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Get all the benefits of Amazon Prime, free for the first 6 months! Then, enjoy exclusive deals, unlimited access to Prime movies and TV shows, and more at half the price.

Why we love it
Most students don't know that Amazon offers Prime to students for free for 6 months, with tons of additional student benefits packed in. It can make the busy life of a student so much easier.
Dror Liebenthal
Dror Liebenthal,
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What Students Say

1600 reviews

Definitely worth it!

I use Amazon a lot for finding cheaper textbook rentals for classes and having an Amazon student account feels like a bonus savings! Highly recommend signing up.

Fast and Timely

Amazon Prime Student is affordable and perks are great! Shipping is fast and there are many amazing products out there to buy.

Budget Friendly

Amazon is already the best place to buy books and supplies, so signing up for amazon prime student only makes sense!

Student Budget Friendly

Subscription is definitely worth it with 6 free months and after at a discounted price that is student budget friendly!

Fast Shipping

Really like the faster shipping times offered by Prime student.

Affordable and fast shipping!

It's an awesome resource for college students! I recommend it! Products tend to be more affordable than in regular stores and shipping is very fast!


Amazon Prime Student is fantastic. I'm especially grateful for the 6 free months we get as a student; it was very helpful as I navigated struggling to buy the things I needed in my first year of college. I saved so much money!

Great for all

I love Amazon and it’s convenience especially with the start of school knowing that I wouldn’t have to worry about getting things when I needed them.

Very affordable

This is a great resource for students since it's so affordable and offers many services.


This is so amazing and very helpful while going to school.
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