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Does NYU give scholarships?

Written by Editorial Team
Updated: October 11, 2022
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New York University (NYU) is a prestigious university based in New York City. Decades of depictions in popular media have given the school and its city a sort of mythos; for many students, the opportunity to attend NYU is a dream come true.

Unfortunately, the cost can be a deterrent for many prospective NYU students facing their first fall semester. The average annual cost of college in the United States is $35,551. NYU's cost is even higher than the national average, with a total cost of attendance of $83,250 for the 2022-2023 school year. Additionally, the cost of living in New York City is much higher than other areas, making financial aid packages a must for many students.

Admission to the school is extremely competitive, with an acceptance rate of only 12.2% in 2022. Being a member of that select few is incredibly exciting, so it can be a huge disappointment to have the excitement of receiving your acceptance letter dampened by the dread of receiving your bursar's bill. Filling out required financial aid applications and learning about student loans can be a difficult process, but fortunately makes the process easier. Just make a profile and use the scholarship search feature to look through hundreds of scholarships that can fund your degree program journey.

Does NYU give scholarships

Additionally, financial assistance is available for many NYU students, as the schools does participate in providing financial aid packages to its students. Students can qualify for grants, scholarships, and more, all of which can be exclusive to the university.

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About NYU scholarships

At New York University, there are scholarships for both incoming students and current students, as well as some that apply to anyone.

Students wishing to attend NYU can also fund their education through federal and state grants. Federal grant programs like the Pell Grant offer a form of federal aid for students with extreme financial need. There are also scholarships exclusive to New York City and New York state residents –– both merit and need-based.

There are also program-specific scholarships, fellowships, and grant programs for which students in particular departments can qualify. These scholarships may go directly to the bursar's office to fund your education or may be awarded in the form of a stipend.

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New York University also offers a number of scholarships and grants for veterans and members of the military.

Finally, scholarship search services like are great places to find outside scholarships and grants. Using a college scholarship service is an essential part of many students' financial aid packages.

How many people get scholarships at NYU?

New York University offers need-based financial aid to about 39% of its students. Of those receiving aid, their financial aid package meets about 57% of their financial need. Only about 24% of students have their financial need fully met.

As of 2021, NYU has pledged to meet 100% of first-year students' financial need; the program began effect with the class of 2025 and the university has expressed intent to continue improving its awarded scholarships and financial aid packages.

What does an NYU scholarship cover?

Does NYU give scholarships

NYU scholarships can cover many things, from housing to tuition and fees. The specifications of scholarship coverage vary by scholarship and by expected family contribution.

There are also work-based scholarships at NYU. For example, a student in their second year and beyond can apply to be a Resident Assistant (RA). These individuals will oversee students in their residence hall and, in return, receive free housing and a comprehensive meal plan while they pursue higher education.

There are many different types of financial aid, and different scholarship programs often cover different expenses. Always double-check the scholarship description and/or contact the university's financial aid office for more information. Additionally, be sure that you continue meeting any requirements of your scholarship to remain eligible. These requirements could include that you must remain active in extracurricular activities, must be a full-time student, must pursue a certain degree program, etc.

Frequently asked questions about NYU scholarships

What GPA do you need to get a scholarship to NYU?

For merit-based scholarships and grants, there is generally a minimum GPA listed in the description. Some scholarships judge academic achievement in other ways, like requesting a transcript. In any case, the scholarship's description should indicate on what merits its winners are chosen.

Most of NYU's undergraduate scholarships are need-based, however. Because of the scarcity of merit-based scholarships at NYU, they are generally quite competitive, meaning you'll need an impeccable GPA to win an academic merit scholarship from NYU. However, if your GPA isn't your strong suit, you can seek out other types of merit scholarships that are related to your talents and areas of passion.

Does NYU give full financial aid?

Does NYU give scholarships

Yes, New York University offers a limited number of full scholarships each year. However, these awards are often based on financial need, rather than merit. If you have a certain skill, such as athletic talent, academic excellence, or musical talent, seek out related merit-based scholarships, especially if you don't demonstrate financial need and qualify for need-based aid.

Some departments and schools, especially in NYU's graduate programs, have unique fellowship opportunities for their students; these fellowships are typically specific to individuals of a certain field and/or identity and may include a full scholarship. For example, scholarships may look specifically for New York state residents, international students, students studying to become emergency workers, etc.

You can always check with the financial aid office and an advisor in your department(s) of interest for more information!

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