Editorial Policy

Furthering Bold.org’s Mission

Students take on huge amounts of debt to get access to the education they want and need. As a result of rising college costs, today’s average student graduates more than $30,000 in debt. By enabling students to fund their education through exclusive funding opportunities, Bold.org broadens access to that education in an affordable and sustainable way.

Bold.org awards millions of dollars and thousands of scholarships each year. We also further our mission through the Bold.org Scholarship Blog, which aims to eliminate student debt by helping students access well-researched, high-quality information covering the entire educational finance journey, including scholarships, grants, and other sources of aid so that all students, regardless of their financial status, are able to pursue higher education.

The Bold.org Scholarship Blog achieves this with a team of expert content writers and a rigorous, detailed publication process. All research and analysis found on the Bold.org Scholarship Blog is original, and is the result of an extensive data-gathering and validation process. We describe this process in detail here.

Subject Matter Expertise

Our team is made up of expert college students and graduates with personal experience funding their education, using a voice catered to students to provide informational content through accessible means. With this student-centric voice, the team is able to serve a wide range of audiences, from high school users and college students to adult learners and graduates looking to pay off student loans.

The Editorial Process

The content found on Bold.org is original and published only after an extensive research process. Our skilled writers start the process by carrying out thorough research on topics related to education, financial aid, and student life. On average, we spend more than 100 hours per week meticulously researching each article we publish to provide our readers with the most recent information and statistics they need to make informed decisions about their education.

Before publishing, each article is independently fact-checked and edited by at least two reviewers to ensure accuracy and clarity. Articles are then reviewed and updated on a monthly basis to guarantee that they have the most up-to-date information.

Campus Advisory Board

Our writers draw on the comprehensive and diverse knowledge of our Campus Advisory Board, made up of six experts working at colleges around the country. This accomplished board advises the team on higher education processes and topics to bring fresh, informed perspectives to the publication.

Meet the Authors

Candace Bowers

Candace loves that writing is a form of art that has given her a place to compose thoughtful material where she expertly utilizes different styles and techniques to communicate information in new ways. She is a full-time student at Columbia University in the City of New York, where she studies Creative Writing and English. She has engaged in writing workshops and attended seminars with talented groups of writers and world-class faculty in the nation's literary capital. She won a Silver Medal in the 2022 National Post-Secondary Russian Essay Contest, where she submitted an essay she wrote in Russian. Candace is a Content Writer and has been writing for Bold since 2022. In this position, she develops well-researched, in-depth, thoroughly considered articles, blog posts, and research reports that provide an authoritative perspective on topics across scholarships, education, and philanthropy. Candace enjoys uncovering opportunities and fighting student debt by introducing students to funding opportunities they might not otherwise have known. When she isn’t writing, you can find her spending her free time reading her favorite author Franz Kafka, watching One Chicago, studying, and spending time with her beloved partner.

Elizabeth Brenneman

Elizabeth is an avid writer with a passion for creating content that informs and assists students and young professionals. Elizabeth has been a lifelong writer, starting with short stories in elementary school and receiving the AP English award at her high school in 2019. From there, Elizabeth worked her way up to writing for the news section of the student newspaper at Georgetown University, where she completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in English and government in 2022. Through her college experience and time as a writer, Elizabeth has become an expert on financial aid, from loans to grants to scholarships, with specialized knowledge about the college admissions process. Elizabeth has firsthand experience applying for and winning scholarships and she has also navigated the process of taking out and paying back student loans. Elizabeth has navigated the world of college admissions and used her knowledge of financial aid to negotiate the aid offered to her by different institutions. Since graduating, Elizabeth has used her knowledge to help other students maximize their financial aid packages. Elizabeth has been writing for Bold.org since 2021 and uses her position to help countless students learn more about how to win scholarships, how to be successful in college, and how to thrive professionally after graduation.

Kate Townley

Kate has been part of the publications team at Bold.org since 2021 and is passionate about using writing to educate and help others. Her research and writing skills allow her to create expert content for Bold.org. Nearing the completion of her degrees in both Journalism and Astrophysics at Michigan State University, she has experience with advanced research as well as factual reporting. She has done professional freelance writing for Hour Detroit Magazine and is both a writer and editor for the online publication Her Campus, geared towards college students. Additionally, her background working in a public school district gives her a unique perspective that can serve students on their journey to higher education. Following her education, Kate plans to pursue a career as a scientific writer.

Fiza Usman

Fiza Usman has loved writing ever since she was little. She spent her youth reading books and writing essays on any topic she could find. Her passion for writing intensified during her elementary years when she entered and won various writing contests at her school. In high school, she decided to finally capitalize on her skillset and became both a writer and business manager for her school’s art and culture magazine, C Magazine. There, she wrote and designed article spreads which were later recognized by Columbia’s Scholastic Press Association. A few of her pieces were even awarded their Gold Crown Award through the prestigious organization. Her contribution to the magazine has made her knowledgeable in journalism. Upon her first year at Boston College, Fiza decided to further fuel her ambitions and has now created her own blog. For her followers all around the world, her platform shares stories that make an immense impact on her readers. Ranging from light-hearted to more serious conversations, her blog posts are influential for people from all backgrounds. As a college student who understands the financial implications of obtaining a degree and thus the importance of scholarship opportunities, Fiza writes for Bold.org in hopes of helping other students navigate their way.

