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Atom Finance brings modern investing tools and data to everyone. Atom Finance makes it easy to understand which stocks to buy, for free.

Why we love it
Becoming an informed, thoughtful investor as early as possible is key towards improving your long-term finances. Atom is a great place to get started.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at

What Students Say

180 reviews

Good if you have a good understanding of the stock market

It may seem simple, but you would have to get a basic understanding of the stock market to make good use of this app.

I dont really understand

I don't completely understand trading and this didn't really help.

New to investing

As someone new to investing, Atom was a great way to introduce the world of investment finance to me.

Many Tools and Informative but Not Scrollable

It has many tools such as one for comparison with a visual aid among several others. Also, there is also an informative blog. It may not be very useful right now as a college student applying to scholarships, but it is very insightful. However, the website is not scrollable. If I zoom out to fit everything on the page, the text is too small to read.


It helps you make investment decisions and it's also affordable.


It helped guide me to different finance topics such as stock market.

Easy Access To The Stock Market

Atom Finance offers inexpensive, streamlined access to important stock market data without the steep cost of competing solutions. Its simple access to market data and portfolio analysis make it a service worth using.