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CollegeVine helps you calculate your chances of acceptance to hundreds of colleges. Find out how likely you are to get accepted based on your GPA, test scores, and even extracurricular activities. Then, get custom recommendations for how to improve your odds – all for free.

Why we love it
CollegeVine is a great way for students to figure out which colleges are right for them. The decisions students make in narrowing down their college lists are so difficult and this is a huge help.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at

What Students Say

395 reviews

Best Piece of Mind

College Vine has been a savor when it come's to writing college essays. To get reviews from peers with many times fantastic insight has been a blessing. The college calculator aswell was helpful for deciding where to apply. Being able to help edit's other's essays also helped me improve my own skills.


This is the best app, you actually can calculate your chances and see what opportunities you can find ☺️ Is a really good thing and help


CollegeVine is a great tool when applying to colleges. It helps you calculate your chances of acceptance, and estimates your cost of attendance!

Very Helpful

I was able to use this site while considering and applying to colleges to save time on my college search journey.

Overall, very helpful product!

This product worked very well and helped me narrow down my school list quite a bit. However, it is not perfect, but none of the sources for this type of information that I have used so far are excellent. Nevertheless, this is one of the best college chancing tools I have found during my search.

Use this! It's actually helpful

I used Collegevine a LOT during my application process because I was unaware of whether or not to include my SAT scores in some applications. I also apply for their scholarships every week! It's a really helpful resource.

Informative and Helpful

I've used it for help with college admissions, essays, and scholarships, and CollegeVine has been super informative and helpful with the entire process.

Excellent resource

I highly recommend CollegeVine. A great and easy to use resource.

Helpful...but take with a grain of salt

Definitely gives you a sense of your chances, but just a reminder that it bases your chances a lot on test scores. You are more than your test scores.

Works well!

It works great and has truly helped me to see the chances of getting into my dream colleges!