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Chegg lets you rent your class textbooks instead of buying them, saving you up to 90% in the process. With free shipping on orders over $35 and 21-day risk-free returns in case you drop a class, you'll never have to waste money on pricey textbooks again.

Why we love it
Chegg is one of the biggest money-savers every college student should know about. They'll save you hundreds of dollars on textbooks every semester.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at

What Students Say

1554 reviews

great for math help!

I'm taking precalculus right now, which is a somewhat difficult class. The chegg math solver is so helpful. It goes over each step of how to solve the equation in a simple and clear way. It helped me get a really good grade on my past test. However, I wish it offered more than 3 free answers before you have to pay, because I cannot afford the monthly fee. If I did have the money, I would definitely be open to paying!

Love Chegg

I've purchased many books through Chegg Books most have been in decent condition at a fair price. What I love most about Chegg is their cite machine.

Thanks Chegg!

Chegg has saved me so much money on textbooks in the past!

Good Prices

I have been able to find affordable textbooks from here and haven't had any issue


I used chug my whole Junior year in high school. It helped you understand the topic you were learning at school.

Helpful and Available at All Times

I have used Chegg from Undergrad to Grad school! When tutors weren't available, Chegg was!

Makes things easier.

Chegg has allowed me to save so much money. A life (and money) saver.

Easy to Find Books

Average book buying experience. Easy to find a good variety of books. Nothing incredibly special about this service in terms of the books, but nothing bad in my experience, either. I have received essentially new books as well as some that were more weathered. They do send lots of freebies, which is really exciting!

Saves money... But

Yes you will save money, but the books never arrive when they say they will. Also even if the book is readable, you still need to tell people that they are getting a VERY used book. I wouldn't pay 20$ for a nearly destroyed book if I can get a brand new one for 30$


Chegg Books disappoints with subpar service. Shipping delays and unreliable tracking make it frustrating to receive textbooks on time. The promised quality often falls short, with books showing wear and tear. Customer support is unresponsive, exacerbating the overall poor experience. Better alternatives exist for hassle-free textbook purchases.
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