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Finding colleges and careers that are right for you doesn’t have to be stressful. Leverage BigFuture to plan your life after high school, with resources for every step of the way.

Why we love it
BigFuture gives you so many resources, from building your college list, to exploring careers, to submitting the best college applications possible. It should be a staple for any student.
Dror Liebenthal
Dror Liebenthal,
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What Students Say

922 reviews

It is a great website.

Bright Future has really helped me to see my abilities based on a Quiz. I am now able to identify my strengths and weaknesses.

Great tool for AP's and other things

This Program has helped me with my AP Euro and AP lang classes. They have videos to help you study and prepare for the big test. Also, It has scholarship opportunities and enables you to discover potential colleges and careers. This website also boosts your confidence - making sure you know you are more than a letter grade or a gpa. :)

BigFuture | College Board

Big Future by College Board is a comprehensive online resource designed to help students plan for college and careers. It allows students to find the best university that fulfills the criteria they are looking for and find scholarships that match their requirements.

My Go-To Source for College Aid

BigFuture provides students with a plethora of scholarship opportunities that will implement them in the future, providing them with various financial aid resources.

good for ap classes

College board is great for taking ap classes and searching for scholarships! sometimes hard to navigate or tech issues

Good concept, a little annoying

It's a useful tool to put students in contact with colleges and get students' names out there for colleges to see. However, sometimes the platform can get frustrating and it's difficult to unsubscribe from their (frequent) emails.

Very helpful

Very helpful for gaining information about colleges, scholarships and testing.If you plan on taking AP tests this is very useful in finding information about that.


BigFuture | College Board helps with deciding what is needed for future education path. Gives good tips and resources.

Strong Resource for College Exploration

BigFuture was a great outlet for exploring college options and searching for scholarship opportunities!


The app on IPad is a little glitchy, but overall good. I don’t like how everything associated with college board costs money.
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