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Jillian Ellis Pathway Scholarship

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1 winner$1,000
Application Deadline
Oct 19, 2023
Winners Announced
Nov 19, 2023
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Eligibility Requirements
African American
Adult learner or first-generation college student

The Jillian Ellis Scholarship Foundation wants to fund non-traditional students. We understand educational paths aren't always linear. Our passion is to support resilient students who have a story.

As one way of supporting this mission, we created the Jillian Ellis Pathway scholarship. The scholarship is open to all African American college students who are:

  • Adult Learners, or
  • First-generation Students

To apply, send a 400-600 word essay about what makes you resilient and how you plan to use your degree to uplift others from underrepresented communities.

Selection Criteria:
Published August 18, 2023
Essay Topic

To apply, send a 400-600 word essay about what makes you resilient and how you plan to use your degree to uplift others from underrepresented communities.

400–600 words

Winning Application

laporche owens
Arizona Western CollegeYuma, AZ
I am resilient for noticing and changing my domestic relationship. I have over come five years of functional depression, and raising my three children. Being able to be a survivor, and being able to learn and teach my children that the power comes from within to notice and change any situation. I am happy to say that I have completed three years of counseling sessions! Learning about me, my triggers, cause and effects of my actions, where to give and place my energy, learning that I am not too old to set and accomplish my goals, or to even dreams, and to decipher my needs in my life. With my new found mental state of mind, and the curiosity that flows through my blood I have been able to create a plan, become focused, and embrace the positive change that has occurred within. I have been able to acknowledge the things in my life that have no real true meaning and that may be detrimental to myself and my children. I have become consistent with myself, I understand that beauty is deeper than the physical element. Learning to defend myself in a positive manner, actually thinking before I speak, and understanding my reality and how life can be taken away. Uplifting and encouraging others is my new motivation. I enjoy being that person who seeks out to ask you how your day is, or how may I help you. I understand what it feels like to be left alone, seeking and keeping some type of faith, the urge to cry when all I want to do is laugh. No one knowing or understanding my reality, secrets of abuse, to be intimidated, afraid, no desire to be productive in society. I was her. I dislike with a passion to notice that someone may be fearful of their own reality and have suicidal thoughts. To feel as if no one genuinely cares about your situation without them making the conversation about them. I need to be that shoulder, inspiration, the one to create a smile on their face. As I am on my new journey, I will be seeking to inspire people to seek mental health, become confident, and connect with other like minded people. I want to be a speaker of not only knowledge, but experience for those I come across. Informing all that giving yourself a second chance is what we all need, and not validation for those who don’t even know the true reality of your life. Building relationships with others who have been in the same situation, and who now has the support they desire, and need. I want to show people that the best you, starts with forgiveness within ourselves, a dream, and a team to keep you focused on your new reality. Making others understand that they don’t have to be a stigma. With all the knowledge I am gaining, I want to start off by giving speeches to incoming high school students at the local schools. Next, navigating my way to our local Y.M..C.A., and Boys and Girls Club targeting our young adult youth. Allowing them to seek inspiration, gain a different sense of direction, and leading them to others who have a new found reality, although they may have felt alone, and undetermined at one point in life. I am her, the one one to inspire and influence, and help you hold yourself accountable when you didn’t even feel the need to be. Understanding that all life has is ups and down. We need to be dedicated and determined to be up and loved.
Cleopatra Williams
University of HoustonHouston, TX


When is the scholarship application deadline?

The application deadline is Oct 19, 2023. Winners will be announced on Nov 19, 2023.

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