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Dashlane securely stores and autofills all your passwords, payments, and personal info while you browse the web. With unrivaled features, a user-friendly interface, and a slick mobile app, it saves you an incredible amount of time. For busy students and young professionals, it's one of our top recommended time-savers.

Why we love it
You never quite realize how much time you waste remembering passwords until you experience Dashlane. It's user-friendly, secure, and free.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at Bold.org
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at Bold.org

What Students Say

63 reviews

Convenient and Efficient!!

I found Dashlane to be an effective way to keep track of my personal information, and this tool ensures that my privacy on the internet is NOT violated.


Great time saver and now I don't have to memorize all my passwords! Love it!


Such a time-saver, I don't have to worry about pesky papers or pulling out my phone to remember passwords anymore!

Time Saver

It's super easy to log in places now! Very helpful and secure.

Great Product, but Free Version could be better

I have Dashlane on my phone and love it since it securely stores my passwords so I don't need Chrome's password manager anymore. The 50 password limit on the free version is understandable, but it would be great to access my passwords on PC without having to un-sync it from my phone every time. Otherwise, solid product.

Super Helpful

It’s a big help to not have to remember a password for everything especially for sights with password requirements such as capital letters numbers a symbol and so on. It’s a real time saver.

Time saver

It works great, I use it on my phone and laptop and never have to remember a password for anything, it's all saved on the app.


Very secure and keeps all my passwords safe. I don't have to keep track of all my accounts on my own now!


If you have too many passwords to keep track of, this is really good for you. You won't have to go through a lot just to sign in.

Time saver!

I was once paranoid of allowing an extension to know my passwords, but Dashlane is extremely safe and so helpful when you do not want to waste time thinking of your passwords. I definitely recommend.

Saves me from making new accounts

There have been several situations in which I lose my password and must either go through a horrible process of recovering it, or make a new account. This helps prevent that and I'm pretty grateful for that.

Very helpful, big time-saver

I first found out about Dashlane through Thomas Frank, my favorite productivity YouTuber. I've never used another password manager because Dashlane satisfies all of my needs. It helps me save time by automatically filling in passwords for me, and it helps me keep my accounts secure because it remembers all my passwords for me and I don't need to use the same password for every site.

Time Saver!

If you have too many passwords to keep track of like me, this is perfect for you. No more guessing!

Clears up so much mental space.

Not having to worry about writing down your passwords or losing them has alleviated so much stress when browsing the web. It's just a few clicks and I never have to worry about a site again.


I forget my passwords all the time, and this is very helpful to stay logged in.


I've been using Dashlane for a while and it helps me keep organized. I love it.

love it

This website/app helps you remember your passwords. I would recommend this to people who tend to forget their passwords.


This is a great time saver! It will save all of your information for faster sign-in and purchases!

It's very useful!

Having Dashlane helps me keep track of all of my passwords and it's really handy seeing as I have to keep track of all of my school and personal accounts!

Seems secure

It is the only US-patented password manager, but personally, I could never trust to have all my passwords and personal information online. If someone were able to hack my account, they would have all my information.

It can be helpful

It can be helpful for people who are consistently forgetting their passwords but if someone got a hold of your account they would have all your information.

Great idea!

I am the type of person who usually uses the same password but this app has been so helpful with changing it up. I feel much more secure and it is great having all of my passwords in the same place.

can be useful

I like the idea of it, but I personally don't like saving my passwords on electronic apps like this. However, it can be extremely helpful for many students and it's worth giving it a try!


I used to write down all my login info on random pieces of paper, but Dashlane has helped me become more organized and therefore, a better student!

so useful

Before this, I had to rely on myself to save my passwords. However, I would somehow always lose them. Dashlane fixed all my problems.

Very Helpful

I have been using Dashlane for some time now and as a student, it couldn't have helped me more!


All my passwords are safely organized together, I don't have to worry about forgetting them. I would definitely recommend!

Great time saver

A great time saver. Instead of needing to remember each and every password you can securely store them on Dashlane.

Very helpful!

