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Atom Finance brings modern investing tools and data to everyone. Atom Finance makes it easy to understand which stocks to buy, for free.

Why we love it
Becoming an informed, thoughtful investor as early as possible is key towards improving your long-term finances. Atom is a great place to get started.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at

What Students Say

174 reviews

Easy Access To The Stock Market

Atom Finance offers inexpensive, streamlined access to important stock market data without the steep cost of competing solutions. Its simple access to market data and portfolio analysis make it a service worth using.


I recommend this app if you are looking for guidance in buying stocks and help to understand which stocks to buy. All suggestions and advice are free, so that's very convenient

Good place to start

If you need to learn a lot about investing, this app can really help. It may not be the best later on for making your investments, but at the beginning it's really useful.

Helps me invest with confidence

Sometimes I worry if I'm making the best investment decisions. Atom Finance helps me to be confident and know I'm making the right choices

Resourceful Tool

If you're still learning this is a great resource to have, especially as a student.

Learn with this app

Even though this app may not be best for working with your overall investments, it can help you learn the game of investments, which will help you with your finances in the long run. Give it a shot!

Invest Smarter

Atom Finance offers a platform for individual investors to invest smarter. They offer the necessary tools, including institutional-quality resources that were once only available to Wall Street Professionals, for the individual investor to gain success. With advanced tools at your finger tips, you are bound to make the investment that you've been dreaming of. Give them a try today!

Good FInancial investment app

Helps you finance your investments in one go.

Great Beginner Resource

This has allowed me to better understand how to monitor stocks and what stocks to invest in.

Good for Investments

Atom Finance helps me stay on top of my investments! I also love how it allows access to a myriad of technological and financial news sources.
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