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Feel like you're getting ripped off on your monthly bills? Trim negotiates cable, internet, phone, and medical bills, cancels old subscriptions, and more. Members save up to 30% with any provider, automatically.

Why we love it
Removing unnecessary monthly costs adds up to immense savings over time. Trim cancels unneeded subscriptions and makes sure you're getting the best possible rates, automatically.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at

What Students Say

14 reviews

Helped save money

This product helped me save money on various products and appliances that I bought!

very helpful

It helps you save money on bills that you are overpaying, it is very helpful.

helps save money

Trim helps save money by cutting unnecessary subscriptions, which are easy to pile up. good for college students who are low on cash!

Not bad

It is free and they don´t want you to pay to use this extension. I would recommend that you used Trim because it is one of the best coupon-online finders out there :D furthermore, it makes shopping online easy, safe, and quick.

Excellent way to trim costs

Trim helps people save money by getting rid of unnecessary costs and negotiating lower costs!

Improve Your Financial Management!

Trim will help you to avoid any unnecessary payments and make you realize how easy it is to improve your financial management.

Money management made easy

Trim helps people understand where their hard-earned money is going. Super necessary and useful! Definitely recommend.

Who Doesn't Love A Bargain?

Get the benefit of a plug for free ninety-nine. An advocate for fair prices on everyday services we can't do without.

Saves money!

Trim makes it super easy to manage, budget, and save money. Especially good if you aren't too experienced, I definitely recommend this product!

Great money saver!

Trim is super useful and incredibly handy for those who need help saving and managing money! Seeing as of the pandemic that's going on right now, saving money is a must!

Great product

Definitely a great product for those who have difficulties budgeting their money. It breaks down how much you need to save and how much you can spend on yourself and how much is needed for your goals.


Trim makes it so easy to manage subscriptions and save money on the things I use every day. I highly recommend this product!

Trim is awesome!

Trim is great at helping you shave off extra expenses and stick to your budget. It's so important for a grad student!

Great Service

I have some experience using Trim, and I can honestly say it’s saved me A LOT of money!