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Get all the benefits of Amazon Prime, free for the first 6 months! Then, enjoy exclusive deals, unlimited access to Prime movies and TV shows, and more at half the price.

Why we love it
Most students don't know that Amazon offers Prime to students for free for 6 months, with tons of additional student benefits packed in. It can make the busy life of a student so much easier.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at

What Students Say

765 reviews


Amazing how Prime has been very helpful through college between the low prices and the fast shipping! I don’t know how I would get around without it.

Amazing Services

I really enjoy having a Prime Student subscription. First off, it was really nice to start off with a trial subscription so that you could get a sense of what it was like. I find myself using my student prime all the time, whether it is shipping prime items straight to my dorm or using prime video. I love this service and how accommodating it is for university students. Thanks, Amazon!

Get this now!

As a college student, you need text books on time and lower cost. Amazon is your one source of truth to get what you need, when you need it.

Great for people with busy lifes

I don't always find time in the day to shop for the things I need. Getting necessary items delivered to my door is a huge time savor.

Great for quality textbooks for lower prices!

Most colleges/universities offer textbook rentals or buyback programs, but they are so expensive. As long as you return the books on time, this is a much cheaper and often more convenient option. The condition of the books are typically pretty good. Just make sure to order the correct book if there are many options.


With Student Amazon Prime I receive free delivery from Grubhub, I get discounts on flights on top of getting my package the next day which is awesome. I get unlimited streaming of movies and TV Episodes overall LOVE IT. Would recommend. Also you can cancel anytime.

Great for when you're a student, but don't forget to budget when you're not!

As someone who took a three year break from school, I was surprised by how much Amazon Prime was once I had left school, but while you're in school it's a great deal!

Easy Way To Save On Books

While I was gathering the textbooks, I needed for my freshman year of college, I cross-compared the prices and found many of them cheaper on Amazon Prime Student. My books arrived super fast, and I can highlight them and take notes in them since I own them. There are also all sorts of decorations and helpful items on this site! I will continue to use Amazon Prime Student to find better deals and useful items.

Useful and Fun

I love the free shipping and the discounts on Amazon prime the streaming service for music and tv shows. I order from Amazon so much and this definitely comes in handy.

Really great resource for students

I love that my university made Amazon Prime for students very visible from the start because it allowed me to save a lot of time on orders throughout the years. I took multiple fine arts classes in college in addition to being in STEM and the art supply stores near me were often too expensive. I started relying more on Amazon for the speed of delivery and being able to search through different offerings so that I could save a bit of money and try some new vendors. I'm so glad that this has been a resource for me - I watch Prime video as well.