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Can You Get a Scholarship for Being Left-Handed?

Written by Hailey Young
Updated: March 25, 2023
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A small but significant 10% of the U.S. population identifies as being left-handed. While this quirk may seem like a surprising reason to get a scholarship, there is plenty of financial aid available for left-handed students who know where to look.

Since being left-handed is rather rare, applying for scholarships specifically for left-handed students can increase your chances of winning. With fewer eligible applicants, you'll have a better shot of being selected as a winner.

Many scholarships for left-handed students come from private organizations. Some of the more well-known left-handed scholarships include the Andrew Macrina Scholarship Fund, the Frederick and Mary F. Beckley Scholarship, the James River Church Left-Handed Scholarship, the Michael Yasick ADHD scholarship, and the James Beard Foundation National Scholarships.

While these are great options for left-handed people, you can find plenty of other financial aid options if you want to attend an accredited college or university, including need-based scholarships and other merit scholarships.

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Why is being left-handed rare?

Although left-handed people have been disadvantaged throughout history for their difference in ability, the reason behind their rareness is a complex genetic and evolutionary phenomenon. In society, being left-handed is rare because of the balance between cooperation and competition.

If societies are entirely cooperative, everyone has the same dominant hand since unanimity can be helpful when sharing tools or interacting with people. However, if competition is more important, the ratio of right-handed to left-handed people would be 50-50 because being left-handed would be advantageous in competition.

Over time, the rate of left-handedness has risen in the United States as society has become more accepting. As fewer parents and teachers have tried to discourage left-handedness, the phenomenon has become more common, though left-handed individuals remain in the minority. As time goes on, it's possible that being left-handed will become even more common!

For now, while left-handed students are still rare, make sure to take advantage of the financial aid available to left-handed learners. Browse through the exclusive scholarships offered on to get started.

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How to apply for a scholarship for being left-handed

For any left-handed student looking for scholarship money, it is important to consider how much financial aid you need.

Once you have found a scholarship that supports left-handedness, you should look at the scholarship description to see the requirements and how you should apply. It's important to note that you need to fulfill all eligibility requirements in order to qualify. So, being left-handed may not automatically make you eligible for a scholarship. Make sure to thoroughly read all eligibility requirements before spending time on your application.

Like other types of opportunities, left-handed scholarships may require you to submit an application or even write an essay. A required essay may ask you about your specific experience being left-handed, so it is important to think about how your left-handedness has affected your life and your academic success.

It's also possible that a scholarship will require a more general essay about your life experiences, goals for the future, or unique skills. Read this guide to learn more about writing a winning scholarship essay.

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How to get a scholarship for being left-handed

For those with excessive financial need, you should apply for scholarships early. It also helps to apply for multiple scholarships, especially if the scholarships are competitive. The more scholarships you apply for, the greater your chance of winning one will be. Don't get discouraged if you're not selected for a scholarship. The best way to secure the funding you need is to be persistent and to keep trying!

In order to get a scholarship for being left-handed, you should look at the scholarship description and requirements. If the scholarship requires left-handed college students to write a personal statement or complete an application, make sure that your writing is clear and that the information is correct. Additionally, make sure to be unique and showcase your personality. Remember that donors are reading hundreds or even thousands of applications before choosing a winner. In order to have a chance of winning, you'll need to stand out from the crowd.

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Frequently asked questions about left-handed scholarships

Can a left-handed person get a scholarship?

Any left-handed student can find scholarships they qualify for. Left-handed applicants can benefit from scholarships exclusively open to left-handed individuals and from more general academic merit scholarships. Consider all scholarships that you qualify for in order to earn as much funding as possible.

What is the probability of winning a scholarship?

For left-handed students, the chance of winning college scholarships is difficult to quantify. The exact chance of winning depends on the specific scholarship and how many applications it will receive. Scholarships that are only open to a small group of students will be easier to win than broad scholarships open to all or most students.

Overall, there are approximately 1.7 million private scholarships available in the United States. In 2020, 58% of families used college scholarships to help pay for college costs. While many students use scholarships as some part of their financial plan, a single scholarship often isn't enough to cover the full expenses of higher education unless its a full-ride scholarship. Apply for many opportunities so that you can minimize your costs and graduate debt-free.

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