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Majors with the Most Job Opportunities in 2024

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October 11, 2022
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The college degree we choose to pursue can have a lasting impact on our career and lifestyle. It heavily affects our chances of getting a job and how much we get paid, and those two things alone can determine what our lives look like down the road.

Certain college majors have a higher chance of employment in their field of study than others do. Some fields are growing rapidly, and, therefore, the demand for workers is extremely high. Other fields are small and don’t have as many job openings, so there’s a lower chance of getting a job. Our analysts at have researched the popular majors with the most job opportunities to give you an idea of which fields have the best career outlook. Check out the findings to see if your major is on the list!

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Degrees with the Best Career Outlook

We’ve narrowed down the top ten college degrees with the best career outlook, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Take a look at each degree to find out how many job openings it’s projected to have from now until 2030!

Bar chart showing the majors with the most job opportunities in 2023 (business management, education, nursing, software development, CS & IT, accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, and engineering)

1. Business Management

Number of projected job openings: 371,500

Most in-demand job for Business Management majors: General and operations manager

Median annual salary for general and operations managers: $73,560

Even when many jobs are being taken over by robots and automation, some jobs require a human mind to strategize and organize, which is why there’s always going to be a demand for Business Management majors. It’s a versatile degree that leaves lots of room for growth and branching off into specific branches of business, which is why there will be hundreds of thousands of job openings over the next ten years.

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2. Education

Number of projected job openings: 236,600

Most in-demand job for Education majors: Elementary school teachers

Median annual salary for elementary school teachers: $60,940

As many parents found out in 2020, being a teacher is extremely difficult and requires understanding and patience. Children are always in need of great educators to show them the ropes and prepare them for the future, making Education one of the most in-demand majors.

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3. Nursing

Number of projected job openings: 194,500

Most in-demand job for Nursing majors: Registered nurse

Median annual salary for registered nurses: $75,330

Unfortunately, we have yet to rid the world of health problems, so doctor’s offices and hospitals are still filled with people who need medical attention. While our specialized doctors and surgeons are absolutely necessary in saving lives, it’s the selfless nurses that are overseeing the care of patients and ensuring they recover, which is why Nursing majors are so important in our society.

Luckily, there are plenty of amazing nursing institutions around the nation. Some states, including California, Florida, and Texas, are hot spots for nursing schools, which might be locations you want to look into.

4. Software Development

Number of projected job openings: 189,200

Most in-demand job for Software Development majors: Software developer and quality assurance analyst

Median annual salary for software developers and quality assurance analysts: $110,140

In an increasingly digital world, we use software every day for just about anything—whether it’s a tool we use at work or school, or it’s in the tiny devices we carry in our pockets. There are new softwares being created, plus there’s the need to maintain existing softwares, which constantly need updating for usability and security. Software Development majors are more crucial than we often realize and will continue to serve everyday consumers in the years to come.

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5. Computer Science & Information Technology

Number of projected job openings: 145,000

Most in-demand job for Computer Science & Information Technology majors: Computer systems analyst

Median annual salary for computer systems analysts: $93,730

Data and information are now one of the most valuable assets we have. They tell us about the world and the people living in it, so there’s an infinite amount of data out there. Someone needs to maintain this information and keep it safe and organized, which is where Computer Science and Information Technology majors serve us.

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6. Accounting

Number of projected job openings: 135,000

Most in-demand job for Accounting majors: Accountant and auditor

Median annual salary for accountants and auditors: $73,560

When businesses make decisions, many of those decision hinge on finances, so it’s important that all financial matters are properly tracked, analyzed, and reported. Accounting majors ensure that financial information is accurate, all business transactions are reported, and taxes are paid, so businesses can continue running. And since there are always going to be businesses, there’s always going to be a demand for Accounting majors.

7. Finance

Number of projected job openings: 105,200

Most in-demand job for Finance majors: Financial manager

Median annual salary for financial managers: $134,180

Whether we like it or not, money is an integral part of society, and it drives many of our decisions. But managing money can be difficult, so turning to Finance majors who have studied and analyzed financial matters can give us a better understanding of what to do with our money, whether it’s for personal or business purposes.

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8. Marketing

Number of projected job openings: 96,000

Most in-demand job for Marketing majors: Market research analyst and marketing specialist

Median annual salary for market research analysts and marketing specialists: $65,810

We do a lot of shopping these days, both online and in-person. With so many products and services available, there’s lots of competition, so companies rely on Marketing majors to reach their consumers. And with ecommerce continuing to grow, the demand for marketing isn’t going anywhere.

9. Human Resources

Number of projected job openings: 73,400

Most in-demand job for Human Resources majors: Human resources specialist

Median annual salary for human resources specialists: $63,490

A lot of what makes any business function comes down to the people that it hires and the culture they create. This is where Human Resources majors make such a big impact—they help to recruit and hire the right people to help a company be more effective and successful overall.

10. Engineering

Number of projected job openings: 68,500

Most in-demand job for Engineering majors: Civil engineer

Median annual salary for civil engineers: $88,570

Engineering majors can work in a wide variety of industries and specialize in a specific type of engineering. For example, architectural engineering, biomedical engineering, aerospace engineering, and mechanical engineering are all different types that students may pursue. There’s a need in every field for engineers that can innovate and build solutions to problems, which can come in the form of anything from machines that perform functions to methods for purifying drinking water.
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We looked at individual occupations with the highest number of job openings, then researched the corresponding degree needed for each occupation. We looked at occupations requiring bachelor's degrees using information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics on the projected number of job openings between 2020 and 2030.

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Total Projected Occupational Openings

Business Management






Software Development


Computer Science & Information Technology








Human Resources




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