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TopCashback Review 29 Reviews

A free, user-friendly tool used by over 15 million people to save hundreds of dollars / year on their purchases, TopCashback is a great way to get cash back rewards from the top 4,400 online stores. You can get started in under a minute, and it’s 100% free.

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Why we love it
TopCashback is a super easy, free tool to get cash back on the purchases you're already making.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at Bold.org
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at Bold.org

What Students Say

29 reviews

Another great cash back tool

Cashback programs are always a plus. I'm basically receiving a small percentage of money when I spend it. Which is better than than receiving nothing in return. Thumbs up!

Effortless but not top industry

Easy to use and helpful, but it isn't standout compared to other cash-back companies.

Very helpful

If you’re spending money, you might as well earn cashback. Love that Top Cashback makes it easy to do so.

Great cashback app!

I shop online a lot and use many cashback apps. TopCashback is one of my favorites! It has a good variety of places to get money from.

Nice to have but not super

What TopCashback is trying to provide is a helpful service, allowing you to earn cash back on purchases you make when shopping through their special offers and discounts. However, most credit cards these days offer rewards programs without as much hassle since you can earn cash back on everything at a flat rate or at least within a certain category, without having to micromanage different offers for each store that change frequently as on TopCashback. Even some debit cards are offering rewards/cash back now too, which in my opinion is easier to use since it doesn't require utilizing a whole extra service as with TopCashback. So if you don't have a credit or debit card that already offers rewards, this can be helpful. Otherwise, it's sort of redundant and an extra step.

Cashback is convenient

If you're already going to be spending money and shopping around, why not look to get something out of it? TopCashback gives you just such an opportunity to benefit from something you're already doing anyway.

Money maker

When I already spend so much online, I might as well earn a little bit back.


This is a useful resource for getting cash back; although the website was a little slow.

Works like a charm!

The cashback gets tracked easily 90% of the time. Easy payouts in the form of Amazon gift cards.

A little slow but useful

It is a little user unfriendly- you definitely need to have patience. But I think I'm better off with it than without.