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Finding colleges and careers that are right for you doesn’t have to be stressful. Leverage BigFuture to plan your life after high school, with resources for every step of the way.

Why we love it
BigFuture gives you so many resources, from building your college list, to exploring careers, to submitting the best college applications possible. It should be a staple for any student.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at

What Students Say

550 reviews

Use all the time

I use this for AP Classroom and help find scholarships. Great resource to help lead the way to college


Collegeboard has a ton of resources for colleges and is super easy to use for students!

Great resource

College Board's Big Future was incredibly helpful as I made the transition from high school to college. As I approach my college graduation, I definitely plan to return to this resource to help me make important decisions about my next steps in academia.

Useful resource

BigFuture has some very useful features. The college list and quick information about colleges is a great way to start one's college search.

I like this

This is honestly pretty good. I've been using it for scholarship applications

So much information!

This has been one of the most helpful resources I've found when it comes to figuring out what your college and career goals will be. It has tons of information, quizzes, and more. I highly recommend every high schooler checks it out!

Great Tools for Success

I love Big Future by College Board. Their college search engine not only lets me keep a running list of colleges I’m interested in, but it also provides statistics about tuition prices, students population, type of campus, AP credit, admission statistics and more all in one place, without ever having to leave the website. Plus, you have chances to enter $40,000 scholarships.

Couldn't Live Without BigFuture

This has been my go-to site for everything to do with college admissions and readiness. It is very user-friendly.

Simple and Productive

It is a nice first step in starting my college preparation. However, while it is a good and easy foundation, I found that it didn't go into the details that I needed to get the whole experience.

Great way to start!

College board is very easily accessible and gives students many resources when feeling overwhelmed. From college test scores, scholarship, career lists, and college lists college board makes the information very simple to look at and is a great resource when it comes to planning your future.
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