Christian ‘Myles’ Pratt Foundation Fine Arts Scholarship

Funded by
Rakeia Pratt and Family
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Application Deadline
Aug 12, 2021
Winners Announced
Sep 12, 2021
Education Level
High School, Undergraduate
Eligibility Requirements
Major of Interest:
Ceramics, Computer Animation, Game Design, Drawing, Animation, Graphic Design, Illustration, Painting, Sculpture
Major of Interest:
Ceramics, Computer Animation, Game Design, Drawing, Animation, Graphic Design, Illustration, Painting, Sculpture

Minorities have had a significant impact on the art world for decades. Art is a sense of communication, a feeling, a way of transcending oneself. In the wake of social injustice, it’s critical to support their creative ambitions so they can translate cultural experiences and impact future generations.

Minorities are often less fortunate than others so they generally lack the resources and opportunities required to showcase their brilliant ideas, talents, and forms of expression through their artwork.

Christian ‘Myles’ Pratt spent time perfecting his craft, had a fantastic eye for detail, and was an exemplary artist before he passed away in 2018. 

To honor his life and to support minority fine art students in their creative ambitions, the Christian ‘Myles’ Pratt Foundation Fine Arts Scholarship will be awarded to one student from a minority background who has big aspirations for their artistic career.

This scholarship is open to all minority students who are interested in or already enrolled in courses going toward a degree in an art-related field. 

To apply, please write about who has had the biggest influence on your life, how you plan to use your artistic skills after graduating, and what makes your skill different. Please also submit a few photos or visualizations of your artwork (photo submission or application link)!

Selection Criteria:
Essay, Artistic, Creative, Ambition
Essay Topic

Who has been the biggest influence in your life? How will you use your artistic skills when you graduate to be innovative? What makes your artistic gift or skill different? Please also submit a few photos or visualizations of your artwork (photo submission or application link)!

400–600 words

Winning Application

Jessica Clermont
University of FloridaGainesville, FL
My beautiful and unbreakable mother has had the biggest influence on my life. In the face of adversity, she has remained strong and raised me to be tenacious and unrelenting in a society that does not favor someone who looks like me. Born into a strict Haitian household, my mother never obtained the freedom to express herself and achieve a life she dreamed for herself. Instead, she kept her head down and traveled to America with my father seeking a better life for our family. My earliest memories of my mother consist of her getting dressed for work. Despite my lack of attachment to these memories, I recall her getting dressed in various uniforms over the course of my life. From nurse scrubs to housekeeping uniforms my mother was always getting dressed to provide us with the best that she could afford. In these moments she always encouraged me to chase my dreams and take advantage of all opportunities that came my way. However, as my eyes grew to sparkle, my mother’s began to dull. Older now, I realize the many jobs and countless hours of hard work dimmed my mother’s light. As an immigrant woman, she is underappreciated and constantly fights to be treated equally. Through all of this, she has never faltered or batted an eyelash at what life had to throw her way, until she broke down in front of me. My superwoman revealed her kryptonite and it broke my heart into pieces. My mother works so hard, and I believe it's only right to work just as hard to show her the fruits of her efforts. With the art she taught me to love, I want to paint her a new world. I want to make it for her, for me, and for all who look like me. To achieve this, I developed an outline for a clothing brand dedicated to social critique. This brand explores the mental health and treatment of People of Color to discuss what we, the next generation, would like to see in our futures. I discovered a passion for and a voice in this project during my sophomore year. I intend to use my artistic skills to bring this project into a reality. Not only would this brand amplify voices like mothers, but I also believe it would provide people of color with a chance to illustrate, and display their voices. No longer are we looked down upon, here we stand united to show who we are. For example, one design in this project featured a t-shirt available in multiple rich shades with an image of two different identities connected by the growth between them. While these identities face different paths, they share the same values and come together to enhance their understanding of each other. Consequently, I want the images presented on the items of this brand to be raw, thoughtful, and consistent with the true feelings of communities that deserve to be heard. My artistic skill is different in both technique and intention. I use lines to communicate ideas unique to my experiences. Recently decided to create artworks that generate a discussion about the significance of identity and being proud of who you are. Within these artworks, I use a meticulous linework style accompanied by various colors, textures, and mediums to indicate the power of black skin. I believe in sharing my story to connect with and empower others. With each art piece that I create, I hope to gain a greater understanding of who I am while helping others do the same.


When is the scholarship application deadline?

The application deadline is Aug 12, 2021. Winners will be announced on Sep 12, 2021.

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