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Chegg lets you rent your class textbooks instead of buying them, saving you up to 90% in the process. With free shipping on orders over $35 and 21-day risk-free returns in case you drop a class, you'll never have to waste money on pricey textbooks again.

Why we love it
Chegg is one of the biggest money-savers every college student should know about. They'll save you hundreds of dollars on textbooks every semester.
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What Students Say

274 reviews

Chegg Books Get a 5/5

I find my books that would normally cost twice as much for half the cost with Chegg Books. The website is super easy to use and I get my books the same week I order them.


It has always given me the ability to rent any book that I have needed for any class!

Great Prices, easy rental

Chegg helped me find the best prices for every book I've used so far. Rental prices are the best and a super easy process (used buying prices used to be cheaper).


Chegg helped me a lot by allowing me to rent my books instead of buying them!

It’s great

I have used Chegg for multiple different classes and assignments.


It's awesome to get help with almost any textbook or subject and the in-depth explanations make learning hard subjects so much easier.

Best Learning and Study Site

I signed up for Chegg for my last couple of months of fourth semester at college. Due to COVID-19, as many know, classes were held virtually. Unfortunately for me, I do not learn well virtually; I learn best in a classroom settings, so I began to struggle with my grades. I decided to go ahead and sign up for Chegg and paid for their subscription, and I has been using it ever since. It helped me learn and study material that I struggled with and I began to do so much better on tests and assignments. I would recommend this study tool to everyone!

So much cheaper!

I've used textbooks off of Chegg for several different courses in college and I can say with 100% confidence that Chegg is the most reliable and easiest website to purchase and rent textbooks off of! I haven't found a better website that offers prices as low as Chegg. I will continue to use Chegg throughout the rest of college.

Easy Renting

It was incredibly easy to find and rent all my books!


Great company because it allows struggling college students to save money!

Amazing service!

Books for a cheaper price! Chegg is one of my top places to look at when I need a book, and it never disappoints!

Truly a money saver!

Chegg is a go-to if you're looking into saving money this semester! Always make sure you look for your books on Chegg to find the best deals!!

Easy Renting

I rented all of my textbooks from Chegg this semester and I absolutely loved it. Returns are so easy and hassle-free.


It was so easy to rent and return books, it's also good for selling books.


Wonderful program to help when one can’t understand the task at hand or needs an example.

Wonderful Service

Chegg has reasonable pricing for great resources. It's definitely a big help for college students.

Could be better

I don't believe that the cost justifies the product being offered. The fee schedule doesn't really align with their customer base and feels a little like entrapment - pay more per month for shorter amounts of a subscription.

Money Saver!

This is a great resource for students who want to save money on textbooks! It's very easy to use and helpful.

Great, but expensive

Chegg is a tool to use when searching for answers a person couldn't cultivate on their own with specific work outlined so the student can begin to understand the material. An account is only worth it if shared among friends to cover the cost.

Great Services

Chegg is accessible and easy to use. So helpful for textbooks because we all know they’re expensive!


It's easy to order/rent from and they always send you great condition books! It's A LOT cheaper then buying from the school bookstore or Amazon.

Fantastic Service

I had the opportunity of selling and renting books from Chegg. The service is extremely easy to use.

Expensive but worth it

If you're taking any math or science classes, you should get Chegg or you can't do homework without it.

Helps slove difficult problems

I was able to use this resource all through my AP Physics 1 class and it was a big help to learning how to solve problems on our homeworks.


Chegg has helped me not only by saving money on books, but its saved me with help on so many assignments that I could never even count. It really is worth the money.


The ebook rental is quick and easy and saved me so much money!

Useful depending on the course you are taking

I found resources on Chegg depending on the course. It is definitely a website you want to check out when you're stuck in a course and need some insight and help.

Saved me so much money

I don't have to worry about how I will afford my textbooks anymore, a big chunk of my stress is gone.

Amazing Savings!

Chegg Books has helped my old sister save a lot of money on her college books.

Help is guaranteed

Every now and then, you stumble over a question, now you no longer have to worry. Chegg allows you to understand the material all while giving you accurate answers.

