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Welcome to the creative minds behind! Our dedicated Editorial Team is passionate about empowering students on their academic journey by providing valuable insights into scholarships, student loans, finances, and college life. We believe in the influential power of education and strive to make the path to success a bit smoother for every student. College is more than just classes and exams; it's a transformative experience. Our articles explore various aspects of college life, from choosing the right major to balancing academics and extracurricular activities. Our objective is to help students and graduates receive more information about scholarships, grants, and all sorts of financial aid.

Our team is made up of expert college students and graduates with personal experience funding their education, using a voice catered to students to provide informational content through accessible means. With this student-centric voice, the team is able to serve a wide range of audiences, from high school users and college students to adult learners and graduates looking to pay off student loans.

Here at, we work with expert Content Writers and Editors to create the most compelling and informative blog articles. The content found on is original and published after an extensive research process. With our commitment to providing accurate, timely, and relevant information, we aim to be your go-to resource for all your academic and financial needs.

Empowering students through knowledge, we are the Editorial Team – your trusted source for all things scholarships, student loans, finances, and college life. Join us on this exciting journey of learning, growth, and success!

Latest from Editorial Team

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Explore the key stages of starting a successful fundraiser, as well as answers to some frequently asked questions about how to start a fundraiser.
January 4, 202413 min read
Crowdfunding Student Loans
We cover crowdfunding and its impact on education, the benefits and challenges of crowdfunding student loans, and frequently asked questions about crowdfunding.
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Are Fundraisers Tax Deductible?
Learn about fundraiser tax deductions, creating a scholarship with Bold, and answers to frequently asked questions about which fundraisers are tax deductible.
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How to Fundraise for a School Club
Explore how to fundraise for a school club, some creative school fundraiser ideas, and answers to a few frequently asked questions about school fundraisers.
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What Can You Do with a Business Degree?
Various career paths are available with a business degree. Check out the different options for prospective careers with a business degree.
December 27, 202312 min read
What Are Some Fundraising Ideas?
Are you looking for creative ways to raise funds for your organization or cause? Explore some of the top creative fundraising ideas.
December 26, 202313 min read
Best Business Schools in Massachusetts
Top-tier Business Schools in Massachusetts shape future leaders with cutting-edge education. Explore renowned institutions, innovative programs, and unparalleled opportunities.
December 11, 202311 min read
How to Find a Job You Love
Find your passion and land a fulfilling career to cultivate a meaningful professional path that resonates with your interests and aspirations by following these tips and strategies.
December 11, 202310 min read
Dental Assistant School
The process of applying to Dental Assistant school, with insights into program finances and career outlooks.
December 5, 20239 min read
What Is MLA Format for an Essay?
This in-depth guide will help you learn the fundamental rules and requirements of MLA format for writing essays.
December 5, 202311 min read
How to Calculate Your GPA?
Whether you're a student or a parent, we'll demystify the grading system and show you how to determine Grade Point Average for academic success.
November 22, 20239 min read
What Can You Do with a Psychology Degree?
Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behavior, exploring various topics such as cognitive processes, human development, personality theory, and abnormal psychology.
November 22, 202310 min read
Why Do I Deserve a Scholarship?
Check out key strategies and compelling reasons behind why you deserve a scholarship.
November 19, 202310 min read
How to Write a Cover Letter: A Step-by-Step Guide
A cover letter is an introduction to your resume, highlighting your key qualifications and professional background and explaining why you are interested in the position.
November 17, 202313 min read
Best Law Schools in Chicago
Learn more about some of the best law schools in Chicago, including top programs at the University of Chicago, Northwestern University, and Loyola University.
November 17, 202311 min read
How to Ask for Donations: A Step-by-Step Guide
When people or organizations make a donation, they are investing in the positive impact your cause can have on society.
November 17, 202312 min read
Best Computer Science Schools in California
California is a hotbed of the technology industry and home to a variety of top computer science schools, offering some of the best computer science education available.
November 17, 202314 min read
Best Art Schools in California
Being an artist may look easy on the outside, but nothing easy comes without hard work and a great education.
November 9, 202310 min read
Weighted vs. Unweighted GPA
A GPA provides a standardized way of comparing a student's academic achievements, regardless of the differences in grading systems across educational institutions.
November 9, 20239 min read
Do You Have to Pay Back FAFSA?
Sometimes it feels like there aren't enough work hours in the day to cover the cost of school, but where there's a will, there's a way, and that's where FAFSA comes into play.
October 29, 20238 min read
Best High Schools in Florida
Florida is the home to some of the best public high schools in the country and provides a healthy environment for students to thrive.
October 29, 20237 min read
Largest Universities in the U.S.
The size of a university can significantly impact and benefit a student's experience. Find out the largest US universities now!
October 23, 20239 min read
What Is Rolling Admission?
Discover the benefits of rolling admissions and gain insight into this flexible college application process. Learn how it works and when to apply.
October 16, 20239 min read
What Is EFC?
Find out the importance of Expected Family Contribution in Education and learn how EFC affects your financial aid, college affordability, and future opportunities.
October 2, 202311 min read
Best Law Schools in DC
The best law schools in Washington, D.C. offer law students unparalleled access to internships at government agencies and nonprofits.
September 9, 20238 min read
What Are the Ivy League Schools?
Explore the rich history, academic excellence, and prestige of these eight elite institutions that make up the renowned Ivy League.
September 1, 202310 min read
How to Go to College for Free
Want to go to college for free? Check out the ways you can make college more affordable, and even free!
September 1, 202311 min read
How Many Colleges Should I Apply to?
Curious about the amount of colleges to submit applications to? This Bold blog covers the application process, factors to consider, and the number of colleges to apply to.
September 1, 202311 min read
Is Community College Free?
Uncover the reality behind community college tuition fees and delve into the possibilities of attaining free education.
August 27, 202312 min read
Best College Campuses
These college campuses offer stunning landscapes, state-of-the-art facilities, and vibrant campus cultures.
August 16, 202320 min read