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Fiza Usman

Fiza Usman

San Francisco, California


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Boston College

Boston College

About Fiza

Fiza is a dedicated writer and researcher with expertise in internships, scholarships, career opportunities, and financial aid. Her skills enable her to craft engaging and insightful content that guides students through the complex processes of applying for financial aid and pursuing career opportunities.

She graduated from Boston College, majoring in Applied Psychology and Human Development and Computer Science.


Fiza has experience in writing blog posts, SEO content, and creative storytelling. On her personal blog, she shares engaging narratives through personal anecdotes. Her international experiences have given her a global perspective, enabling her to connect with a diverse audience. Fiza is committed to making a meaningful impact through her writing, always considering the perspectives and experiences of others.

Since joining the team in 2022, Fiza has channeled her passion for guiding students through pivotal stages of their academic journeys. She understands the challenges associated with college life and is dedicated to helping students adjust to their degree programs and manage their finances. Motivated by her own experiences, Fiza is passionate about empowering students by providing guidance and support that she wished she had during her undergraduate years.

Quote from Fiza

“To educate is to empower.”

Latest from Fiza Usman

When Should I Get a Credit Card?
Getting your first credit card under your name can be a huge financial decision, so it is crucial you do it at the right time for you.
March 25, 20237 min read
#Student Loans
When to Apply for a Student Loan
Given how important student loans are for affording college, it is crucial to know the right time to apply, to avoid missing any beneficial opportunities.
March 13, 20238 min read
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Can I Get a Student Loan With Bad Credit?
Most private scholarships credit check to evaluate applicants applying for student loans. While not preferred, a bad credit does not disqualify you completely.
February 16, 20236 min read
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What Is a Defaulted Student Loan?
Student loans are required to be paid back by borrowers within the time period or they risk it entering default, where it can severely dent financial health.
February 2, 20236 min read
#Student Loans
Which Student Loan to Pay off First?
Every student loan comes with a unique set of terms and conditions. Depending on these agreements there are benefits to prioritizing one over the other to grow your financial health.
January 31, 20237 min read
How Much Financial Aid Can You Get?
While thousands of students rely on financial aid to fund their college education, sources have limited resources to give.
January 27, 20238 min read
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Can You Pay a Student Loan off Early?
Upon taking out a student loan, the lender will outline an agreed upon time frame to which borrowers are obligated to pay by, which can be paid earlier if applicable.
January 26, 20236 min read
Debunking Scholarship Myths
Scholarships are a popular form of financial aid, but there are also many myths around them. Read this guide to debunk these scholarship myths.
January 12, 20235 min read
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College Students Graduating With the Least Debt
It’s no secret that college in the USA leaves many in debt. However, in this guide we’ll discuss which college students are graduating with the least debt.
January 12, 20235 min read
Private College Tuition Discounts at All-Time High
College tuition is almost always most expensive at private institutions, but tuition discounts have increased. Read on to learn more.
January 6, 20236 min read
How To Reduce the Cost of College
College is expensive for all students, but fortunately there are several measure you can take to reduce the cost of college.
January 3, 20236 min read
#Student Loans
How many people have student loans?
Currently, there are roughly 42.8 million student loan borrowers in the United States alone. Specifically, the average public university student takes out $32,000 to receive their bachelor's degree.
December 27, 20226 min read
#Student Loans
When referring to student loans, what is a grace period?
Knowing how your student loan payments will be scheduled can help you stay on top of your finances. Read on to learn about student loan grace periods.
December 2, 20225 min read
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When Does Interest Start on Student Loans?
If you’re wondering when to start your student loan repayment, check out this guide to gain a comprehensive understanding.
November 22, 20226 min read
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When does student loan repayment start?
If you’re wondering when to start your student loan repayment, check out this guide to gain a comprehensive understanding.
November 22, 20226 min read
When Do College Applications Open?
Preparing for college applications requires having an organized schedule. Check out this guide to learn when college applications open so you can start yours.
November 16, 20227 min read
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Can you use student loans for rent?
Student loans alleviate much of the burden of tuition, but attending college has many other expenses. Read on to learn if you can use your loans to pay rent.
November 16, 20226 min read
When do you repay money granted through a scholarship?
Scholarships are a popular source of financial aid, but it’s not always clear how different they are from loans. Read this guide to learn if scholarships are another form of financial aid that requires payment.
November 14, 20226 min read
How long is a college essay?
The length of a college essay can vary, but if it’s too long or short, readers will not be impressed. Read this guide to learn how long a real college essay is.
November 1, 20228 min read
Do Scholarships Expire?
Keeping track of all the rules around scholarships can be confusing. If you want to learn more, read on to find out about scholarship expiration.
October 11, 20227 min read
Can you get scholarships for community college?
The cost of community college is lower than that of a four-year school, but it's still burdensome. Read on to learn about community college scholarships.
October 7, 20228 min read