Best resource for college students

Chegg is a great resource to use for academic classes! It serves as a textbook rental place and also provides great academic resources to help you study.


College bookstores are insanely expensive! Chegg saves hundreds of dollars!


Chegg has tons of amazing services! Their bibliography format websites can be life savers when writing essays!

Saved 100s of dollars thanks to chegg

It got the single and multivariate calculus textbook on here and it's been a life saver. I also got a care package which was a pleasant bonus.

extremely helpful

I would always find the exact question but most of them are similar and it helped me work through the problems

Extremely Helpful with School

The Chegg explanations to textbook problems as well as the other resources that are provided on the website have been very helpful for a lot of my classes in high school and in college.

Great resource

Chegg is an awesome resource for getting any type of academic help or renting textbooks. It's definitely helped me more than once in math class. Though it is a little spendy, it's worth it.

Helpful Resource

Beneficial resources for when you need textbooks for college. Easy to use and easy to understand. Highly Recommend.

Great Resourcw

I signed up for Chegg because I had to retake ICP and I was so close to not passing for a second time. Chegg single-handedly saved my grade. It's a bit pricey but I 10/10 recommend. You can find the answer to nearly everything.

It was very helpfull

Chegg saved my grades in my engineering classes. It was definitely worth the investment. Although every once in a while it can't help with some questions.

Better than any bookstore!!

I used Chegg for the first time last semester and my books came quickly and were very affordable in comparison to what my college was offering at the bookstore.

Money Saved

I saved a lot of money using this, and I didn’t have any unnecessary books to sell afterward!

its great!

College books can be expensive, and Chegg have them cheaper than at the bookstore! You save a ton of money on here!

Great but not entirely dependable

I have been able to find most of my textbooks, but not all of them. Great resource over all.

Great Book Source

This is a great resource for class books. You can buy or rent, and they have had almost every book I've needed throughout my education.


They are marked quite fairly, there are some instances of mistakes or misunderstandings, but in total, really good platform!

It's okay

Though it does have all the answers and explanations, you have to pay full price for It and for me, personally, I don't want to spend my money on the answer.

Cheap but not everything

Chegg is a great website but it seemed too good to be true. While you may find some of your textbooks, you may not find all so don't rely too much on it.

Great, great, great!

This website helped me get affordable textbooks that would have drained my funds anywhere else. The books are slightly worn, but are in good enough shape to get the work done. Thank you, Chegg, for making textbook buying easier!

Chegg is the first place I go to buy books.

When buying school books, I always use Chegg first. They have the largest selection, the best prices, and you get a free gift with each purchase which is always awesome. I've never had a bad experience.

Fair for the Price

I feel like it was worth the price even though being a high school student it wasn't cheap that's for sure :)

It's okay

While it does allow you to get your questions answered by experts, there is also a fair amount of cheating going on on the platform.

Good in a bind

I used this for my winter semester of 2019 and it helped a lot. I haven't had to rent any textbooks but it helps with studying 100%

Very Helpful; Reasonable Price

I used Chegg to rent a book in my constitutional law class and the price of the book was by far the cheapest I could find online for a rental. The customer service was also very helpful with any questions I had about shipping and were quick to get back to me to answer any questions. Would highly recommend Chegg for any college student in need of cheaper textbook rentals for a semester.

Great source for Learning but Price ?

Chegg is very helpful. Explains step by step. Although their fee to use their site is not something I like. There’s no free trial. It charges you if you barely use it for a few days and cancel.

Has everything, I mean everything

I've come across homework questions that have stumped me so where do I go? Chegg.

Great Service

Chegg books always gives me discounts that can't be beat.

Good for books old and new

I appreciate the variety of books that Chegg has to offer, however, the potential of selling your book back decreases the value of the product so take nice care of your books just in case you want to sell the books you no longer need.

Renting Books

I rented an economics book from Chegg and it was by far the cheapest option on the internet! The process was seamless from start to finish!

Great To Help Explain Hard Problems

If Chegg has your textbook, check to see If Chegg solutions has the answers to your textbook. It is very useful if you do not understand how to solve a problem because you can see how someone else did step by step. I use this to isolate which part of the problem is giving me trouble, that way it does not feel like I don't understand the entire problem and instead just one part.

