drop is free, and automatically earns you rewards you can spend at places like Amazon, Netflix, and Starbucks. It's a great way to save money with nearly zero effort.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at Bold.org
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at Bold.org

What Students Say

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23 reviews

Cool Product

Whenever I make a purchase, I make sure to check my Drop account because the rewards are amazing. I will be using my Dunkin' Donuts Award soon.

Really helpful but can’t connect my bank

I was super excited to use it, but I tried about 30 times to connect my bank (Navy federal) and it kept giving me connection errors and not working. All my info was correct and no internet problems. But, i still think it’s really good and beneficial, just sad I can’t really use it.

Definitely Recommend

Drop is fun and creative. I use it daily to find saving while online shopping. I wish I had known about this sooner!


Drop makes it easy to earn points and redeem rewards. Regular online purchases allow you to earn points that can easily be redeemed for more items.

Great tool!

I have found Drop extremely helpful especially since I am a person that makes frequent purchases.


i really like using the chrome extension, it makes shopping and saving easier!

Simple and Handy

The extension is very easy to use and comes in handy when buying products. I have saved over 20 dollars with Drop.

Easy and useful

This allowed me to save money and it was very useful. It helped me get rewards on a purchase I made a few days ago. I would definitely recommend to people looking for a way to save money when shopping.

Helps me save tons!

I love Drop! It has been helping me save so much money and the website is super easy to use!

No effort money saving!

Saving money is effortless with Drop! Super easy and convenient for online shoppers.