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CollegeVine helps you calculate your chances of acceptance to hundreds of colleges. Find out how likely you are to get accepted based on your GPA, test scores, and even extracurricular activities. Then, get custom recommendations for how to improve your odds – all for free.

Why we love it
CollegeVine is a great way for students to figure out which colleges are right for them. The decisions students make in narrowing down their college lists are so difficult and this is a huge help.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at

What Students Say

726 reviews

Factors everything in!

I really like this tool, because it kind of thinks of everything. Basically everything you can think of is factored into your college chances calculations. This makes it much easier to accurately calculate your chances. Also, it helps you narrow down your choices for college.

Important for Future College Students

This website allows you to calculate your chances at being accepted into your dream college and tells you what can be done to raise those chances. You can also connect with colleges through the website to discuss with an admissions associate. The only downside (in my opinion) is that the only colleges listed are in the United States, so for students who are interested in studying abroad, this resource would not be very helpful.

A Great Resource

For me, CollegeVine has been a great resource. It accurately predicted whether I would be accepted or not, as well as providing some information on college life and experiences.


Helps calculate your chances of getting into a college! Not 100% accurate but does help estimate whether a place can be considered a safety, target, or reach :)

Extremely helpful!!

CollegeVine has been very helpful in helping me find out my chances of getting into different colleges I’m thinking about. It also suggests different things I could do to improve my chances for some that I might not have a good possibility with yet.

Sometimes loquacious and not used often

I remember CollegeVine would religiously market their super special service: calculating your chances at any college! (after inputting GPA, extracurriculars, and other additional steps such as creating an account.) I found their "calculated" percentages to be improbably high and providing false hope. Additionally, when reading blogs, I find they use more words than necessary, a common flaw, which, I must admit, is also one of my weaknesses. Yet, there are so many more online resources that I would prefer, such as PrepScholar and Instagram, which gets the message across much faster than, per say, CollegeVine.

Very Accurate

CollegeVine is an accurate way to calculate college chances and have colleges contact you.