Chegg Books Review

Chegg lets you rent your class textbooks instead of buying them, saving you up to 90% in the process. With free shipping on orders over $35 and 21-day risk-free returns in case you drop a class, you'll never have to waste money on pricey textbooks again.

Why we love it
Chegg is one of the biggest money-savers every college student should know about. They'll save you hundreds of dollars on textbooks every semester.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at

What Students Say

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Money Saver!

So much better than paying the full price for textbooks! Chegg Books makes my life easier.


If anyone needs books this is a great resource. Helps you save money for books that you need for your classes.

The Best!

Do you want to save money on books? This is it! Check it out

Highly Recommend :)

Chegg is more than a textbook rental and study tool. Chegg is an opportunity to find academic success and financial support. I have rented textbooks from Chegg for eight semesters. Chegg makes textbook rental easier and more exciting. Each shipment of books includes treats and surprises. I highly recommend it!

Great Tool for Students

Chegg is truly a great tool for students. In 2018 I was studying Macroeconomics at a summer camp and used Chegg to order the textbook for the course. Very efficient and quality service.

Easy Money Saver

The process was so easy! They have a wide selection and I saved more money through Chegg than other rental site.

Useful and Cheap

As someone who takes CE courses, college textbooks are extremely pricey. Plus, after the class is done they just lay around. Chegg saves me the cost of a textbook and makes it so that I have one for when I actually require it.

Helps save money

In my experience Chegg is a good option to rent books from. This year I had rented my Calculus book for $15 less than what Amazon was quoting me and I also had an amazing experience when I had to return the book early.

Worth It

Why pay for an overpriced book that you most likely won't use again? Chegg offers a great alternative, a cheaper book that you can easily return! Chegg is certainly WORTH the money,

Great resource for saving money on textbooks!

Not always the cheapest price you can get but better than buying them!

Chegg Simply Splendid

Chegg has hardly ever given me any problems in the past, they are a reliable resource, and they provide resources such as cheap books to buy or rent and tutoring. They are essential especially for people from low-income families where you work paycheck to paycheck. I encourage you all to check out this resource.

So much cheaper

I loved this because some of my books are so expensive and this is so much easier and so much cheaper for those students looking to save money.