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TheFutureParty brings the best of the internet to your inbox every morning. You can become a curator and join the ranks of their passionate community of university students that work hard to bring the best content to the next generation of business leaders.

Why we love it
TheFutureParty helps me get the highlights about everything going on on the internet. It is entertaining and informative at the same time.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at

What Students Say

41 reviews

Interesting news daily

They send you a inbox message every day and offer you the best articles and news. There also is scholarships for those who are subscribed

Informative Yet Fun

TheFutureParty has a great approach to giving information that makes it fun to read and easy to understand and follow along!


TheFutureParty is useful in staying up to date on a variety of different subjects. It provides some great talking points as well!

Great Resource

Great resource for staying on top of things in this ever-changing world. Excellent tool for the person on the go.

Absolutely Love it!

The Future Party is simply amazing! I love the perspective that it brings into my life. I really like the business section and how we are moving towards the future with doing business and everything. Highly recommend TheFurtureParty.

I am particularly fond of the layout, even in comparison to various others

The Future Party has created a really simple an engaging news letter. I would definitely recommend it to others. Even with all the other newsletters I'm subscribed to, the layout for this particular newsletter stands out and I find it to be efficient and engaging.

More Trend Than News

If I want a succinct, topical news summary, this would not be my first source. I subscribe to a couple different newsletters, and this isn't the worst by far, but it's too trendy for my tastes. There are others that are more informative and even funny.

Very interesting

The Future Party has really interesting information. Every day I look forward to reading the newsletter. That is the cool thing about it. There is never a boring read from the Future Party. The only thing that I do not like that much is how there is a lot to read every day. I feel myself getting drawn in and not wanting to actually do homework sometimes because of how interesting the articles are. Overall, I highly recommend subscribing to the Future Party, but make sure that it will not take away too much time from your priorities.

Great News Source

It’ll give you some direct news, distilled to its most important bits. It keeps you informed on the latest headlines and its engaging graphic design makes it easy to read. I only wish I had more time to read the daily letters!

My Favorite Newsletter

I really like TheFutureParty because it gives you the news from the point of view of someone in the entertainment industry. It's more about the business of entertainment, rather than just business and finance!