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Turns out, tutoring isn't just for K-12 students! Working with qualified professional tutors in college can help you ace your classes and earn a higher GPA. Whether you're seeking math tutoring for linear algebra or writing help on your sociology papers, experienced tutors will empower you to perform better on exams, essays, and projects.

Tutors working specifically with college-age students often have strong expertise in a particular subject. College tutors may have majored in the subject they tutor or taken higher-level courses as undergrads. Furthermore, college tutors possess extensive tutoring experience and have many tips and tricks up their sleeves to help you achieve your highest potential.

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With so many tutoring services, it can be confusing to determine which college tutors are truly the best. In this article, has compiled all the information you need to know about hiring the best college tutor, how much it costs to work with a college tutor, and the best online tutoring services for college students. Create a free profile to access hundreds of scholarships for college students that can help you save money on tuition and fees.

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Academic tutoring can help you achieve your learning goals and raise your GPA in college.

What Do College Tutors Do?

College tutors work with undergraduate students on various academic subjects, including humanities, social sciences, and STEM coursework. Tutors help students improve their understanding of the subject matter and sharpen their studying skills.

Depending on the subject you're looking to be tutored in and your learning styles, a college tutor can work with you on any of the following areas:

1. Writing Essays: No matter your major, most college students are required to write multiple academic essays in their time in undergrad. Expert college writing tutors can assist you with honing your writing process, brainstorming and outlining essays, editing completed drafts, and sharpening your data analysis.

2. Test Prep: College students who take higher-level STEM courses as part of their major requirements can benefit from working with an expert math tutor or science tutor. Tutors can help you deepen your understanding of math and science concepts and review practice problems to ensure you're thoroughly prepared for exams.

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3. Project-Based Assignment Help: Many college classes assign primarily project-based individual and group assignments as out-of-class work, including popular majors like engineering and computer science. Tutors with strong expertise in these areas can help you troubleshoot and fine-tune your assignments before you turn them in for a final grade.

4. Study Skills and Strategies: Half the battle of college academics involves forming effective study habits and establishing sustainable routines so you don't fall behind in the rigorous academic environment. Tutors specializing in executive function skills can incorporate time management and organization exercises into your work together so that you can work smarter, not harder.

College tutors work with students on academic essays, problem sets, projects, and study skills.

How to Find Qualified College Tutors

If you're searching for the perfect college tutor, look no further! Here are a few of the best ways to find your tutoring match-made-in-heaven:

#1 On-Campus Tutoring Programs

Many colleges and universities offer tutoring services and homework help for their enrolled undergraduate students. Browse your school's website for a teaching and learning center, or check out individual departments' pages to learn more about academic tutoring services offered in specific subjects.

Science departments like chemistry, physics, and biology often hire and train undergraduate tutors to teach lower grades or provide extra help to struggling peers.

Some colleges also have a writing fellows program that hires undergraduate students with strong writing abilities to tutor other undergraduates in academic writing. Schools may house the program under a larger writing center that provides quick, on-demand writing feedback for all undergraduate and graduate students by appointment.

#2 Online Tutoring Services

Online instruction is one of the most popular ways students of all grade levels access tutoring and homework help in the modern age. Popular tutoring platforms often host tutoring sessions on their own online learning space equipped with video calls, a whiteboard, a chat box, and other features that optimize the virtual learning experience.

Each tutoring platform has its specialties in terms of academic subjects, grade levels, and tutoring methodologies, so research the different platforms to find one that works best for you. Pay attention to hiring criteria for tutors to ensure that you're being matched with the highest-quality instructors.

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#3 Local Tutoring Services

If you think you'd benefit from in-person tutoring sessions, tutoring companies that are local to your school community can offer reasonable rates and high-quality instruction.

Take the time to thoroughly vet both tutoring platforms and individual tutors before you commit to working with a college tutor regularly.

Some companies may offer a free or reduced-price trial lesson to help you determine whether a particular tutor is the right fit. Once you've found the perfect in-person tutor, you can start having face-to-face sessions at the local library, a public cafe or a private residence.

#4 Individual or Freelance Tutors

Many of the best college tutors are not affiliated with a particular tutoring service or company, especially if they are recent graduates or college students themselves! You can form an incredibly rewarding and long-term relationship with a college tutor offering tutoring as an individual.

Often, these tutors advertise their services on social media platforms like Facebook or Craigslist. So check out your local and school-specific community pages to find excellent tutors just starting their tutoring journey or tutoring part-time to supplement their income.

Best Online Tutoring Services for College Students

Working with a tutor online is the most accessible and affordable option for a college student. However, with so many established and up-and-coming tutoring services, it can be overwhelming to determine which tutoring platforms are truly the best for college-level instruction.

To help you jump-start your research, we've ranked the top five online tutoring platforms for college students. These tutoring companies were chosen because they specialize in college academics and thoroughly vet their tutors to ensure they provide you with the highest-quality instruction on the market.



