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CollegeVine helps you calculate your chances of acceptance to hundreds of colleges. Find out how likely you are to get accepted based on your GPA, test scores, and even extracurricular activities. Then, get custom recommendations for how to improve your odds – all for free.

Why we love it
CollegeVine is a great way for students to figure out which colleges are right for them. The decisions students make in narrowing down their college lists are so difficult and this is a huge help.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at

What Students Say

661 reviews

Useful Assistant

Figuring out the technicals of which college is looking for what can be daunting and time-consuming; the resources CollegeVine offers us as students makes this entire process easier to achieve.


I really like CollegeVine, and I think it's a great resource to have!


Great reosource for all things college, a bit difficult to navigate.


It had a lot of helpful information for writing college essays, and the calculator for your chances of getting into your chosen college helped me not worry so much about getting in because the chances were less unknown.

Provides answers

I love that it gives you an idea as to whether or not you would get into the school of your choosing.


This has been a great tool for me to find out how likely I am to get accepted into colleges I'm interested in. It has also helped me estimate costs between different schools


It is very great for organzing my thoughts. I find it very helpful to see everything laid out in front of my in a neat manner.

Great for seeing how likely you are to get into certain colleges.

College Vine will help you see how you match up against the average student attending the college you want to attend. It also gives you the odds for you being accepted.

Great resource for realistic expectations

This site helps research colleges in multiple ways, including chance estimator, which while limited, offers a baseline for estimating your admission chances. It also helps visualize various colleges on a map and add your own notes. Overall, a very useful resource that I highly recommend.