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Get all the benefits of Amazon Prime, free for the first 6 months! Then, enjoy exclusive deals, unlimited access to Prime movies and TV shows, and more at half the price.

Why we love it
Most students don't know that Amazon offers Prime to students for free for 6 months, with tons of additional student benefits packed in. It can make the busy life of a student so much easier.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at

What Students Say

113 reviews


I love using Amazon Prime!! It's easy, fast, and comes with great benefits for students (like Amazon Music Unlimited for only $0.99/month!! Instead of $4.99).


10/10 RECCOMEND!! Love having my prime, with a discount. ALSO I always order my books from Amazon for so much cheaper!!

Help Get Things on Time

When I used Amazon Prime it made a big difference in getting supplies on time. Not something I would need at all times but helps when I'm in college.

Helpful and Useful

Amazon Prime Student was exactly what I needed. From getting supplies during this Covid time, to binge watching shows when I needed to relax. The discount was the best part! Don't think I'll ever go back.

Great product and discount membership

I already enjoy amazon so having a student membership is just the icing on the cake. A great product and a great way to find the best-reviewed products.

Perfect for any college student!

I first got Amazon Prime Student before I moved off to college. Amazon provides 6 months of Prime free for all new members who sign up with their college email. I used prime SO much! It is so useful for all of your dorm essentials, textbooks, and literally anything else you can think of! I rent almost all of my textbooks off Amazon for the lowest prices and best deals. I continued my subscription after my 6 months free, and it is worth $7 a month. You even get free movies! I would recommend Amazon Prime Student for ANY college student!


It is great for students. You get six months free plus half off for however long you are a student. It comes with Prime Video which is nice.


I use Amazon daily, but on top of everything, I receive a student discount!

Money save for students!

I love that Amazon does this for students because it helps me save on textbooks, which you can purchase or rent! Even though the subscription is only six months, you can really use those six months to your advantage and save so much on shipping costs and have access to all sorts of products.


Everyone finds themselves using Amazon at one point or another, and addicted to the quick shipping times. Amazon prime student is great because you get the things you want and need for a great price.