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ActiVote changes how you can prepare to vote. With an easy-to-use, non-partisan app, ActiVote educates voters on important issues, when and where you can cast your vote, connects you with your elected officials, and allows you to make your voice heard by quickly answering key polling questions.

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Why we love it
ActiVote is a great way to get engaged and stay informed as you prepare to vote.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at Bold.org
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at Bold.org

What Students Say

33 reviews

A breath of fresh air

At a time when the country is so politically divided, finding non-partisan views on hot topics is difficult. As a young person preparing to vote, I'm glad to have a resource that I can count on to help me out with the process.

Voting is crucial!

But being educated on all the topics is really tough. Activote helps me feel like I am making smart voiting choices.

Great Voting Tool

A website that helps educate you on candidates so that you can make good decisions when you go to vote.

Very useful

Actually prepares you for the future and what exactly to vote for!

Activote is Essential

Please please please utilize activote! It is an amazing tool, I wouldn't change anything about it!

Eliminates bias and inaccurate information!

As a busy student, this resources helps me to stay current and receive reliable and accurate information in an objective and non-partisan way. I feel equipped and empowered with accurate information!

Useful Information

Great information about upcoming elections, nice to have everything from local town races to US President all in one place