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TheFutureParty brings the best of the internet to your inbox every morning. You can become a curator and join the ranks of their passionate community of university students that work hard to bring the best content to the next generation of business leaders.

Why we love it
TheFutureParty helps me get the highlights about everything going on on the internet. It is entertaining and informative at the same time.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at

What Students Say

19 reviews

Tumblr 2.0

This reminds me of how the old tumblr works but without the embarrassment and the toxicity. It’s a good way to go down an inspiration rabbit hole if you are a creator.

Lovely :D

I absolutely love the diversity of topics presented by thefutureparty. I enjoy reading it and the workers here do a terrific job at putting out the best content they can.


TheFutureParty is an informational newsletter of all kinds of topics like entertainment, political, business, and trends, etc. It doesn't use a lot of images and is mostly in a list form, linking to articles by news websites. This ends up looking very compact, and mostly filled with headlines and blurbs rather than full articles. If you want a more visually pleasing and easier-to-read newsletter, go for it. TheFutureParty is not that, but it's okay.

Good variety of sources

Sometimes I have a hard time even checking the news because I feel like it's so hard to know what is fact and what's opinion. I like that this resource brings in news from a wide variety of sources, but also narrows it down for the reader into articles that are relevant and actually factual.

Ok news curation

There are a lot of "curated" newsletters available out there now. I'm not sure The Future Party is one of the best. Its ok for tech, but a lot of the news items end up being things I had already seen a day or two before, and not enough new information to be a worthwhile read.


I subscribed to this newsletter and it is extremely informative on news and events that are currently transpiring!

Wonderful Concept!

With The Future Party, I’m allowed to express my creativity to communities that are interestes in what I have to offer! I’m in love!

Valuable daily digest of trends and tech news

As a busy student, I rarely have time to read the news on news sites. Fortunately, TheFutureParty sends daily selections of major news and trends to my email. Quality content and great design.

Good Idea

So, it's definitely helpful to have a newsletter with a lot of different news and relevant things to people my age. But, with the news I see on social media, at my own college, and with other email newsletters, I don't necessarily need this one

Convenient Way To Keep Up

This collection of stories is a super easy and convenient way to keep up with what's going on in the world. It brings the most up to date stories on pop culture and the world right to you so you can be informed and follow along without having to take the time out to search around yourself or miss things.