Dallas County Community College District

1601 South Lamar, Dallas, TX

Questions and Answers about Dallas County Community College District

Marco G.
1 year ago
What programs/resources are available to assist students with coursework?
Marco G.
1 year ago
What are some of the extracurricular clubs and organizations that students can take part in?
Marco G.
1 year ago
Where can I find information about scholarship opportunities available?
Brianna C.
2 years ago
Why should I go to school here?
Brianna C.
2 years ago
What do students need to be prepared for?

Majors offered at Dallas County Community College District

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Academics at Dallas County Community College District

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Public institution
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Student reviews of Dallas County Community College District

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96% of students

Known for

Safe campus
Accessible and helpful professors
Lots of interesting clubs and activities
Welcoming student body
LGBTQ+ friendly
Andrea Diaz
Embroidery And Cross Stitching



It's a community college. As per any other school things, documents, paperwork, get lost with ease. There are a lot of resources just gotta find them. Most classes I've taken went well. There are events frequently. Filter through the good or bad professors with external resources.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

It's a community college so you're not getting anything besides an associates



The resources, easy enrollment, and access to every step via their website. Online programs.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

Not many online service resources.

Laura Barry
Politics and Political Science
Advocacy And Activism
Sports + 1 other



An incredibly cost-effective way of getting college credit. LOVE the flexible schedule and online availability. The professors were very helpful and willing to provide feedback.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

The student internal website is confusing.



Some professors are really good, they are dedicated to their work and really enjoy teaching, they go beyond exposing you to the material and make sure you understand.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

The staff that is supposed to help you with anything that is not academics treat students so poorly. "success coaches" which is what they call advisors do not know the programs offered here, they will persuade you and make it nearly impossible for you to transfer or graduate. I met with several advisors before the semester began to ensure I was taking the classes I need to take and asked if I was going to be able to graduate with those classes and be able to transfer to a university and get into the program that I want and was ensured I would but when I applied for graduation I was told I couldn't graduate and that with the courses I took I wouldn't get accepted into any engineering program which was what I wanted. I was also sold on the idea of the "Dallas promise" and was told there was going to be no way I could pay for an education if I didn't accept, so I did. Once I began college all my tuition was covered by FASFA and they have to this day put any money towards my education. If you ask someone from financial aid about something related to this, and they don't know the answer, they will simply tell you that they don't deal with that and direct you to someone else that will say the same thing. Was also told before enrolling that I was going to get the absolute best advice and help when I decided to transfer, but when it came down to it I was told that Dallas college does not deal with that, that I needed to seek help from the university I wanted to attend.

Crissela Carota
Photography and Photo Editing
Babysitting And Childcare
Art + 20 others



I have attended Dallas Community College for almost two years now, and I have enjoyed each year I have been here. The professors are amazing, and so are the lectures and students. It is overall a great experience here.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

I enjoyed every aspect of this school.



All of the professors I have had in-person explained the course content very well. Looking at the rate my professor's website can prepare you with what each process is like. Making appointments with your advisor is very helpful. I would recommend looking at a degree plan at the university you want to transfer to that way you can check to see if you can take any of those courses at Dallas College.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

The communication with professors that I took fully online was not great. I would be aware of not having good communication with some professors if it is 100% online.

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