How to Set Up a Memorial Scholarship Fund

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You want your memorial scholarship to truly honor your loved one, but attempting to create a memorial scholarship can feel confusing and daunting. Here's how to start a memorial scholarship in minutes:

  1. About memorial scholarships
  2. Create your donor account
  3. Submit your proposal
  4. Finalize the details with our philanthropy team
  5. Review the draft we create
  6. Fund the scholarship
  7. Frequently asked questions about memorial scholarships
  8.'s free memorial scholarship management service
  9. 15 examples of memorial scholarships

About memorial scholarships

We're often asked, "How does a memorial scholarship fund work?" It's a great question. A memorial scholarship is a unique form of financial aid that keeps a loved one's memory alive by helping deserving students pay for college tuition and other educational expenses so they can afford to attend college.

Any type of scholarship fund, including a memorial scholarship, is geared towards helping students in a meaningful way by providing additional resources and making a college education accessible.

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