What is a College Major?

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Deep diving into the world of higher education can be overwhelming. With so many fields of study to pick from, having to choose only one may feel impossible. Before making your decision, it's important to take a step back and look over exactly what you're deciding on. The short answer: a college major is a student's chosen field of study that determines the coursework a student must complete to attain a college degree. Often, graduates base their careers around their college majors, so your field of study can be an important decision.

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What is a college major?

  1. Definition of a college major
  2. Definition of a college minor
  3. Popular college majors
  4. What to major in during college
  5. When to declare a college major
  6. Does a college major decide my profession?

Definition of a college major

Simply put, a college major is a student’s chosen area of study to focus on in college. This chosen area of study will be what your college degree is geared towards, showing that you have specialized in that field. Each college major has a certain framework of courses that must be completed during your undergraduate studies in order to attain your degree.

Majors are usually under a larger category called an academic discipline. While all academic disciplines are branches of knowledge, majors are branches of these academic disciplines. The discipline your major falls under is the one your degree specializes in. Most institutions will have different colleges dedicated to each discipline where the department heads for the corresponding majors will be based.