Credible Loan Refinance Comparisons Review 17 Reviews

Credible should be your first stop for refinancing student loans. It helps you save thousands by making it easy for you to compare pre-qualified refinancing rates, eligibility, and terms for free, with no affect on your credit score. It takes two minutes and you can check as many times as you want!

Why we love it
Credible is a no-brainer for students with loans. There's no commitment required, so you can easily check your refinancing offers and see how much you stand to save on your loans.
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at
Dror Liebenthal, CEO at

What Students Say

17 reviews

Functional and Useful!

Student loans are incredible these days, and Credible makes it so much easier to manage!

Makes Adulting SO Much Easier!

Comparing loan rates via Credible has made my new adult life so much easier and simpler. No more tireless switching back and forth and doing the loan comparisons on my own.

Credible Has My Back

Credible gives me back the power I should have as a borrower by letting me know that I DO have better options. Every borrower should give them a try!

Easy to Understand

Credible helped me understand what I was looking for in a loan by grouping everything together in a logical, easy to follow manner. It has made it much easier for me to decide where I would like my loans and how much I will be paying in interest.

Amazing money saver!

Credible Loan Refinance Comparisons helps me save tons of money! Totally recommend it for college students!

Great Product!

It makes it easier for me to manage my finances as a student going into college!

Very helpful

Credible is the best way to save money and refinancing student loans, where you can also compare multiple offers.

Great Source

This is a great, reliable source for college students looking to manage their college expenses!

Great Resource

If you're new to loan pre-qualification checks, I would recommend using this resource. It's user friendly and accurate!

Great Resource

Another great resource for saving money and keeping track of your finances.

Such a good tool!

Like Trivago, but for college loans.


This a great way to compare loans especially navigating the daunting expenses of college.

Quick and easy rate comparisons!

Credible helps you find the best college loan deal for you. Completely personalized and helpful information is constantly at your fingertips with this resource. Managing student debt is one of the most challenging things in life, but Credible is here to help you make that task a little bit easier!

Amazing Resource

Some of the best rates out there without having to go through the hassle of looking all over the place. Very easy to use and saves you money.

They'll pay you $200 if you can find a better rate somewhere else

Credible basically has lenders compete for your business and I was able to get significantly better rates through their platform than anywhere else. It's definitely worth checking what they have to offer.

Great for Comparison Shopping

The information provided really allows the consumer to know all of their options

Very Good Resource

I highly recommend checking this before taking a student loan. It gives you the best rates you can find!