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CollegeVine helps you calculate your chances of acceptance to hundreds of colleges. Find out how likely you are to get accepted based on your GPA, test scores, and even extracurricular activities. Then, get custom recommendations for how to improve your odds – all for free.

Why we love it
CollegeVine is a great way for students to figure out which colleges are right for them. The decisions students make in narrowing down their college lists are so difficult and this is a huge help.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at

What Students Say

899 reviews

helpful but only in some areas

They are very good the chancing is decent obviously you have to remember that it is turning a holistic approach into a math equation but looking for colleges and getting awareness from them is top tier

Comparing Schools

Was helpful during my college search, especially for comparing college stats!!

Good, but not always reliable

CollegeVine is a good resource but of course it cannot be completely accurate, so just keep that in mind.

Useful Tool

Accessible website options that allows students to view and explore scholarships that apply to them. Organized with knowledgeable colleges, livestreams, and other statistics that will make it easy for students to choose based on their personal and academic biography.

Very good

I feel as though some judgements may not be 100% accurate; however, the functionality and aid of the site itself is very helpful overall.

Absolutely love it!

Used their "editing college essays" option. They did not directly edit my essay but suggested improvements to maintain the flow and originality of my own work. I was accepted into my dream school!!

Really helpful for the beginning of the college search process

I really loved using Collegevine when I was first starting my college search. It allows you to explore many options, find information about them, and calculate your chances of getting in on one site, which I think is super helpful. If you already know where you want to apply and have started applying to schools, I think it's less useful but still worth checking out.

Really Helpful!

Allows you to connect to admissions counselors through the website!

Pretty Good!

I just started using this and so far its been good, the statistics are very helpful

Unhelpful, unnecessary

CollegeVine was unnecessary for me to spend my time trying to navigate through its poorly designed UI. It hardly connects you with colleges and it has irrelevant info that is never useful.
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