Can you apply for scholarships in college?

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Applying for scholarships is a great way to help fund your higher education, and it's good idea to apply whether you’re still in high school or already in college. Although it may seem that scholarships are mostly for high school seniors, this is by no means true. Undergraduate students and graduate students alike can apply for college scholarships. In short, students can absolutely apply for scholarships during their college years.

Scholarships (unlike student loans) give money that students do not need to pay back, allowing them to focus on their education rather than worrying about finances. Scholarships are a good option for students who want to budget for their education without incurring further student loan debt.

An estimated 25% of college students receive money from scholarships or grants. Whether you’re a freshman in college, about to graduate, or already in graduate school, any current college student can apply for scholarships.