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Scorenavigator Financial Literacy Scholarship

5 winners, $1,000 each
Application Deadline
Jul 13, 2024
Winners Announced
Aug 13, 2024
Education Level
High School
Recent scholarship winners
Eligibility Requirements
Education Level:
High school junior or senior
3.0 or higher

Financial and credit literacy starts at home. However, many people do not have access to proper information and tools to teach these skills. 

Many young individuals fall into financial traps by not making proper choices with regards to their finances and credit. Personal finance is an important skill and helps prepare young people for a better tomorrow. In order to encourage future generations of youth to make smart financial decisions, the Scorenavigator Financial Literacy Scholarship will award high school juniors and seniors who come from a low-income background and have a 3.0 GPA or higher. 

To apply, write about your personal financial experiences and how you plan to use your financial education to better your future.

Selection Criteria:
Ambition, Need, Boldest Profile
Published December 13, 2023
Essay Topic

What are your personal experiences with finances and financial education as a whole? How do you plan on using what you learn to better your future?

400–600 words

Winners and Finalists

August 2022

Balint Kidd
Aisha Wehliye
Emily Montgomery
kevin fana
Daunte Wilkerson
Kerri Delaney
Sierra DeWeese
Aaliyah Moise
Kamille Buck
Samantha Mullings
Janeth Gaona
Tedesia McGuffie
Hailey Kelly
Candice Strahin
Maria Andrade
Heidi Adams
Adrian Anthony
Isabella Sanchez
Eddie Trevino
Revana Razoqi
Katie Plocica
Olivia Nord
Daniel Thomson
Madison Piercy
Chelsea Sisk
Daphne Goodsby
Dakota Linder
Haley Hill
Annexxi Ruiz
Amari Grayson
Sarah Massey
yessenia ayala
Chidiebere Iwe
Dane Gannon
Nora Goodwin
Laisha Echegoyen
Su Oo
Hannah Sanchez
Yahaira De Leon
Yvonne Jaime Robinson
Kelly Hu
Onyi Ejikeme
Vanessa F
Schorlt Beau
Romy Van Almen

