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To ring in the new year, is launching a year-long scholarship challenge.

The Scholarship Sweepstakes encourages students to apply for scholarships throughout the year, but there’s more!

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In addition to possibly winning a scholarship, you have a chance of winning a MacBook Pro 13"!

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How does’s Scholarship Sweepstakes work?

The sweepstakes will end with a randomly selected winner receiving a MacBook Pro 13" as a prize. To earn one entry to the challenge, you’ll need to apply for three or more scholarships during one or more months from January to November of 2023.

Each month that you apply for three or more scholarships, you’ll receive one entry. The winner will be drawn randomly, so the more entries you earn, the greater your chance of winning will be!

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What you could win

MacBook Pro 13" - will award one winner with a brand new MacBook Pro 13".

Scholarships - By completing the challenge every month, you’ll apply to at least 33 scholarships over the course of 2023! Even if you’re not selected as the winner of the MacBook, you’ll have a chance to win one or more of the scholarships you applied for!

Important dates

The scholarship challenge is a year-long event, but here are some important dates to keep in mind:

  • January 10: The challenge begins
  • November 30: The challenge ends
  • December 14: The winner will be chosen
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Finding scholarships to apply for

While you don’t need to apply for three scholarships every month in 2023 to have a chance of winning the prize, you’ll have the greatest likelihood of winning if you apply to scholarships every month. In total, to earn as many monthly entries as possible, you’ll need to apply for at least 33 scholarships this year.

That number can be daunting, but it is easy and quick to apply for scholarships on New scholarships are posted every week, so there is no shortage of scholarships to apply for! You can sort scholarships by “newest” to see the most recently published scholarships so you can be one of the first to apply.

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If you’re struggling to find scholarships you qualify for, you can also set your preferences to show only no-essay scholarships. No-essay scholarships often have broad eligibility requirements and are open to all or most students. Additionally, if you’re short on time, applying for a few no-essay scholarships is a quick way to stay in the running for the MacBook!

Scholarship application tips

You don’t have to win a scholarship this year in order to be eligible for the MacBook, but there are several ways you can boost your chances of earning college funding while competing for the prize.

When possible, apply for scholarships that are open to a small pool of applicants. Scholarships that are open to all students will receive many applications, making it less likely that you’ll be selected as the winner. Scholarships with more requirements are open to smaller groups of students, giving you a greater chance of winning as a result. You can find more narrow scholarships by using the scholarship categories on to find options related to your identity, field of study, qualifications, and more. For your convenience, you can also check out the "Matched to You" page that compiles all the low-competition scholarships you qualify for.

Additionally, you’ll have a better chance of winning scholarships that require essays. Since no-essay scholarships are so easy and quick to apply for, they receive more applications than essay-based scholarships. Furthermore, no-essay scholarships are often awarded more randomly since there are no essays to judge applicants on, making it difficult for you to beat the competition.

While no-essay scholarships are great options if you don’t have the time to apply for scholarships, consider also applying for essay-based scholarships during the challenge to improve your chances of winning!