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Finding colleges and careers that are right for you doesn’t have to be stressful. Leverage BigFuture to plan your life after high school, with resources for every step of the way.

Why we love it
BigFuture gives you so many resources, from building your college list, to exploring careers, to submitting the best college applications possible. It should be a staple for any student.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at

What Students Say

286 reviews

Helps connect to college, store my info, etc.

This website is actually so helpful, it tracks my PSAT and AP scores so I don't need to worry about them, and recommends different careers and classes to take in college or high school. I didn't know this existed last year, and I probably should have looked into it freshman year instead of later.

Great Resource

I love using College Board as another resource to find scholarships. I can access my PSAT scores and connect them to Khan Academy to practice my skills.

Good resource for students

Aids students in their high school career and preparing them for their college career. The College Board is a great place to access your SAT scores as well within a year and you have to pay $43 if it's been more than a year since you last took it!

It's a great, neat way to compile all of your needs to graduate

College Board is an easy-to-use application that supported me from my junior year until the moment I graduate. It contains numerous resources which allowed me to help study for the SAT and find colleges- I used College Board to submit all of my college applications and find scholarships. Overall College Board is a very necessary and helpful tool and I recommend this to everyone in need of a clean organizer that helps forward your college future.

Important for junior and senior year

I've had a great experience with BigFuture. It helped me find colleges I was interested in and had my major. I was feeling so much more confident applying to colleges by using BigFuture as my main resource.

Good Resources but Difficult for Scholarships

Although It can be a good resource for some, It can be difficult to navigate. It's difficult to apply to scholarships because you have to unlock them by doing certain tasks. You're required to add a certain quantity of schools you're interested in and take career search quizzes, even if you're already accepted into a college, just so you're able to apply to a scholarship! They have good resources for finding colleges and information if that's more of your priority.