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If you've decided to go to college, then the prospect of learning and finding the career that best suits your interests is important to you. A college degree can open doors in your desired career industry and can expose you to the various areas of study that are available to you.

In college, you will have the opportunity to study subjects that possibly weren't previously available to you, allowing you to explore different intellectual ideas, multiple interests, and even other cultures. It is possible that in this exploration, one of these subjects could lead you to the right major for you. College is all about trial and error, so don't be scared if the decision-making process for you isn't a linear path.

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Tips on choosing a college major

Be prepared to spend a large amount of time thinking about your interests and career aspirations. The process of choosing a major may sound daunting, but everyone is in the same boat, and there are plenty of resources to help guide you with this important decision.

Colleges will likely ask you to choose your intended major when you send in your application. Don't worry — this decision is not permanent and you'll likely be able to choose "undecided". College admissions want to see your desired area of interest but they understand that students could change their minds later on.