Different Types of Scholarships

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College is expensive, so it's important to look for financial aid sources to help you prepare to pay for higher education. One of the best ways to help pay for a college education is through college scholarships. Bold.org exists to help students pay for their schooling, offering scholarships for all students. But with so many scholarships out there, it can be hard to know where to start.

The best way to maximize scholarship money is to choose the best scholarships for you. In order to find these scholarships, it's helpful to know the different types of scholarships available for students. Sign up for a free profile and gain access to hundreds of scholarships. To see what types of scholarships you can apply for, see the categories of scholarships on Bold.org that help you find scholarships in your state, for your education level, for your major, and for your background, ethnicity, and identity.

Merit-based scholarships

Merit scholarships are scholarships awarded based on academic performance. The better a student's grades are, the more likely they are to earn academic scholarships. Merit-based scholarships are for students with exceptional grades and test scores, supporting students in the top percentiles of their class. Merit scholarships are not based on financial need, but rather support students that exemplify academic excellence throughout their schooling.