@ESPDaniella Debt Grant

Funded by
Carlynn Greene
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1 winner
Application Deadline
Jul 8, 2022
Winners Announced
Aug 8, 2022
Education Level
Graduate, Undergraduate
Eligibility Requirements
Financial Background:
Has Student Debt
Financial Background:
Has Student Debt

Student debt is an issue that plagues more than 43 million people in the United States alone.

Americans now owe more than $1.7 trillion in student loan debt, with each borrower owing an average of more than $39,000.

This scholarship seeks to alleviate the burden of student loan debt by helping current students, graduates, and those who dropped out pay off their student debt.

Any current undergraduate senior, graduate school student, college graduate, or previous student who dropped out of college and has student loan debt may apply for this scholarship.

Finalists for this scholarship will be asked to show proof of student loan debt in order to receive the award.



When is the scholarship application deadline?

The application deadline is Jul 8, 2022. Winners will be announced on Aug 8, 2022.