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ActiVote changes how you can prepare to vote. With an easy-to-use, non-partisan app, ActiVote educates voters on important issues, when and where you can cast your vote, connects you with your elected officials, and allows you to make your voice heard by quickly answering key polling questions.

Easy App Install
Why we love it
ActiVote is a great way to get engaged and stay informed as you prepare to vote.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at Bold.org
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at Bold.org

What Students Say

51 reviews

AMAZING! voting made simple!

This truly makes voting and looking at candidates easier. It is on a platform that is easy to use and easy to help you make a choice. Everyone should use this! There are some minor bugs, and of course, you might need to do some extra digging, but it is a useful site!

Easy to use

Keeps me up to date with things going on in the world and easy to use and understand.

Helped me with my class

I am taking a government class and this app gave me all the information I needed on my local elections.

Helpful resource!

ActiVote is an innovative software that transforms how you get ready to cast your ballot. with its partisan, approachable platform.For everyone who want to remain informed and involved in the democratic process, ctiVote is a necessary tool.

Excellent Resource!

Amazing to use to be up to date on politics without having the scavenge the biasedness of pundits!

Love It

This is great. I can't wait to vote. It's nice to examine the ballot from the comfort of your home and be an informed voter.

Great for basic political information

This is an amazing creation for people who don't know much about Politics but who are looking to get involved.

Fast, simple, efficient.

Not much to say but that the app makes it really simple for the user to access all the info they need. Simple but efficient user interface.

Great Resource!

As someone who's voting for the first time, I'm glad that I have excess to a resource that explains important political topics without bias so that I can form my own opinion!

Love It

I feel like I’m more on top of elections and what’s happening. I am not voting just to vote. I’m actually voting with a purpose to make a difference.
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