Nicole Kim

Nicole Kim (she/they) is a freelance writer based in Brooklyn, New York who specializes in science and health writing, social justice issues, and nonprofit writing. Nicole graduated from Brown University with Bachelor’s degrees in English Literature and Ethnic Studies, receiving Honors in Ethnic Studies for her senior thesis on contemporary poet Ocean Vuong. During her time at Brown, Nicole served as a staff writer and section editor for The College Hill Independent (“The Indy”), New England’s largest alt-weekly publication. Notably, their contributions to the publication include news pieces analyzing complex social justice issues. Her piece Imagining Indigenous Futures: The Fight to Save the West Berkeley Shellmound received the Barbara Banks Brodsky Prize in Real World Writing from the Department of English. Nicole is also an experienced writing instructor, having served as a Writing Fellow at Brown University for three years, and is trained in anti-racist and accessible pedagogies of teaching writing. She currently works as a writing tutor and executive function coach with ConnectToLearn Tutors.

Chanelle Garzon

Chanelle has been writing since she can remember and is passionate about finding new ways to bridge the writing and digital worlds together. She is an expert in technical, professional, and creative writing, with an emphasis on grammar skills. She graduated from the University of South Florida in 2014 and has been a freelance writer for over 10 years since attaining her Bachelors degree. She recently attended Columbia University’s SPS Summer Program and intends on pursuing her Master’s degree in Creative Fiction Writing. She is very dedicated to helping students and young adults alike find their way on their educational and professional paths. Since graduating from USF, Chanelle has accomplished many milestones in her career. She has specialized in writing for various online publications, small business blogs, and has mastered her editing and revising skills. She has also dabbled in translation services from Spanish to English, as well as proofreading. She even owned her own magazine company, Femme Feature Magazine, an online and print magazine dedicated to women in all corners of the creative field. In her free time, Chanelle enjoys spending time with family and friends, indulging in new foods, watching movies and working on her first novel. She is an avid reader and is always looking for new, refined ways to tell her stories. Through all her pursuits, she is a writer first and foremost, and is always looking for her next story.

Annika World

Annika is a senior at New York University pursuing an interdisciplinary degree studying the intersection of film, psychology, philosophy, and creative writing. Through her coursework Annika has engaged in a number of writing workshops and intensive seminars, honing her writing craft under the guidance of acclaimed authors and poets. Within the entertainment industry, Annika has fulfilled a range of diverse roles, working in film and TV development, production and distribution, sustainability consulting, and diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. Annika has experience working in educational services, tutoring, and library systems as well. Annika has been writing for Bold as a Content Writer since 2023. In this position, she develops well-researched articles, blog posts, and research reports to provide an expert perspective on scholarships and education topics. Annika enjoys supporting prospective students and combatting the student debt crisis by sharing scholarship and higher education planning resources. When Annika isn’t writing, she spends her free time filmmaking and editing videos, making music, and exploring nature.

Safa Hijazi

Safa Hijazi has always loved writing and reading, that’s why she studies it! She loves to write poetry along with writing informational articles. Currently, she is an undergraduate student at the University of Michigan majoring in English and creative writing with a minor in User Experience Design. She was an English summer intern at Michigan News where assisted in planning, researching, and writing news articles. With the knowledge she gained at this internship, she became a skilled article writer. She now works for Michigan News as a media assistant, focusing on graphics and social media writing. Safa’s poetry collection, “Let Us Get Lost in the Valleys” was the first-place winner of the Hopwood program's Keith Taylor Award for Excellence in Poetry by the University of Michigan in 2023. She also won the Seham Elasmar Memorial Scholarship for writing and media from the Islamic Scholarship Fund to support her English education.

Bold.org Editorial Team

Students around the country are taking on huge amounts of debt to get access to the education they want and need. By enabling students to fund their education through exclusive funding opportunities, Bold.org broadens access to that education in an affordable and sustainable way. Our objective is to help students receive more information about scholarships, grants and all sorts of financial aid. Here at Bold.org we work with expert content writers in order to create the most compelling and informative blog articles. Our team is made up of expert college students using a student-centric voice. Content found on Bold.org is original, and published after an extensive research process.Welcome to the creative minds behind Bold.org! Our dedicated editorial team is passionate about empowering students on their academic journey by providing valuable insights into scholarships, student loans, and college life. We believe in the transformative power of education and strive to make the path to success a bit smoother for every student. College is more than just classes and exams; it's a transformative experience. Our articles explore various aspects of college life, from choosing the right major to balancing academics and extracurricular activities. Empowering students through knowledge, we are the Bold.org Editorial Team – your trusted source for all things scholarships, student loans, and college life. Join us on this exciting journey of learning, growth, and success!

