Jennifer Gephart Memorial Working Mothers Scholarship

Funded by
Andrew Gephart
1 winner$3,025
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Application Deadline
May 10, 2024
Winners Announced
Jun 10, 2024
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This scholarship is dedicated to the memory of Jennifer Gephart, mother of two and military spouse, whose work not only supported her children but also added meaning to her life while she made a difference in the lives of those she served and who worked alongside her. 

A licensed physical therapist, Jennifer treated patients for over 15 years, always keeping up with the latest advances in her profession through continuing education. After taking time off to give birth to two daughters and care for them during her husband’s deployments, she renewed her license and continued to practice physical therapy until it was time for a change. She started a new career as a financial analyst, transitioning some of the skills she had developed while learning new ones. Along the way, she supported and mentored other spouses and mothers who were looking to enter or re-enter the workforce, all while raising her children. 

This scholarship aims to support extraordinary women, like Jennifer, in their pursuit of higher education, enabling them to make valuable contributions to society while providing financial support to their families. Investing in the education of these remarkable women will provide an invaluable impact on mothers who work while raising their kids, helping them achieve their dreams while continuing to be pillars of strength for their families.

Any mother who is dedicated to advancing their current profession/trade or learning a new one is eligible to apply.

To apply, examine the significance and impact of your own experiences as a mother and tell us how this has shaped your career goals.

Selection Criteria:
Impact, Passion, Drive
Published November 7, 2023