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Best Physics Tutors in 2024, Reviewed by a Student

Written by Nicole Kim
Updated: April 11, 2023
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Physics classes can help students understand the mechanics of driving a car, the path of a projectile in space, and the laws that govern heat and matter in our everyday lives. As calculus concepts and complex critical thinking become involved, students may struggle with physics coursework. Hiring a qualified physics tutor can empower students to overcome academic challenges in the physics classroom and gain more confidence.

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TLDR: earns the #1 spot as our Best Online Math Tutor.

Many students and families hesitate to work with physics tutors due to the notorious cost of private tutoring. Luckily, there are low-cost and free tutoring options for physics students. Online physics tutoring can also be an affordable option for extra homework help and exam preparation.

Scholarships on can help high school and college students pay for tuition and other educational expenses, freeing up some extra money to hire a budget-friendly physics tutor. Working with private physics tutors who offer individualized help on homework, problem sets, and exam preparation can impact your academic progress long-term. Mastering physics concepts is essential for students interested in STEM subjects like mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and, of course, physics.

With so many options to hire physics tutors, choosing the right tutor that fits your learning style and budget can be overwhelming. In this article, I have compiled all the information you need about finding an experienced physics tutor to help you meet your academic goals and gain confidence in your abilities.

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A private physics tutor can help you improve your physics knowledge and earn better grades on physics homework.

The Best Online Physics Tutoring Services in 2023

Online tutoring is popular for many high school physics and college students because of its accessibility, flexibility, and affordable pricing. Working with an online physics tutor enables students to take lessons from the comfort of their own home or dorm room and schedule lessons to fit into their busy schedules. With so many popular online tutoring services, it's important to assess each tutoring company and individual physics tutor for their quality of instruction and expertise in the subject. A qualified physics tutor will typically be someone with a degree in physics or a related academic subject.

High school students who have taken advanced placement physics classes and possess a high level of maturity and tutoring experience can also be excellent candidates for a high school physics tutor. has vetted the following online tutoring services and determined them to be the best place to hire an online physics tutor.

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Learner is the number one choice for online physics tutoring because of the platform's rigorous vetting process and the high level of expertise that their tutors possess.

Learner has hundreds of experienced tutors on their platform with thousands of hours of experience tutoring. Lessons are conducted fully online through Learner's integrated online learning platform, and their proprietary matching system helps you find the perfect tutor that is well-suited for your learning goals and academic needs.

Physics tutors on Learner can help students master the fundamentals of physics to build a strong foundation to succeed in the physics classroom and beyond in upper-level STEM classes. Tutors help students lock down the fundamental theories of physics and strengthen their understanding of related subjects, like calculus and algebra concepts that have applications in physics.

Don't let physics equations and formulas intimidate you. Sign up for Learner’s physics tutoring services now!


Preply is an affordable online tutoring platform with over 200 experienced tutors specializing in physics. Many tutors that work on Preply have master's degrees or Ph.D.'s in physics and engineering subjects and over five years of experience working as a tutor. Using Preply's search engine, you can filter for a tutor's availability, country of origin, specialty, and pricing to find a tutor that meets your budget and learning preferences.

Physics tutoring on Preply starts at $18 for a 50-minute lesson from an experienced tutor. After booking a trial lesson, you can buy a set of hours from a particular tutoring. Many of the physics tutors available on Preply have extensive experience working with students on AP physics curriculum and IB Physics. Preply is ideal for helping with test prep.

The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review provides physics students with 24/7 homework help through an online physics classroom equipped with all the tools you need to practice physics questions. Physics tutors are available on-demand 24/7 to offer homework help or review questions for exam preparation, allowing students to fit in a tutoring session whenever they need it.

You can even upload lab reports to the online classroom and draw graphs on the interactive whiteboard. One hour of tutoring each month on The Princeton Review costs $39.99, while three hours is priced at $103.49.

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Wyzant is a popular online tutoring platform for physics that enables you to browse hundreds of active physics tutors with varying price points and levels of experience. On average, physics tutoring on Wyzant costs $35 - $60 per hour, though tutors are available at both ends of the spectrum. Tutors on Wyzant often have bachelor's degrees in physics or related subjects and may even possess a master's degree or a Ph.D.

You can browse available tutors and read their reviews from real customers on Wyzant to select the physics tutor that matches your learning process.

Online physis tutors are an accessible and affordable option for enhancing your physics education.

Khan Academy

While not an online tutoring service, Khan Academy boasts an extensive library of physics problem sets and video explanations available to all students for free! Suppose you're current budget cannot accommodate hiring a private online tutor. In that case, the resources Khan Academy houses are a perfect option to get in some extra practice or review difficult physics concepts.

The Khan Academy Physics Library is divided into 19 units, beginning with one-dimensional motion and culminating in AP physics preparation. Each unit is equipped with detailed video explanations of physics concepts, practice exercises, and informative articles to supplement students' learning in the classroom and help students prepare for exams.


LearnToBe is a nonprofit organization that offers free online tutoring to low-income students from underserved communities. Physics tutoring on LearnToBe is free, and each student is matched with a qualified, compassionate tutor for ongoing private sessions 1:1.

LearnToBe tutors are qualified to work with K-12 students in a variety of subjects, including high school physics and AP physics. Tutors can also share free resources online with students to supplement their work with their tutees in private online tutoring sessions.

You can hire private tutors for free through LearnToBe.

How To Find the Perfect Physics Tutor

Finding the perfect physics tutor depends on a number of variables, including your budget, schedule, learning style, and goals for tutoring. The cost of physics tutoring can vary greatly depending on your tutoring service, the rate your individual tutor charges per hour, and the choice of working with an online or an in-person tutor. Online physics tutoring is often less costly and more flexible in scheduling than private tutoring in-person.

Furthermore, if hiring a private tutor is out of your budget, tutoring services or homework help may be available through your high school or college. The physics department at your university may offer group tutoring sessions led by physics teaching assistants or upper-class physics majors eager to support young undergraduates. Select high schools may also run tutoring programs that pair junior and senior students or local college students with younger grade levels.

Be sure to research all the various tutoring options available to you before establishing a tutoring relationship with your physics tutor. Working with a professional physics tutor can benefit your academic success and career outcomes. While it's important to consider your budget for hiring a physics tutor, you can think of working with a tutor as a long-term investment in your future.

Learning physics is much easier with the help of expert tutors from one of our vetted platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions About Physics Tutoring

What tutoring service is the best for AP physics?

For help with standardized test prep, such as practicing for the AP Physics exam, we recommend Learner. Learner boasts hundreds of tutors experienced in working with students in AP Physics classes. You can easily browse tutors’ qualifications, including their education level, tutoring experience, and tutoring philosophy.

What are the benefits of working with a physics tutor?

A physics tutor can provide individualized help and help you master the concepts you struggle with. One of the biggest advantages of working with a physics tutor is the personalized attention that you'll receive. In a classroom setting, teachers have to attend to the needs of all students, which can make it difficult to learn at your own pace and absorb information through your preferred learning styles.

Tutors can help you make progress faster and build confidence in your abilities, allowing you to improve your grades. With personalized attention and a deeper understanding of concepts, you'll be better equipped to tackle challenging problems and perform well on exams.

Now that you understand the benefits that physics tutors offer students and how to find the perfect physics tutor, you're ready to start tutoring! Don't forget to create a profile to apply for scholarships to help you pay for educational costs like tutoring.

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