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Can You Get Scholarships for Grad School?
Financing graduate school can be very different from undergraduate school. If you’re wondering if grad students can still get scholarships, check out this guide.
When are scholarship applications due?
This guide gives you a comprehensive explanation of scholarship application due dates.
What is an academic scholarship?
Read this comprehensive guide to gain a full understanding of what qualifies an academic scholarship.
How to Apply for Academic Scholarships
If you are a student looking for academic scholarships, check out this guide to understand the application process.
Do Ivy Leagues give athletic scholarships?
Ivy leagues are prestigious schools, but they can be expensive. If you want to fund an ivy league education using your athletic abilities, check out this guide.
What is an endowed scholarship?
Endowed scholarships can be an excellent source of financial aid. This comprehensive guide can help you better understand how they can fund your post secondary education.
How to Prepare for a Scholarship Interview
Scholarship applications often have an interview phase, so it’s important to prepare in advance. Read on to learn tips about how you can nail your interview.
How to Get Academic Scholarships
Academic scholarships can be a great source of financial aid. Check out this comprehensive guide to learn all about how to get academic scholarships.
What is a D1 scholarship?
If you're interested in pursuing college athletics, check out this guide to get a comprehensive overview of what qualifies a D1 scholarship.
How to Save Money in College
In addition to the cost of college tuition, living independently can be expensive. Check out this guide to see how you can save money in college.
How to Prepare for College
Check out this article to learn vital information about preparing for college.
How to Make Money in College
Being a student is expensive, so learning how to make money in college can be incredibly useful to struggling students.
How to Transfer Colleges
Many students decide that they want to transfer colleges, and doing so can happen for any number of reasons. If you want to transfer, read on to learn about the process.
What Are Private Colleges?
If you’re considering your college options, you may be looking into the different types of schools. Check out this guide to understand what a private college is and how it might be right for you.
What is FAFSA?
If you're hoping to get financial aid in college, filling out the FAFSA form is imperative. Check out this guide to gain a comprehensive understanding of what exactly FAFSA is and how it can help you.
How to Get Scholarships for Grad School
This comprehensive guide is here to help you navigate getting scholarships for graduate school.
Why is College Important?
If you are wondering why so many people place such importance on a college education, check out this comprehensive guide.
How do Scholarships Work?
For many people, scholarships are paramount to affording a college education. If you are researching how they can help your educational journey, check out this guide to better understand how scholarships work.
How to Get a Full Ride Scholarship
Competitive and desirable, full ride scholarships make college much more financially feasible. If you are aiming to get one, read this thorough guide.
What to Do After College
Life after graduation can be daunting. If you're trying to assess what to do after college, check out this comprehensive guide to understand some of the options that await you.
What is Work Study?
Knowing about work study can help you face the rising cost of college tuition. Read this comprehensive guide to learn more.
What to Major In
Picking a major can be one of the hardest choices to make in college. To make the process easier, check out this comprehensive guide all about college majors.
What is a good SAT score?
Navigating the SAT can be a complicated process, so check out this comprehensive guide to better understand what qualifies a good SAT score.
Ultimate Cheer Challenge - Earn $1,000 Cash for Learning a Cheer!
Think you’ve got $1,000 worth of school spirit? Now could be your chance to earn money for learning your favorite college or university’s fight song. Apply Now!
Complete College Guide for Homeschooled Students
Homeschooled student have a unique educational experience. Check out this complete college guide for homeschooled student to learn how to transition from your at-home classroom to a college campus.
Complete Guide to the College Admissions Process
Applying for college can be daunting with so much riding on what schools you get into. Read this guide for for advice about the college admissions process!
The Best Nursing Schools
* Top Ranked Nursing Programs * Different Types of Nursing Programs & Nursing Degrees * List of Nursing Associations * How Do I Decide Which Nursing Program is Best for Me? * What are the Best Ways to Finance a Nursing Education? * Bottom Line for Nursing Students Top Ranked Nursing Programs Below you will find a list of the best 35 four-year nursing schools from around the country. The list has been curated to help you more effectively make decisions about your academic future and serv
Preventing Bullying in College
Even in college, bullying can still take place. However, you can play an active role in preventing it on your campus. Check out this guide on preventing bullying in college to learn how to make your school a safer environment.
Billionaire Qualifications
The most common degrees that make a billionaire We once dreamed of being millionaires, but these days that seems like pocket change to the richest people in the world, with over 2,000 people holding the title of billionaire. Get Matched to Thousands of Scholarships Create your Bold.org profile to access thousands of exclusive scholarships, available only on Bold.org. Create Free Profi
College Resources for Students with an IEP or 504 Plan
If you are a student with an IEP or 504 plan, you may be wondering how to prepare for college. If so, check out this comprehensive guide to get the information you need.