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How to Write a Scholarship Thank You Letter
After earning a scholarship, many forget to write a scholarship thank you letter. This simple, six-step guide will show you how to structure yours.
What Is a Merit Based Scholarship?
When applying for scholarships, many students ask, "What is a merit based scholarship?" It's a great question, but the answer has multiple parts: 1. Definition of a merit based scholarship 2. Merit scholarship factor 1: Academics 3. Merit scholarship factor 2: Extracurricular activities 4. Merit scholarship factor 3: Other factors 5. Types of merit based scholarships 6. Frequently asked questions about merit based scholarships 7. How to win a merit based scholarship Definition of a me
How to Set Up a Memorial Scholarship Fund
You want your memorial scholarship to truly honor your loved one. Here's how to start a memorial scholarship in minutes.
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The Ultimate Guide on Student Loan Forgiveness in 2023
The nation's student loan debt grows six times faster than the nation's economy. Click to learn how student loan forgiveness works today!
How to Create a Scholarship Fund in 7 steps
There are many options available for how to create a scholarship fund. This post will guide you through the scholarship creation process.
How to Write a Scholarship Essay
Quality scholarship essays are vital in the scholarship process. Read this guide for tips on how to make your scholarship essays stand out from the competition.
How to Apply for Scholarships
This guide offers a comprehensive list of tips on how to apply for scholarships and maximize your winnings.