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Rakuten helps you buy the things you want and save money at the same time. You can earn cash back on your vacations, find the best discount deals at your favorite stores, and shop for clothes from top brands.

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Why we love it
This is an awesome way to get some cash back for the purchases you are already making - using it for online shopping is fast and easy, and sometimes helps you find things you can't find other places!
Dror Liebenthal
Dror Liebenthal,
CEO at

What Students Say

218 reviews

I'm always telling people about Rakuten!

It's so easy to use! Anytime I'm buying something online, I check Rakuten before I check out! $500 since I installed that I never would have gotten otherwise!

Easy Money

Rakuten on your phone or laptop is an easy way to get money back and discounts on purchases you were going to make anyway.

Nice cash back

The option of earning cash back is nice if you don't have a cash back credit card.

Great App to Save Money!

I have this installed in my chrome browser and it's so helpful! I don't have to go looking for coupon codes or other savings, it automatically applies them when I shop through the extension. I've saved a decent amount of money on items I needed, even textbooks for school!

Great !

This app is a must-have! You can get some money back by check at that. Everyone should utilize this lovely gem and learn how to save after shopping.

Good but not great

The app function is very user-friendly. Having a web browser plug is also very nice and applies most of the features automatically. But I am still waiting on cashback that's past the time it has listed for when it would be approved


A good option for money-saving!

Have Used It Before

I used to use Rakuten a couple years ago, but if I remember right, my cash back expired when I didn't redeem it in time. That was upsetting, so I stopped.

An app worth downloading!

Easy to use and your refund comes quickly!


Great tool to earn some cash back and save money, easy to use and install
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