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Get all the benefits of Amazon Prime, free for the first 6 months! Then, enjoy exclusive deals, unlimited access to Prime movies and TV shows, and more at half the price.

Why we love it
Most students don't know that Amazon offers Prime to students for free for 6 months, with tons of additional student benefits packed in. It can make the busy life of a student so much easier.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at

What Students Say

592 reviews

Mostly cons with some pros

I’ll start out by saying, yes, Amazon Prime is incredibly useful for getting things fast. In this age, especially as college students, that can be a lifesaver. However, a lot of the things on Amazon itself are overpriced. Because Amazon takes a percentage of the profit from sellers, most of them will mark the price up so they can still get profit. What I usually do is look for things on Amazon, then find the product elsewhere, usually on the business’s website. I don’t support Amazon’s ethics and how it treats its workers, though. So I try to stay off this site as much as possible.

Fast, convenient!

Tons of items, delivery is fast, and it is super user-friendly. I've had prime student for a while now and i save a ton of money on great deals. One thing that could be better is the layout.

Shipping time and student prime headaches

Does not give me the free 6-month student prime even though it said I was eligible. It only gave it to me for free for the first month. Besides that, it can be helpful except most things aren't 2-day shipping anymore. Overall, so-so.


I really love Amazon Prime Student because it made getting all my school supplies and books cheaper and faster!


This product sometimes would randomly overcharge me for the student fee, and I had to email numerous times for them to fix the issue. Please just stick to buying from other websites and support small businesses.


I use prime student to have the same access i normally would have, but for a more affordable rate. Tuition isn't cheap, and I still need to get supplies for school and use Amazon a lot.

Great shows

I recommend The boys, Invincible, The Tick, and The man in the high castle. most of those shows are about superheroes so if that's not your cup of joe disregard this.


It can be a bit pricy if you don't do much online shopping, but I love it! It's super convenient and great for ordering food, textbooks, supplies, etc.!

A necessity for a student

I love having Amazon Prime Student. I get all the features of prime plus more for less! The ease of use and the added benefits make it more than worth it. I use prime for everything from school supplies to textbooks - renting or buying. Highly recommend.

Amazon for Students

Amazon Prime Student is one of the most amazing thing for any student. All of the Prime benefits free for 6 months just by being a student. Amazon Prime Student is worth it in any way and I would completely recommend it.