Winning Application

Maaz Ahmed
Connecticut CollegeBrooklyn, NY
amanda laczko
Darien High SchoolDarien, CT
As a young adult, I have been fortunate enough not to worry about managing my finances. However, witnessing the financial struggles of my family has been eye-opening and made me realize the importance of financial education and planning for the future. I believe that financial stability is crucial for achieving my personal and professional goals. Therefore, I plan on setting short-term and long-term financial goals, such as saving for college and creating a budget for living expenses. I also plan to learn about investing and making smart decisions with my money to ensure a stable and secure financial future. Financial education is important for everyone, and I hope to use what I learn to educate and help others in my community with financial planning and making sound financial decisions. Attending college has always been a dream of mine, not just for academic knowledge but also for the personal growth and life experiences that come along with it. A scholarship would enable me to pursue my academic and personal goals without the stress of financial struggles. With a scholarship, I can devote my energy to learning and growing as a person, expanding my knowledge and skill set through extracurricular activities and volunteer work. Becoming a psychologist has been a dream of mine for a long time. My passion for understanding the complexities of the human mind and behavior stems from my own personal experiences and adversities. Growing up, I faced numerous challenges that helped shape my desire to become a psychologist. One of the adversities that I faced was struggling with my mental health. As a teenager, I experienced anxiety and depression that impacted my daily life. These challenges inspired me to seek help and begin therapy, which ultimately led to my passion for psychology. Through my own therapy sessions, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of my own thoughts and emotions, which sparked my interest in helping others who are struggling with their own mental health. Another adversity that has motivated me to pursue psychology is witnessing the impact of trauma on individuals and their families. I have seen firsthand how trauma can impact someone's mental health, relationships, and overall quality of life. This experience has fueled my desire to help those who have experienced trauma and to use my knowledge to advocate for those who may not have had access to mental health resources. Despite these challenges, I have remained committed to my goal of becoming a psychologist. Through my own experiences, I have gained a deeper understanding of the importance of mental health and the impact that it can have on individuals and their families. I am eager to use my knowledge and experience to help others overcome their own adversities and lead happier healthier lives. As a future psychologist, I understand that financial literacy plays in one's mental and emotional well-being. Financial stress and hardship can lead to anxiety, depression, and a host of other mental health issues. Therefore, gaining a solid foundation in financial education is essential for me to effectively help my future clients navigate their own financial adversities. With a scholarship, I can focus on my academic and personal goals without the added stress of financial burdens. This will allow me to fully immerse myself in my studies, gain practical experience through internships and volunteer work, and explore various areas of psychology. Additionally, the financial stability provided by a scholarship will give me the freedom to pursue my passions and expand my knowledge and skill set, ultimately making me a more effective and well-rounded psychologist.
Nur Muhumed
University of Minnesota-Twin CitiesMinneapolis, MN
Shekinah Duncan
Lipscomb UniversityGermantown, TN
Kennedy Wescott
Campbell High SchoolMableton, GA
When I first started working I had thoughts of earning hundreds of dollars and being able to buy all the things I desired, go to restaurants with my friends, fill up my gas tank and take drives to have adventures, and go to concerts, but that didn't occur. Instead, I realized that I barely had enough money to have any fun after buying the things I needed and putting gas in my car for school and work, I actually didn't have much money. I needed to make a change. And although I received a raise at my job I still didn't have much. Several of my friends were buying items online so I quickly realized that I could be the seller. I had already set up accounts online to shop so I decided to sell as well. And I did! Over the years because I shop at Thrift stores, I had accumulated quite a lot of vintage clothes so I'm doing quite well for myself. Even my mom gives me some of her items to sale. Now I have several accounts on different websites like Mercari, Offerup, Facebook Marketplace and Esty. I believe that because I have these buying and selling experiences my financial education has had a great start. It has taught me to be more detailed. Also, I never forget to read the fine print, because I was burned a few times before I became a pro at it. I have learned to prioritize what I need versus what I want. I have learned that with buying power comes responsibility and If you sell something you should send it right away as you would want that done for you. I have also learned that if you don't do things the correct way you could lose your money and no one wants that. There may be hiccups in the beginning but if you keep a very detailed account of what's coming in and going out, your bottom line numbers should be exact. In my economics class, my teacher taught me to budget and save. It is definitely something I need especially because I have the tendency to go over budget. I really have to prioritize need versus want because I usually want to spend my money as soon as I got it. I have learned need over want and also to make a priority for the things I really need. I know that because I've had these financial experiences, I can make more informed choices when buying.
Lane Molsbee
University of ArizonaNacogdoches, TX
I don't have much in the way of real experience with personal finances. I have dealt with my family having low finances—we only make about $40,000 a year right now, before taxes, and we have an estimated $150,000 in debt. We're currently having trouble with getting all our bills paid and with buying me the materials I need to live away from home on a college campus, and with getting me to college, at the University of Arizona. We lost about nearly $20,000 in income this year, on a year-to-year basis. We were receiving Survivor's benefits from Social Security, but we lost them since I grew too old to receive them. I have learned a considerable bit in the realm of personal finances. I have read books and articles on these topics, and I have taken a Personal Financial Literacy course in high school. I've learned from my parents some good financial practices, such as the need to read everything in very great depth. This is a teaching that can come in handy anywhere, but it's especially important in personal finances, where there can be very important information in fine print. I have read about how to handle debt, the dangers of credit cards (and loans in general), building a credit score, and how to budget, all of which are critical for finances at every level, from the individual to the government. Even governments have loans and debt they have to handle, and their ability to repay debt can affect them in the sight of other nations. On the whole, my experience with finances has been difficult, because my family doesn't have much money to enjoy life and get me to college, though my experience with financial education has been more than sufficient, because I'm already learning good habits that I can use to have a strong financial position. One of my dreams is to have a perfect credit score. I plan on using what I've learned to ensure I have a strong financial future, which will ensure I have a strong future in general, because without a solid financial future, you literally can't afford a good life; you won't have the funds for it. I will do everything I can to stay out of debt and to viciously attack whatever debt I may have. To build my credit score, I will have to get into debt, but I will make sure it's manageable. If I must go into credit card debt, I will research ways that I can use the debt to build my credit score. I may also get a mortgage, when I have a family, because I've read a mortgage is one of the best ways to build your credit score. I will save as much money as I can, for both "rainy days" and for retirement. I want to make sure I have enough money to afford unexpected expenses, such as medical emergencies. I also want to make sure I have enough money to live on when I can no longer work. I will have to go into debt at times; I will save to make sure the debt is less than what it otherwise might be, such as paying part of the cost of a house with the money I have saved. I am planning my financial future even as I write this. I'm planning on opening my first savings account soon. I will save voraciously, to help my future. I want to ensure a good life for myself and whatever family I may have some day. The time to start is now.