Learner provides access to highly qualified and experienced tutors who are knowledgeable in various fields and can provide personalized guidance to students. Learner addresses the difficulty of finding the best tutors in any subject by connecting students with the most suitable tutor from their vast network. No matter your location, Leaner has a tutor who can assist you.

College students can benefit from tutoring in several ways, including discussing class material and clarifying their understanding with another person, which can improve their comprehension of assignments and retention of knowledge. Additionally, one-on-one tutoring with Learner can lead to enhanced organization and increased comfort and confidence in any subject matter.

If you're looking to improve your academic performance and deepen your understanding of class material, try out Learner Online Tutoring today!

Varsity Tutors

The popular tutoring website Varsity Tutors offers one-on-one online instruction and on-demand tutoring for college-level students and adults in various subjects. Tutors are available for subjects like calculus, economics, biostatistics, essay writing, and more!

Suppose you sign up for a college and adult learning membership. In that case, you'll get access to 4 hours of online tutoring each month, unlimited live online classes, and tools for checking your progress and assessing your learning along your journey. Live online classes provide helpful tips and overviews for college students on topics like finances, career guidance, and technology.

You can also sign up for Varsity Tutors' instant tutoring service if you have a busy schedule and want on-demand help on assignments and test prep on the regular.


TutorDoctor provides online and in-home tutoring services for university and college students.

TutorDoctor operates on the premise that every student is unique and has individual needs when it comes to learning. As a result, they match each student with a tutor that aligns with the student's academic goals and learning style. Sessions occur in the comfort of the student's home, where they can feel safe and free from distractions.

Qualified tutors are available on TutorDoctor to help college students with both college academics and preparing to enter the workforce. The platform also offers executive function tutoring through its X-Skills program, which can help you solidify healthy habits like time management, organization, goal-setting, and more.

Princeton Review

A well-known test prep and SAT tutoring service, the Princeton Review also offers live, online academic tutoring for college students. The Princeton Review helps undergraduates master core subjects in college because college GPA can have a resounding effect on students' admissions into graduate programs and career training.

Students who currently present a B or higher on their college transcript are guaranteed to earn an A after the Princeton Review's 60-hour and 24-hour tutoring packages.

Furthermore, tutors that work with the Princeton Review are rigorously screened through subject exams, mock tutoring reviews, and a third-party background check. Tutors work with students virtually through the Princeton Review's LiveOnline platform.

The Princeton Review prioritizes strengthening students' knowledge of core subjects to prepare them for graduate school and career training.


ConnectToLearn is a New York-based academic and executive function coaching company that integrates academic subject tutoring with strengthening students' orginization skills, goal-setting, and time management.

Students interested in working with a ConnectToLearn coach first undergo a coaching intake assessment. Based on the intake results, students are provided an executive function breakdown and coaching plan, then matched with one of their qualified tutors that can best meet their individual needs.

ConnectToLearn's impressive coaching roster consists of graduates from some of the top colleges in the United States and tutors with extensive backgrounds in teaching and tutoring. They also offer a wide range of subject matter expertise, including essay writing, college-level math, and science.

Honorable Mention: Khan Academy

While not a tutoring platform, Khan Academy is an invaluable resource for college students who need extra support with understanding the subject matter or are looking for an affordable way to get more individualized help.

The platform provides various free online courses, instructional videos, and practice problems in subjects like multivariable calculus, LSAT prep, MCAT prep, computer programming, and economics.

If hiring a college tutor is currently out of your budget or you're struggling to fit in sessions in your busy schedule, you can supplement your academic coursework with practice problems and detailed lessons from Khan Academy. The platform also offers free courses on personal finance, financial literacy, and careers to help you prepare for life after graduation.

Free resources are available for college students who can't afford tutoring or have very specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Benefits of Working with a College Tutor?

Hiring a qualified tutor to help you with your college coursework can have a lasting effect on your career success. After all, academic performance in college leads to better job outcomes and higher salaries after graduation.

Moreover, working with a tutor can allow you to build your academic confidence and establish a toolkit of study strategies. So, even if you terminate your tutoring relationship, in the future, the skills and mindsets you developed with your tutor can continue to help you succeed.

Is Hiring a Tutor Worth It in College?

Many college students balk at hiring a college tutor because of the cost of tutoring. It's no secret that tutoring can be expensive, and college students typically don't possess a plethora of disposable income. Luckily, affordable tutoring options like online tutoring or on-campus tutoring services can reduce the price of tutoring for college students and enable you to get the help you need.

Some volunteer organizations also provide free tutoring for first-generation and low-income college students who may not have had the educational opportunities their higher-income peers take for granted. Now that you've learned about college tutoring, you can start looking for your perfect college tutor!

Learn more about the best online calculus tutors and the best scholarships for college students by reading more posts like this one on our scholarship blog. And don't forget to create your free profile to find scholarships that help you pay for college.