Great product

I've used this in my previous schooling. It is a great way to get access to textbooks while not having to pay your soul to rent one.

It was okay

For what it is, I had no issues but I would much rather shop at my local bookstore and get my books, at least I can physically see the condition of the books there.

Decent shipping, higher price

Shipping is mediocre at best, but shipping is quick and selection is good.


When I couldn’t afford a textbook, Chegg would have my back!

Chegg Review

This resource is a great way to find cheap textbooks and save money. I strongly recommend it.


If this website has your textbook, odds are you can find solutions to problems. This website was what helped me get through engineering school!

Great great great great!!!!!!

The best resource I have ever used! I got books from Chegg way cheaper than at my campus and I have always gotten the help I need! The online tutors are great and the availability of materials is amazing! Plus, Chegg offers the opportunity to sell your book back, definitely worth it!!

Great website!

I LOVE CHEGG. This site seriously helped me get through most of my collegiate career simply by providing affordable textbooks that I sometimes could not find anywhere else. They are always the first site I visit when the semesters open back up.


This product really let me see how I’m going to save money when I get into college.


Great way to find cheaper textbooks to save you money.

chegg is amazing!

This website helped me go through my AP chemistry and biology classes.

Books for cheap

Chegg books is a great way to get your textbooks at a discounted price. I totally recommend it.


Chegg is my go-to textbook rental/purchase website. I can often buy textbooks at costs that are cheaper than renting my my university. Also, Chegg Study has been a helpful resource too!

money saver

If you need textbooks and you are low on money, this is a great way to find them for cheaper.

I loved it!

I rented a book from Chegg for one of my online classes and loved it!

love it!

It is always there to help me with homework especially in math!! one of my go-to study resources!

Super Helpful!

Throughout all my AP courses I took in high school, I used Chegg to help me study and I will continue to use it in the future!

Work Great!

Chegg is a great way of getting your college textbooks at a discount price!

This is amazing!

This is amazing if you want to go to college and need text books on a budget.

Chegg is amazing!!!!

I love using Chegg, they have all my textbooks so I don't have to pay high ticket prices for my textbooks I am only gonna use for one class. Paying for your degree, textbooks, other educational expenses, and all your living expenses while attending college could be expensive and stressful trying to figure out how to afford it all. Chegg relieves some of the stress and cuts down on the costs so you can enjoy getting started on your educational goals sooner.


This is a solid place to find cheaper text books that you don't have to get stuck with once a semester is over.

It works, but always check your answers!

Chegg is a wonderful resource for students stuck on difficult questions and need some help. However, not all the answers you find will be complete or accurate. It remains imperative that you do the questions yourself before submitting an answer provided by the people at Chegg. I have seen several cases where the answer provided is actually incorrect or would only give a student partial credit. Other than this, it is a good service for learning what you're doing wrong as a student and improving on your assignments.

I think Chegg is an ingenius idea that helps so many students

Chegg has helped me so much in my chemistry courses. Not only does it help solve any question in a matter of minutes, it also provides a detailed explanation to really understand the question.

I think Chegg is the best!

I almost always get my textbooks from Chegg. I'm able to get my needed textbooks at cheaper rate, and they are always reasonable priced. Also when I order my books, I get them within two weeks, and I have them before the new term starts! I recommend Chegg to all of my friends when they need to buy or rent a textbook.

Good but..

I love Chegg but, over time it is not economical for many students struggling to pay for other things. I also think they need to do better reviewing the answers provided because they are often wrong.

Extremely helpful

It provides guides to understanding answers and concepts of the material. Very helpful!


Chegg is great for renting books and homework help. I would really recommend for all students wanting to save.

Very Helpful!

I have rented all of the books I have needed for my college classes through Chegg, and they have always been very quick with the deliveries, as well as adding in a few items as a thank you. Their online services are also very helpful. Overall, I've had a really good experience and would recommend to others.


I have been able to save money on books every semester of college with Chegg Books!

Extremely Helpful

I use Chegg for help in math and programming courses. There are so many step-by-step solutions that help me work out my own problems and understand the material better.