Jason Carroll
Louisburg CollegeCreedmoor, NC
Eliron Rosin
Veterans Memorial Early College H SConverse, TX
When most of us were young, we probably didn't show much interest in finance. It seemed to be something we all kind of just threw to the side and moved on without. With that being said, how do some of these people then go on to be accountants, financial advisors, and more? Well, let me tell you a story. While growing up, not that I am not anymore, the first thing my parents told me before dropping me off for my first day of kindergarten is that for me to succeed, I would have to put in my own work, and succeed based off of my merit alone. Having come from a family of immigrants, it seemed natural to be on my own for the majority of my life. However, as a kindergartener, I was more focused on what was for lunch that afternoon. And for the next several years, I didn't think much of it. Going into the second semester of my eight grade year, I finally decided that I would really put most of my energy towards preparing myself for the future. As someone that wanted to be a pilot in the Air Force, I knew it would be one daunting task to accomplish. For that reason, I spent several hours a week studying for my classes, being part of organizations, and even working out, all to make myself a better candidate for officer school in the Air Force. In fact, I was actually arrested several times since they thought I was a trespasser on the track, when all I wanted to do was run some extra laps before school started. Now, as a Junior, running before I wake up, and taking a shower while on the bus, I learned that having to meet the standards of the officer schools for the Air Force is no easy task. Being involved in several organizations, and being an officer in all of them, I learned about the importance of leadership and what that would mean for when I do end up joining the service. However, when I look back on my past, and even further on my parents past, I can't hesitate to think that everything that I have led myself to do up to this point was all because I decided to put myself forward in this field. Why is that important in the financial field? because, as part of this career choice, knowing that I want to be a pilot, I really had to look into my options here. I'm not that kid you see on television whose parents were both pilots, nor am I some rich kid that could do anything. Rather, I have to figure out how to do it myself, through scholarships and more. And while I may not know what the future has for me as of today, I can say that I will be ready to adapt accordingly.
Angelica Chavez-Downes
Temple UniversityWhite Plains, NY
I started working at the age of 14 at YMCA helping autistic children learn how to swim. I do not think I woke up one morning and said that is what I wanted to do, but I believe God put that opportunity in my path as he has done with many things in my life. I embraced the opportunity and there is something to be said about being wanted. The little girl who was one of my first students always asked for me every week and although she had her own unique way of being, I began to look forward to our hour of swim as well. What started out as a mere weekly paycheck, a little pocket money for me to be able to get around and buy a little lunch after school, became such a meaningfully learning experience for me. To this day, although I no longer work there, I carry that little young lady in my heart. I now teach gymnastics to little kids and have found my true calling of merging my talents of gymnastics and desire to help people. I am recently a direct admit into the Temple University BSN program which is a highly selective program. I am blessed that I found them and they chose me. This will mark the beginning of my journey to making a difference one person at a time while simultaneously financially securing a life for myself. By the age of 21 I will sit for my boards and begin working as a registered nurse. I intend to work for a city hospital like my mom and begin saving my money to open my own business. I will continue to seek funding for my continued education, as I intend my ultimate educational destination to be a Nurse Practitioner and open my own clinic. Watching the summer Olympics last summer made me realize how important it is to have a one stop shop for gymnasts and athletes who are training everyday for so many hours. With all that has also transpired with the USA gymnastics board, as a lifetime gymnast, I feel like having services for gymnasts and their families readily available in real time us vital to the progression of athletes. This is why I intend to have my own gym where gymnastics is taught and adjacent to the gym will be my pediatric clinic with specialization in orthopedics to treat injuries. Also on site will be the Clinic Psychiatrist and Psychologist who can assist the gymnasts with anything they need. I believe this will be an amazing financial endeavor that will serve our communities, by providing healthy resources for our young people, keep them busy, teach them dedication, commitment, and in the mist of all success. This is the plan for my future and in the midst of reaching for my dreams I will help others reach theirs. I am your ambassador for change. Invest in me and I will invest in those who follow.
Ellayna Kirkwood
Eastern Washington UniversityMoses Lake, WA
I have many different personal experiences when it comes to finances. I had my first job at 12 years old and was getting paid under the table to help my mom out with her daycare. And of course at a young age, all you're thinking about is spending it on food. For me though, I was spending it more on other people. By the time I was 16 and started getting actual paychecks while babysitting on the side, I still continued to just spend. When I was 17, the daycare closed down and I got a job at my local subway. This is when I did online schooling so it was easier to make money. I opened a savings account and started budgeting for the first time. And I loved it! Seeing my savings go up slowly made me feel good. I didn't even know what I was saving for at the time but it made me feel very proud. My senior year, I took a consumer finance class and I learned so much about the 3 foundations in personal finance. I learned about investing in the stock market and most importantly, I learned how to budget more efficiently to make my life easier. There are two types of people in this world, a saver and a spender. And from what I have learned throughout the years have made me into the person I am now, a saver. Because of this, I have a plan financially for college. I know things don't always work out and maybe I will have to pull out loans in the future, but either way, I am getting the education I want and deserve. Plus, once I am officially out in the real world, all that I have learned and will learn later on will help me to live a happy and debt free life.


When is the scholarship application deadline?

The application deadline is Jul 13, 2024. Winners will be announced on Aug 13, 2024.