Elise Nass

Elise has always been an avid reader and storyteller, driven by her fascination with the mechanisms and devices behind characters and plots. She has been studying psychology and literature with an interest in the professional writing field after graduating. As a college finance and scholarship staff writer with Bold.org, Elise is a skillful communicator and expert writer. In her current position on the writing team, Elise crafts meaningful content pieces to help students navigate college life and scholarship applications. As an experienced writer, she makes use of syntax and tone to write readable, educational pieces on college financial aid. Elise has a solid understanding of linguistics and grammatical structures across multiple languages thanks to her fluency in English and proficiency in Mandarin and Cantonese. Through challenging university coursework and corporate experience, she has become an expert in several different types of writing, including literary analysis, content pieces, formal scientific writing, and more. In her free time, Elise also enjoys creative writing and has published a short story in The Foundationalist literary magazine. She has also won several short story writing awards at the regional and international levels. When she is not writing, she enjoys bubble tea and baking anything matcha flavored.

Adren Setian

Adren is a professional writer who has been working with Bold.org since 2022. She has always loved writing both fiction and nonfiction, always with the intention to help other people. At Bold.org she loves being a specialist who works to help students reduce their student debt and make financially wise decisions about the future of their education. Past experience that informs Adren’s expertise includes: Working with the Education and Employment Team of Catholic Social Services Refugee Assistance and Immigration Services. Being a research assistant analyzing data for research projects at University of Alaska Anchorage. Several years as the Assistant Manager of an Equine Education program where responsibilities included creating and developing curriculums. Time spent volunteering as the Vice President and Senior Graphic Designer for University of Alaska Anchorage’s Psychology Club and Psi Chi Honor Society chapter with the goal of furthering students’ professional skills and knowledge of the field of Psychology and building a sense of community. In her free time Adren enjoys hiking, reading, and having game nights with friends and family. Adren would like to end her introduction with a land acknowledgement relevant to Anchorage, Alaska, her hometown and place of residence: “Dena'inaq ełnen'aq' gheshtnu ch'q'u yeshdu. (Dena'ina)” [I live and work on the land of the Dena’ina. (English)] — Translated by Joel Isaak and Sondra Stuart

Hailey Young

Hailey Young has been writing for Bold.org since 2021 and is adept in writing about financial aid and scholarships. Hailey has spent a majority of her high school and college career crafting her writing skills and becoming an expert writer. In high school, Hailey’s writing experience included writing for her school’s yearbook as well as writing some articles for Redefy, an international non-profit whose goals are to fight stereotypes and promote positive perspectives. Once she graduated from high school, Hailey began studying Literary Arts and Africana Studies at Brown University. In her studies, she has taken a variety of writing workshops that have helped her hone her craft as a writer. In the spring, she will earn her bachelor's degree, which includes an honors degree in creative writing from Brown. In addition to her writing experience, Hailey is also passionate about scholarships and financial aid, as she was a scholarship recipient through high school and college. Through the generosity of others, Hailey has been able to receive a quality education and would love to pass this gift on to others. As a current senior in college, Hailey has become well-versed in the ins and outs of scholarships, student debt, and college spending. With this experience and knowledge, she is readily prepared to help others as a writer for Bold.org. When she’s not writing for Bold.org, Hailey also enjoys cooking, writing poetry, and singing in an a capella group.

Gabrielle Punzalan

Gabrielle Punzalan is currently studying English with a focus on Professional Writing at the Norman J. Radow College of Humanities & Social Sciences at Kennesaw State University. It was at KSU where she also earned her Creative Writing Certificate from the College of Professional Education in 2020. She also works with the KSU English Department as an Accessibility Assistant to help faculty make teaching materials accessible for online learning. With her credentials, she has written and edited numerous articles and blogs over the years. On her path to become a well-rounded writer, Gabrielle has had essays and scholarly research published in both book anthologies and institutional repositories with works such as Love Yourself: Essays on self-love, care and healing and the KSU Symposium of Student Scholars. She has built a writing portfolio with other exemplary works throughout her professional career. She continues to do research and content writing as a Writer for Bold.org, sharing expert knowledge and creating articles on scholarships, education, and personal finance for both college students and graduates alike since 2022. As a current student herself, she takes pride in sharing important information that can also help others in their own academic and financial journeys. In her free time, she enjoys writing and reading stories, cooking, filming vlogs, listening to music, and spending time with family and friends.

Jaeme Velez

Jaeme Velez is an experienced writer with a background in audiovisual and performing arts. He began his artistic journey in the world of dance, training at prestigious schools in Los Angeles and performing at notable venues like the Staples Center and Walt Disney Concert Hall. Jaeme then went on to study drama in Hollywood, further enhancing his skills in acting and screenwriting. In 2018, Jaeme made the decision to further pursue his academic interests, leading him to enroll at Los Angeles Valley College with a focus on Communication and English studies. Currently, he is pursuing a major in Creative Writing at Columbia University in New York, where he has been honored with the Casdin Family Scholarship Award and has been welcomed into the Honor Society of Columbia University. Jaeme remains dedicated to honing his storytelling skills, which involve the fusion of diverse cultures and languages while addressing social disparities. Beyond his passion for storytelling, Jaeme also exhibits a strong affinity for technology and research, with an array of projects that encompass Artificial Intelligence, UI/UX Design, web development, and human-computer interaction