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Chegg lets you rent your class textbooks instead of buying them, saving you up to 90% in the process. With free shipping on orders over $35 and 21-day risk-free returns in case you drop a class, you'll never have to waste money on pricey textbooks again.

Why we love it
Chegg is one of the biggest money-savers every college student should know about. They'll save you hundreds of dollars on textbooks every semester.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at

What Students Say

979 reviews

Saving Money

Chegg has helped me saved a lot of money on books. I love how easy it is to order and send back the books. I highly recommend to all college students.

Extremely Helpful

This is getting through a self taught summer course. Very great resource of information when none is received from the professor.

Great customer service

They have great customer service! I once needed to return a purchased book and they could be reached through the live chat option, the employee I talked to was very nice. If customers reported to receive a damaged product (such as a book claimed to include the access code but arrive without the code), they would send new product with no cost along with a discount code (as a way to compensate). Overall, nice staff. However, the online web sometimes do not include an image for the book so it is hard to know for sure what I am buying. There are also no comments part so basically there is no way to read other buyers' opinions.


Why not save money?! I love Chegg and love quality textbooks for less.


I've saved so much money through renting my books through Chegg!

Cuts Costs

Considering how expensive textbooks can be, having a resource like Chegg to knock down thoses costs is a great help.

Phenomenal Service

This titan of book rentals has helped to save me quite a bit of money that I have been able to put to better uses like my children and community outreach. They are flexible on book returns and have great customer service.


Helped me save money when buying books, something that is a huge help when on a college budget.


Chegg is a quality resource to have especially in college when books can be a bit pricey at times. I found that Chegg is incredibly helpful in getting the textbooks or study assistance that I need to succeed. Definitely reccomend!

Great resource

Chegg has been great for finding cheaper textbooks and is very good at explaining solutions especially when my classes were online.