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Candace Bowers

Candace Bowers

Fort Walton Beach, FL




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Columbia University in the City of New York

Columbia University in the City of New York

About Candace

As the Managing Editor at, Candace oversees the creation of valuable, well-crafted content and supports the Writing Team in delivering accurate and relevant information to assist students in navigating their academic and financial paths. She brings years of experience in writing and editing to the platform.

Candace graduated cum laude from Columbia University in the City of New York with a major in Creative Writing and a minor in English, focusing on nonfiction writing and Russian language studies. 


Candace has participated in a variety of writing workshops and seminars, including those focused on nonfiction and fiction writing, novel writing, technical writing, poetry, and editing. She has managed multiple blogs, overseeing their editorial work and SEO optimization, along with content creation, management, writing, and publications. Candace has also written multiple short stories, personal essays, and a children's book.

With a passion for uncovering opportunities and combating student debt, Candace is dedicated to informing students about financial support and resources. She possesses in-depth knowledge of private and federal student loans, institutional scholarships, grants, and fellowships. She leverages this knowledge alongside her editorial expertise and love for storytelling to create engaging and informative content that empowers students. 

Since joining the team in 2022, Candace has worked as a Content Writer and has since become a Managing Editor. She leads the Writing Team, guiding them to produce high-quality content that informs and empowers students. 

Her firsthand experience with the challenges of student debt gives her a unique perspective and a strong commitment to helping others navigate similar situations. This background fuels her dedication to identifying funding opportunities and offering valuable resources to students seeking financial aid and college insights.

Quote from Candace

“To attune co-creatively with our ever-transforming natural neighborhood, we must learn to re-learn. ”

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