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Atom Finance brings modern investing tools and data to everyone. Atom Finance makes it easy to understand which stocks to buy, for free.

Why we love it
Becoming an informed, thoughtful investor as early as possible is key towards improving your long-term finances. Atom is a great place to get started.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at

What Students Say

46 reviews

An intro to stocks.

This tool was a little confusing at first but still gives great direction and was very helpful/informative :)

Pretty cool

This website so far has been really cool. I'm still on the free trial but actually considering paying for it. I love the layout and design of the website - really flattering.

Good for the right data.

There is more to finance which normally isn't publically available. This is a good place for condensed data.

Interface a bit overwhelming

The set up process was really easy but as a beginner in financial trading, the dashboard with all the graphs, dark background, and different windows was quite overwhelming. Even though there were helpful tips as you go along, I didn't feel fully supported.


Atom makes managing your stock easy! They offer in depth information about the stocks you own. They also provide you with many tools to manage your stock.


This is a great way to start and look into investing. I have taken a look at this and has helped me be more knowledgeable about finance.

So much to learn, great place to start

As somebody who's new to finance and stocks, it's great to have a platform that isn't too basic and is literally packed with information. The visuals and layout of the website are professional and is a great starting place for anybody interested in personal finance.


It helps me keep up with my stocks. Linking my portfolio was very easy and took just a couple of minutes. I'm still on the free trial, but I would definitely recommend.

Be More Productive In Finances With Atom Finance

Atom Finance is a useful tool! With Atom, be updated on the latest financial news and stocks.

Very efficient

I always get notifications and seems like a great resource for those who wants to be an investor.