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Chegg lets you rent your class textbooks instead of buying them, saving you up to 90% in the process. With free shipping on orders over $35 and 21-day risk-free returns in case you drop a class, you'll never have to waste money on pricey textbooks again.

Why we love it
Chegg is one of the biggest money-savers every college student should know about. They'll save you hundreds of dollars on textbooks every semester.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at

What Students Say

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Amazing for students

Textbooks are usually super expensive, sometimes you barely even use them during the class and almost never touch them after the end of the semester. Being able to rent and return textbooks for much less money is a great way to save money and space on your bookshelf!

I'd be a lot more broke without chegg

It's so much better to be able to rent books instead of buying them. It's not only better for your bank account, but the environment too! Definitely would recommend to a friend


It's a useful product to help study, but I only had the free trial offered to me in a private loans package deal.


It can be a bit expensive, so although I always check Chegg when looking for textbooks, I look other places as well to see if I can find better deals. That said, I've bought textbooks from them before and have had no issues with shipping or receiving low quality/ ruined books. They also have a wide selection and almost always have what I'm looking for, no matter how niche the class I'm taking is.

Cheaper, but still pricey

This is where I rent textbooks that must be "brand new". Its is always good quality and you are allowed to highlight. Love it!

Awesome Service!

Allowed me to save money as a college student by renting instead of buying textbooks at full price!

Too expensive

As a struggling college student, I think the price of Chegg is a bit too high. Plus, they DO NOT have the best prices for textbooks. I've found textbooks I needed at much cheaper prices, even when the books are brand new. So this service is not for me


I love Chegg books, as well as Chegg study. I use them both to rent textbooks, as well as ask questions to trained professionals.

The free Red Bull was a plus

I have used Chegg to rent books quite a few times and have never had any issues with them. They normally send you a free energy drink because they understand how hard college can be. It was so nice to open my book order and see that because it really made me feel appreciated, and caffeinated of course.

Highly recommend!

A large availability of textbooks for all majors at affordable prices! Great site and super helpful during my undergrad studies!