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Free, user-friendly discounts on your online purchases! Honey finds you the Internet's best discount codes and makes sure you never overpay. Shop like normal and when you're ready to checkout, Honey will instantly find and apply the Internet's best codes directly to your cart. It takes two clicks two install and it’s 100% free.

Why we love it
Honey is a no-brainer. It's free, works automatically, and can save you money on everything from school supplies to new textbooks. Download it in two clicks and don't look back.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at Bold.org
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at Bold.org

What Students Say

613 reviews

Good coupon app

They have pretty good deals and rewards. Just wish they had a wider variety.

Love it

I have saved so much money over the years by using Honey!

You Should Definitely Get It

Honey is really great! It's easy to install and saves you money on a bunch of different stuff. :)

Love it!

It's so easy to use in everyday life! Super helpful now that most of our shopping has turned out to be online now because of COVID :)


I really love this extension because it makes saving money through online purchases so much easier! No more having to search for coupon codes on multiple websites online, when you have it all in one place with the click of a button!

Greatly lowers online purchase cost!

This plug in will be most useful to those who shop on a lot of online retailers with their laptop or desktop! Places like Amazon, Bath and Body Works, etc.- all have useful Honey coupons.

Saves money on a lot

It doesn't always work and coupons are out of date, but for everytime, it does work it saves me money. 4 stars.


It took only a few minutes to download but it is so worth it! I shop online pretty frequently so this helps me save money!

Saves Money

Honey helps me find lots of discounts on a variety of products. Unlike many other online discount programs, Honey also provides shopping tips for certain items and brands. In some cases, the selection of stores and brands has been limited, but this has overall been very useful.

Absolutely Perfect!

Honey has saved me hundreds of dollars online shopping! It's free, easy, and it gives you cash back! I got my first $10 amazon gift card the other day and was able to save money on a purchase, all because of a free browser extension!