Does Harvard give scholarships?

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Harvard University gives out scholarships and other financial aid packages to attending students. Like any private Ivy League university, Harvard University is incredibly expensive for both undergraduates and those in Harvard graduate school.

However, Harvard is also committed to providing the best financial aid possible to its admitted students so bright students are able to attend regardless of their financial background. 20% of Harvard College students attend for free through Harvard University scholarships and financial support, including need based Harvard scholarships.

As more and more students struggle with the rising costs of tuition and increased student loan debt, a school with a good financial aid program can be an excellent choice. Regardless of the actual price of a certain school, students should research what kind of financial aid they are likely to receive if they enroll. In some cases, the price after receiving financial aid is drastically lower than the price before taking financial aid into consideration. Harvard is one such school where this is true for many students with financial need.