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Get all the benefits of Amazon Prime, free for the first 6 months! Then, enjoy exclusive deals, unlimited access to Prime movies and TV shows, and more at half the price.

Why we love it
Most students don't know that Amazon offers Prime to students for free for 6 months, with tons of additional student benefits packed in. It can make the busy life of a student so much easier.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at

What Students Say

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Excellent discount

The student subscription service to Amazon Prime is great. Getting to save a bit of money here and there with student discounts adds up and makes a difference.

Great value!

This is a great asset to students who need things quickly, as well as getting access to prime music and video.

The pricing is great

Prime student is great for saving money and you can also get a discount on course hero from your student prime account!

Really convent for Dorm living

You can schedule things like shampoo and toothpaste to be shipped to you on a schedule so no need to worry about remembering to buy essentials

Great for amazon lovers!

A valuable resource as a busy student, has some good benefits aside from free shipping.

This Changed My Life!

I've always wanted an Amazon Prime account but it was always out of my price range. So when I became a student, I got an account and it really has changed my life! The shipping is fast and free!

Prime Changes Everything

I feel comforted by a responsible company that can deliver exactly what I need the same day with the perks of entertainment. Thank you, Amazon!

This is a great deal!

Seriously, I started my Prime Student as an undergrad and I still have it. I transitioned and I love it. So many extras it's not just free shipping anymore at all!

Great if you use it!

Amazon Prime Student is well worth the $8 each month. Having access to free shipping is wonderful and so is the access to Prime Video. I recommend this for avid online shoppers.


I love Amazon Prime; I would have it regardless of the deal. The deal makes it better!