Credible Loan Refinance Comparisons Review 98 Reviews

Credible should be your first stop for refinancing student loans. It helps you save thousands by making it easy for you to compare pre-qualified refinancing rates, eligibility, and terms for free, with no affect on your credit score. It takes two minutes and you can check as many times as you want!

Why we love it
Credible is a no-brainer for students with loans. There's no commitment required, so you can easily check your refinancing offers and see how much you stand to save on your loans.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at

What Students Say

98 reviews


It's a great way to compare different loans.

Good enough

Don't expect anything out of the ordinary. It is very good and very credible but not as good as promised still highly recommend

Pretty good!

This tool is good for refinancing loans easily. It is a good resource for those who want to graduate debt-free or are confused about how to handle loans.


This is a very helpful tool for anyone who's wanting to explore loan options. It's gives you accurate information to help you make the best choice on which option is right for you.

Seems very trustworthy

It's a great way to get loans that don't affect your credit score in the long term. Pretty good.

Good for Comparing my Option

I plan to graduate debt-free, but it's always good to look at what loans are looking like for college students today. Great way to compare different loan options and rates, and what would be the best for my case.


All lenders pretty much have the same stuff, but Credible is useful particularly because they are good at handling both student loans and refinancing...of such loans.

Take my brother's advice!

This resource has been incredibly helpful to my older brother who has needed to refinance college debt. His experience has sold me on the value of using Credible to look at refinancing options when the time comes to refi my education debt!

Great for reviewing options

This is super helpful, and I really appreciate that it does not affect your credit score in the process! Huge life-saver!

Good option if you have good/ok credit

I have a loan and I am looking to refinance to see different interest rate options. FAFSA did not cover much of my tuition and I can only work so much while going to school. This compared loan options but my options were all basically the same. Your options will definitely be better if you have established credit