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Atom Finance brings modern investing tools and data to everyone. Atom Finance makes it easy to understand which stocks to buy, for free.

Why we love it
Becoming an informed, thoughtful investor as early as possible is key towards improving your long-term finances. Atom is a great place to get started.
Dror Liebenthal
Dror Liebenthal,
CEO at

What Students Say

196 reviews


An easy to use app with a cool design makes Atom Finance a must-have.

Pretty Good

I joined 2 weeks ago and it works pretty well. Simple and effective for students and everyone with money.

Atom is amazing!

Atom makes finance easy to understand and helps me be confident in my financial decisions.

So helpful!

I am much more aware of my expenditures, net worth, and financial literacy now that I have used Atom Finance.


Atom Finance has helped me learn so much about stocks and finances!

I think its good if u wanna save money

Money talks, atom listens. simple as that. I have learned a lot with this app ;))

Atomically Useful

Atom Finance has helped me become so much more intune with my financial literacy, spending, and overall net worth.

Best for Investment

Atom Finance made it so simple to invest and I use this on a daily basis.


Investing is key and this is a really helpful reasource!

Great if you have basic knowledge of stocks

I have been interested in investing in stocks for a while now and I first started on the app Bloom. Compared to Atom, I feel like Bloom is much better at educating people about what stock and how to properly invest. That's why I think Atom would be easier to navigate once you do your research. Either way, I would definitely recommend using it to start growing your money.
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