Live Saver!

Great and affordable website. I can literally find any book and save hundreds. Chegg Books has motivated me to keep pursuing my career. Thank you so much!

A Must Need

I got Chegg Books to help me with my Microeconomics and it was a sure lifesaver! I recommend this if you just need the extra push for help.

Great Website

Anything that can't be found through your school can pretty much all be found of this site.

Worth Every Saved Penny

I, in my two years at community college, have had my fair share of experiences with Chegg. But before I discovered this money saver, I was paying anywhere from five hundred to one thousand dollars on books per semester of a full courseload. Chegg has changed that. I am so glad I discovered this gem, and hope others will continue to utilize this wonderful site to save money. College is expensive enough - don't pay full price or even over the full price for books!

Love this!

I love this website because it's kind of like a one stop shop for students. It helps me find all the resources I need for school.


This is a great website to find answers for Bio, Math, Chemistry, and Physics. The only reason why I didn't five stars is because some of the answers could be wrong.

A life-saver

I was able to save a ton of money and I managed to not purchase a single textbook elsewhere this semester. Thank you, Chegg!


It can be tricky to navigate around! However, overall it's a lifesaver when it comes to school.


It's an amazing help in university on assignments and it's a great resource to invest in.

Helpful, not always correct

This resource is helpful 90% of the time. Sometimes the problem or topic you are studying might be on here however, the answer provided is not always 100% correct.


Honestly, Chegg has helped me tremendously in school!

Pretty Great!

Honestly, a lifesaver for expensive textbooks!

Great for saving money

Textbooks can be expensive that's what I go to Chegg for!


A great resource for books at a much cheaper price than sold at school!

Good Website

I can tell Chegg saves my student life a lot. My professor sometimes is so unclear in the lecture, so I have no idea how to deal with the homework. Chegg helped me a lot.

A Life Saver

Anytime I am struggling, Chegg always has an answer with all the work shown. If you ask a tutor for help they respond in minutes.


I was recommended Chegg by a couple of college friends who had been using it to save money in their elective classes. I’ve been using it ever since and I plan to use it for the upcoming semester?

i love this

Textbooks can get really expensive on top of paying for tuition, so being able to get textbooks for a low price is super helpful.

Great for those who want to save money

It is a great way to find books at a lower cost if you are paying out of pocket.


It's very helpful for answering difficult questions! This resource can help you break down problems with multiple steps!

Easy to use and money saving

Using Chegg during college saved me tons on textbooks that I needed for classes. It was also easy to return the books once I was done with them. Always my first go-to for books.

Good selection and saves money, but could be cheaper.

I usually try to compare different textbook rental sites to get the best price. For a given textbook, Chegg's prices are definitely lower than buying directly from the publisher or renting from a university bookstore. With that said, Chegg does tend to charge a bit higher than the lowest prices that you can find from some other sites like, which is compensated for by their better and more consistent customer service experience.

Very helpful

This website is perfect for getting help on assignments and preparing for tests and quizzes.

Very Helpful

It's a helpful tool that I plan to use more often in college. Definitely helps to save money on textbooks and it is a popular option among students. I recommend it, it's a great option!

Great, helpful, Saving!

I love Chegg because it has helped me save thousands of dollars for books throughout my school career. You can find most of the books you will need and they will be in good condition.

Extremely Helpful!

Chegg has helped me along with many people I know find more affordable options for college textbooks! Chegg also has a very large community for homework help and can help you better understand course material!

Found an affordable Organic Chemistry solutions manual to help me study

I like to work the problems at the end of each chapter to study for Chem exams, but I couldn't find a full solutions manual anywhere; even the professor's solutions manual only offered the odd-numbered problem answers. Turns out Chegg had a full solutions manual at a fraction of the cost I would have paid to buy the odd-numbered manual from Amazon. Seriously helped me study thoroughly, 10/10 recommend.

Use this!

I used this to rent college textbooks last year and it was a lot easier and less expensive to use digital copies instead of paper from the school book store.

Saves a ton!!

It helped cut my book prices by a ton, making it cheaper to attend the school of my dreams.


It has helped me find so many books! And get this, they are all at very cheap prices!