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Questions and Answers about Berklee College of Music

Spencer E.
1 month ago
What are the general education classes at Berklee College of Music?
Zyheim B.
1 month ago
Are Berklee College of Music scholarships based on merit or financial need?
Breanna H.
2 months ago
Does Berklee have plans set in place incase LGBT experience homophobia or transphobia from another student?
Jessica C.
2 months ago
Can I bring small furniture to my dorm room?
Jessica C.
2 months ago
Do I have to use Berklee health insurance or can I use my parents health insurance plan which I am currently on
Mikyla C.
2 months ago
What factors in a portfolio or about a student would appeal to Berklee's admissions office?

Majors offered at Berklee College of Music

Biggest majors
Computer Software and Media Applications

Academics at Berklee College of Music

Student Faculty Ratio
10 to 1
Somewhat Selective (48% Acceptance Rate)
School type
Non-profit Private 4-year institution

Berklee College of Music demographics

43% White
10% Hispanic
7% Black
4% Asian
4% Multiracial
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Common careers for Berklee College of Music students

Common Careers and Their Average Annual Salary

Software Engineer103k
Product Manager, Software94k
Sound Designer53k
Account Manager50k
Music Teacher45k
Worship Pastor45k
Music Therapist43k
Based on 1,925 student responses
49.3kAvg. Early Career Pay
90.7kAvg. Mid-Career Pay
52%in High-Meaning careers

Net price of attending Berklee College of Music

Berklee College of Music financial aid

Grants per year
Loans per year

Student reviews of Berklee College of Music

by students







Recommended by

100% of students

Known for

Lots of interesting clubs and activities
Close to activities in a city
Diverse and Inclusive
Helpful career services
Close-knit community
Jack DiBernardo
Ice Hockey
Electric Guitar
Music Production



Berklee might seem like a rough experience for the cost, but it's the best decision I've made in my life. The networking I've done here is priceless, and my skills have increasingly gotten better. I recommend you don't skip over this college.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

Be careful of the professors, they could be hard and unfair at times.

Hailey Madison Sebastian
Public Speaking
Piano + 3 others



I've met some of the best people I've ever met here, and gotten so many opportunities that I would not have gotten anywhere else. However, I'm exhausted. I'm depressed. I'm anxious. But again, this is the only place where I can get what I need to succeed.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

Some of the professors here are more interested in your final product rather than your mental health. A lot of mental health issues are swept under the rug. Equity sucks.

Alyssa Monahan
Music Composition
Music Production
Mental Health
Animals + 3 others



The teachers are extremely caring and passionate about their role in your career. They are detailed, intelligent, and experienced. I have learned so much more than I expected to in my 2 semesters at Berklee, and I have also become a part of a loving, passionate community. The students there are incredibly talented and we all comment on each others' work. There are so many resources as well, the school hooks you up with internships, gigs, and much more. They are fully invested in your success. Going to Berklee was the best decision I have ever made, and I am a much better musician just from my short time of being there.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

If taking online, be aware of the deadlines. Communicate with your professors if anything comes up.

McKenzie Lyda
Painting and Studio Art
Boxing + 2 others



I enjoyed how the curriculum was built to be similar to the music industry, and how you can build and make a network while you're studying.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

The competition and pressure is very intense, and there's always a sense that you're not doing enough and comparing yourself to other students.

Evan Calyer



After completing my first year as a Berklee student, I can safely say I am very happy at the school. I have learned a lot, made many great friends, and have improved significantly at my instrument. If you want to really succeed academically you will need to work hard, like at any school, but the work is not overwhelming.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

The price. Also not every professor is going to be amazing. This isn't exclusive to Berklee but doesn't expect every professor to be amazing and helpful.

Nikole Kaim
Foreign Languages
Music + 9 others



It is the best place on earth to study music. Berklee gives you many opportunities and opens up many windows for your future.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

The tuition and lack of financial aid.

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