I always forget my passwords to everything and it's a pain having to reset them. Thankfully, I don't have to anymore! It's also trust worthy!


As a student signing up on many scholarship and loan programs, this product helps me securely manage all my passwords!


This is super helpful! As a student, having to log into a ton of different websites and apps with different passwords can be stressful, especially when it can be easy to forget them. This is an awesome resource to combat that stress.

Super helpful

This resource has helped me organize all my passwords safely. Saves a lot of time and frustration!


Dashlane is secure and helpful. It's a real time-saver. I would definitely take a look if I were you!

Very helpful

As someone who doesn't keep track of all their different accounts and passwords super well, it's great to have something like this.

Easy to Use

It's a great way to store passwords without having to remember and keep track of them.


It's a very effective way to remember and store all the passwords a person may use.


I always forget my passwords, this helps me a lot.

Very effective

I no longer forget my passwords because I no longer have to remember them in the first place! Dashlane is very effective. Sometimes crashes but my passwords feel secure.

Easy to Use

Dashlane is very user friendly and has a simple interface. It also makes my life easier and I spend less time pressing the I forgot my password link.


I love this especially when I have so many different passwords for different jobs, websites, etc. This has changed the game for me, it allows me to not have to remember every single password especially when I have so much to remember and organize in my head, with school and work both!


I use this when I'm in a rush and it's a life saver!


When in a rush, I always use Dashlane as a student. I have too many things in my mind to remember all of my passwords especially when they are long but with Dashlane, this is no longer a problem.


I work a job where I have 5 different passwords that change every 30-90 days for security reasons. I also have school passwords and normal day-to-day email passwords. This helps keep up with all those lists.


You will never have to remember a password again!

Extremely Helpful

It's easy to use and very helpful overall was really great.

Extremely helpful

Extremely helpful in remembering passwords. I was a little skeptical at first, but it is secure as mentioned.


A great time saving device everyone should make use of!

It's Good

It's a great resource since most schools are changing email passwords all the time. I rated 4 stars because of the overall privacy issue personally, but it is a great app.


After signing up for so many websites for school is hard to keep up with all the different passwords and usernames, I love this because I can easily and effortlessly sign in to everything I need too!


I believe this is a great asset and an incredible time saver!

Great Time Saver

After using my phone for countless hours and creating new passwords left and right, Dashlane was always there to help me remember a password from an account I hadn't used in months!

Very Helpful!

I have lots of different accounts for things and many different passwords. Dashlane helps me save time all the time!


Since I suck at remembering my passwords, this tool helps me a lot


Have you ever been in a rush and you're trying to quickly log into an account to check something? It is the most frustrating thing when you cannot remember the log-in that you swore was the correct one after 5 tries!!! With Dashlane, this is no longer an issue you will face. This secure and easy to use program stores all of the passwords on your phone or any device and you are just one click away from them when you need it.

Love it

I suck at remembering passwords and this helps me soooo much!


It's a simple tool that can save you a lot of time, but I don't love the startups (even with it being disablable) and I believe it can be made more efficient with less setup.

Pure Genius

I used this at my high school with the school computers because they told us to install it and it was really helpful. We used a lot of different websites with different passwords and it really made it easy to just go to the website and not have to worry about managing the password.

The Best

I don't ever need to type my passwords again. It is awesome!


So nice to store my passwords somewhere I can trust!

Great to keep your mind clear.

With the dozens of passwords needed for scholarship accounts and college applications, Dashlane is wonderful in helping me manage my accounts.

I like it

With all the different scholarship accounts, applications, and memberships this helps me keep my life straight! If you don't want to have a password book to write down in yourself, this will work.

Dashline Dashes

It's amazing how easy it is to forget passwords or run out time before class or a meeting to be able to remember and log into a sight. This app works to fix that problem and allows to not have to remember. It is very helpful for the busy and forgetful minded like myself.

Great when applying to colleges!

When applying to colleges, there's a ton of login information and email+password combinations given to you in order to see your application updates. Dashlane stored all the passwords and emails they gave to me and saved me from rummaging through my old notes to find an email that I wrote down months ago.