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Tony Alviani Memorial Scholarship

1 winner$500
In Review
Application Deadline
Jul 7, 2024
Winners Announced
Aug 7, 2024
Education Level
High School, Undergraduate
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Eligibility Requirements
Education Level:
High school senior or undergraduate student
Field of Study:
Business or computer science

Losing a parent is never easy. But while they may not be with you in person, they will always be with you in spirit.

In honor of our late father, the Tony Alviani Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to a high school senior or current undergraduate student who plans to or is already pursuing a degree in business or computer science.

You must be located in the state of Pennsylvania to be eligible for this scholarship.

To apply, please tell us about your father figure.

Selection Criteria:
Published November 8, 2023
Essay Topic

Who is your father figure and what is special about them?

400–600 words

Winning Application

Lara Fernandes
Lower Merion HsMerion Station, PA
Sofia Schnerr
West Chester East HsWest Chester, PA
Abrielle Tutino
Ligonier Valley High SchoolStahlstown, PA
Anthony Andrew Tutino, a full blooded and strong hearted Italian, is my father figure. My father (as we call him Tony) has many attributes that make him special. But there is one that stands out the most, and that has passed on to me and my 8 older siblings. His love for all things family. As clingy as it may sound, my father taught me that when you have lost all, you are never alone. There will always be family there for you. As a young girl going into her last year of high school, I have had my up and downs when it comes to friendships. My father has taught me to always keep those I love close to me. And when someone is rude, to always stay humble and kind, no matter what. Close friends are equal to family, because they will be there for you in a matter of need. It doesn’t matter the situation, they will be there for you. And throughout learning all of this, I have learned that my father has put this quality into my everyday life. I watch my father do many small acts of kindness in his everyday life, but when it comes to his family and friends, that is all that matters to him. Every holiday my house is packed with blood relatives and those close to my family and father. A gift for everyone around Christmas, and a cake for every birthday. All supplied by my father. And when someone fails or disappoints, it doesn’t take anytime for my father to embrace them and lead them into healing with the words “if you never bleed you are never going to grow”. All right before he lightens the mood with a “but don’t let it happen again” followed by a light smack on the back. Things like that have taught me to persevere through hard times, because I know my father will always be there for me, through the good and bad. He hold me accountable but always reminds me of my worth because as he says “I am family”. But as the years go on, I have come to realize that my father treats everyone as if they are family. With a gentle love and soft words of encouragement. Family, friends, strangers, I truly believe they all hold the same spot in my fathers wholesome heart. And the same for me. As my father once said, “family doesn’t end in blood, and it doesn’t start there either.”


When is the scholarship application deadline?

The application deadline is Jul 7, 2024. Winners will be announced on Aug 7, 2024.

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