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Chegg lets you rent your class textbooks instead of buying them, saving you up to 90% in the process. With free shipping on orders over $35 and 21-day risk-free returns in case you drop a class, you'll never have to waste money on pricey textbooks again.

Why we love it
Chegg is one of the biggest money-savers every college student should know about. They'll save you hundreds of dollars on textbooks every semester.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at

What Students Say

1505 reviews

Great way to save on course materials!

If you’re looking for a way to save extra money on textbooks this is the place to be.

Environmentally friendly and cheap

Textbooks have historically been a huge expense to college students. I've always tried to get the cheapest version I could, but I would often grab the wrong thing on accident. This has saved me a lot of headache.


My friends and I use this all the time to get the textbooks we need for class without breaking the bank. Now that we're all in the same classes, we've been renting the books and sharing/studying together. I would highly recommend using Chegg for books, especially if you don't plan on keeping it.


Chegg is a great resource to buy or rent textbooks. The prices are comparable or better than other companies.

Good Prices

I like how inexpensive it was to buy books from here, but I feel like if your in a pinch for getting something in on time then this might not be for you.

Great for it's deal

Chegg is a great source to help you out with your school or homework. With tutors, books, and even homework help. You can communicate with a group of people rate answers and have a better understanding on how to proceed.


Easy to use! Good for saving money in college!


Great for saving money on textbooks! Wish that they did price matching, and had an expanded selection.