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Preventing Bullying in College
Even in college, bullying can still take place. However, you can play an active role in preventing it on your campus. Check out this guide on preventing bullying in college to learn how to make your school a safer environment.
July 19, 202217 min read
Billionaire Qualifications
The most common degrees that make a billionaire We once dreamed of being millionaires, but these days that seems like pocket change to the richest people in the world, with over 2,000 people holding the title of billionaire. But what is it that makes these people so successful and what commonalities do the members of this elite club share? We took a look at the education of the wealthiest individuals in the world to see if there are certain majors that billionaires are most likely to study and
July 19, 20223 min read
College Resources for Students with an IEP or 504 Plan
If you are a student with an IEP or 504 plan, you may be wondering how to prepare for college. If so, check out this comprehensive guide to get the information you need.
July 19, 20225 min read
How to Successfully Transition to College
Transitioning to College Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence. ~Robert Frost So you have spent time on the internet searching colleges, winnowed down a workable list, visited your top schools, and come up with a short list of prospective colleges. Now it's time to start filling out college applications. The next stretch of time will be busy, hectic, and challenging but remember to stay organized while keeping on top of your no
July 19, 20224 min read
Complete Resource Guide for College Students with Disabilities
Prospective college students with disabilities may feel overwhelmed as they begin looking into their options as they navigate college life. Fortunately, there have been marked strides made with adaptive technology and legislative advances to support college students with a variety of disabilities. Create a profile and use the scholarship search feature to access hundreds of exclusive scholarships. * College Guide for Students with Disabilities * Cross-Section of Student Disabilities
July 19, 202211 min read
College Guide for Visually Impaired Students
Having visual impairment can make the process of finding and attending college unique. Check out this guide for visually impaired students to learn about the options for and nuances of attending college with visual impairment.
July 19, 20226 min read
Best LGBTQ Colleges for 2024
Distinguish the best LGBTQ colleges through their exceptional characteristics. Experience inclusive environments, supportive communities, and vibrant diversity.
July 19, 20226 min read
When to Apply to College
College admissions involves keeping up with many important dates. If you're wondering when to start applying to colleges, check out this comprehensive guide!
July 1, 20229 min read
How Much Does College Cost?
Check out this comprehensive guide to learn how much college really costs!
July 1, 202210 min read
BTL Athletes Scholarship Winner Profile: Alaysia Oakes
Alaysia Oakes is a motivated and athletic student who was recently one of the five winners of the BTL Athletes Scholarship on The scholarship was funded by BTL Industries, Inc. and was open to low-income student-athletes who play varsity or collegiate sports. As one of the winners, Alaysia has shared her experience with the scholarship application process and has opened up about how this award will impact her life. Alaysia's advice can help you as you apply to scholarships on Bold.or
June 17, 20223 min read
How to Choose a College in 2024
Navigate the process of how to choose a college with confidence. Discover insights on finding the ideal fit for your goals and aspirations.
June 3, 202211 min read
The Most Sought-After Colleges and Universities in the United States
Universities in the United States receive an incredible number of applicants, but this list features only the most sought-after colleges and universities. Read on to learn which schools are the most popular.
May 20, 20228 min read
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When to Take the MCAT | Choose Just the Right Time to Ace the Exam
Everything you need to know to make a smart decision about when to take the MCAT. Read this guide for all the important information you need to ace the MCAT.
May 19, 20225 min read
#Standardized Tests
MCAT Study Schedule | Good Planning Will Help You Ace the Test
Preparing for the MCAT can be daunting, but having a structured MCAT study schedule can make the process easier. Read on to learn about how to craft the perfect schedule for you.
May 19, 20227 min read
#Standardized Tests
MCAT Sections | Get To Know the Breakdown of the Test
It's no secret that the MCAT is a difficult exam, but knowing what to expect can help boost your score. Read this guide on the MCAT sections to get a comprehensive breakdown of what's on the test.
May 19, 20228 min read
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When to Take the LSAT | All You Need To Learn About the Test Dates
The Law School Admissions Test can be pretty intimidating for prospective law students, but the first step is easy: signing up. Check out this guide on when to take the LSAT to get an idea of what your calendar should look like.
May 19, 20225 min read
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LSAT Cost & Why the Test Is Worth the Investment
There's a lot you need to know about the LSAT, its cost, and its value. Read on for essential information to get your law school prep underway.
May 19, 20225 min read
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SAT Grammar Rules | All You Need to Know
SAT Grammar Rules. Everything you need to know!
May 18, 202211 min read
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How to Study for the SAT | Test Guide and Prep Hacks
The SAT is one of the most stressful exams that high school students will take. Fortunately, you can learn how to study for the SAT to optimize your score
May 18, 202212 min read
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Difference Between ACT and SAT | Guide to Test Formats and Questions
When it comes to college admissions, the ACT and the SAT are two important tests for students. Read on to learn about the difference between the ACT and SAT.
May 18, 202212 min read
#Standardized Tests
How Long Is the LSAT? | Manage Your Exam Time Wisely
The LSAT, short for Law School Admission Test (so if people say LSAT test it is actually redundant), is the exam that law schools across the country require every prospective student to take. For all prospective law students, the LSAT is often a specter that haunts their undergraduate years. One of the most intimidating aspects of the test is learning how to manage their exam time in order to prepare for taking the exam. For all the learning and growing and fun they have as college students, so
May 18, 20226 min read
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How Hard is the MCAT | A Study into Its Difficulty Level
In this guide, we’ll assist you in better gauging the difficulty level of the MCAT. Also, you will find a good glimpse into the test.
May 18, 202210 min read
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How Many Times Can You Take the SAT? | The Number of Retakes Matters
As high school senior students around the country start the process of applying to college admissions, there’s one piece of the admissions puzzle that is often a source of dread for many of these students: the SAT exam. We all know that, despite its recent waning importance, an applicant’s SAT score is one of the most significant factors admissions counselors will weigh in determining whether a student is a good fit for a school.
May 18, 20229 min read
What is a College Major?
A college major is a student's chosen field of study that determines the coursework a student must complete to attain a college degree
April 15, 20227 min read
Best States for College Students in 2024
Analyzing factors ranging from tuition costs to graduation rates, we gathered a list of the best states for college students. Learn more now!
March 28, 20225 min read
Most Popular College Majors in 2024
We analyzed our database of more than 1.5 million students to find the most popular college majors in every state.
March 15, 20223 min read
The 2022 College Showdown
We're hosting our own version of March Madness: the College Showdown. Following the structure of March Madness, we'll be pitting the most popular universities against each other - but there's a catch! Get Matched to Thousands of Scholarships Create your profile to access thousands of exclusive scholarships, available only on Create Free Profile The most
March 14, 20222 min read
How to Find Scholarships
Navigating the world of financial aid can be tricky, but fortunately there are several effective ways to go about finding scholarships. Read on to learn more about how you can find scholarships to fund your educational journey.
March 3, 20229 min read
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What Is a Good ACT Score?
Getting a good ACT score can open up doors of opportunity for you to be accepted at your dream college or to obtain an advantageous merit scholarship. But how do you know what your target score should be? What is a good ACT score in 2022? Generally speaking, a good ACT score is 24 or higher; that's because it's best to aim for an ACT composite score that's in the 75th percentile or above. However, a score that's "good" for you may not be the same as for somebody else – your ACT score goal will
February 25, 202213 min read
What is the Difference Between a Grant and a Scholarship?
Navigating the world of financial aid can be complicated, especially with so many different types available. If you are wondering about the difference between grants and scholarships in particular, check out this comprehensive guide.
February 4, 20227 min read