Credible Loan Refinance Comparisons Review 81 Reviews

Credible should be your first stop for refinancing student loans. It helps you save thousands by making it easy for you to compare pre-qualified refinancing rates, eligibility, and terms for free, with no affect on your credit score. It takes two minutes and you can check as many times as you want!

Why we love it
Credible is a no-brainer for students with loans. There's no commitment required, so you can easily check your refinancing offers and see how much you stand to save on your loans.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at

What Students Say

81 reviews

Super Helpful

A great help in relieving stress related to college and learning by finding the best student loan rates! Would definitely recommend!

Love it .. very easy and quick to find good rates

I am starting school this fall. I checked this website. It is easy to use and the most important for me that when I check the loan rates It doesn't affect my credit score. I highly recommend it.


I signed up for the website and when I tried to look for student loans for school, I was told that I need a Co-Signer in order to possibly get approved, which is very discouraging and frustrating. My experience was not positive in any way, at all. This website can be very, veru misleading for people who think that they might get approved for a student loan.

Zero Stars

Private Loans are the worst thing a student could use. With high interest rates, fees, and payments starting immediately, a student will have a hard time paying on a loan while in classes. These also do not have income-based options like federal loans. Not worth the time or money.

Just In-Credible

When thinking about paying for college, this tool alleviates much of the stress. This is an educational tool that helps you learn more about your refinancing options. Loans can be a difficult topic to understand, especially for new students. Credible makes the process so much easier and more efficient. I am so glad that this resource is available for students who need diverse options to finance their education.

Following the advice of Dave Ramsey

This is a useful tool because it can reduce the overall student debt that has to be paid. For example if I have three loans. The princpal or main loan was 30 thousand. one loan had an interest rate of 15 thousand at 5 percent, 10 thousand 2 percent, and 5 thousand at15 percent. It could save me a large sum of money getting those loans refinanced to just 7 percent for the total amount

Good resource

I personally don't have much use for it, but if you have a loan that you're looking to refinance this would be a good place to start.

Great Resource!

Prime has been so helpful for many things. I often have to get school supplies last minute, and Prime is wonderful for that. The shipping is very quick, I usually get free returns on most items, and I am able to easily find anything I need.

It's Decent

It comes highly recommended, but they don't offer opportunities if they feel you need a cosigner and don't have one.

Very Clear

Credible takes you through a step-wise approach of comparing your loan refinancing options. Very user friendly.